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Wheel and carts

Wheel and carts
One of the greatest discoveries in human history was the invention of the wheel. It is believed that his prototype, possibly steel rollers that are placed under heavy tree trunks, boats and rocks while dragging from place to place. Perhaps, then, the first observations were made on properties of rotating bodies. For example, if the log-on roller some reason at the center was thinner than at the edges, it moves under the load more evenly and it did not swing aside. Noticing this, people began to intentionally burn rollers so that the middle portion becomes thinner and the side remained unchanged. Thus came the device, which is now called the "ramp". With further improvements in this direction from whole logs were only two rollers at the ends, and appeared axis therebetween. Later they were made separately and then rigidly fastened together. It was discovered the wheel in the proper sense of the word, and there was the first wagon. In the following century, many generations of artists have worked on the improvement of this invention. Initially, solid wheel rigidly fastened to the shaft and rotates with it. When traveling on a flat road such carts were quite usable. But in turn, the wheels must rotate at different speeds, the connection creates a great inconvenience as tyazhelogruzhennaya wagon can easily break or tip over. Sami wheels were still very imperfect. They were made from a single piece of wood. Therefore carts were heavy and unwieldy. They move slowly, and they usually harnessed leisurely, but mighty oxen. One of the oldest carts described constructions excavated in Mohenjo-Daro.

A major step forward in the development of transportation equipment was the invention of the wheel to the hub, is placed on a fixed axis. In this case, the wheels rotate independently. But the wheel is less than rubbed on the axis of its steel grease or tar. For the sake of reducing the weight of the wheel it sawed cutouts, and to strengthen the transverse stiffness of scrapie. Nothing better in the era of the Stone Age to come up with was impossible. But after opening the metal to produce steel wheels with metal rim and spokes. This wheel could rotate ten times faster and was not afraid of hitting the rocks. Harnessing the wagon fleet-footed horses, a person has significantly increased the speed of its movement.

Perhaps, it is difficult to find another opening, which would give a powerful impetus to the development of technology. The wagon, a potter's wheel, windmill, water wheel and power - this is not a complete list of devices, which are based on the wheel. Each of these inventions was an epoch in the life of mankind. Their combined impact on the lives of the people was so great that it is no exaggeration to say that the wheel moved the story off the ground and forced her to race several times faster.

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