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The paddle and the boat

The paddle and the boat
You can name a few of the reasons that pushed the man to the waters. Ancient people often moved from one place to another and had during his travels to carry your belongings. Trying to facilitate this difficult work, they began to think about vehicles and especially learned to take advantage of the power of water. In addition, the locations situated on the shores of the seas or large rivers, rich in fish, the swimming facilities were required for fishing.

the First swimming means ancient was the raft. People have long noticed that the trees do not sink in water. Linking them together, and armed with a long pole they ventured for the first swimming along the shore. The raft was clumsy and heavy construction, but it is quite suited for transporting heavy loads, especially if the swim was downstream. In the deep places where the pole does not reach to the bottom, people learned how to control the raft with a rowing Board (perhaps this idea was prompted by surveillance of waterfowl).

However, a raft could not accommodate all the needs of man, which is very often felt the need for small, lightweight and maneuverable swimming. So in the end, was a wooden dugout boat. Its prototype also had a log. Exploring ways to overcome water obstacles retarded the Australian tribes, scientists in General have restored the main stages of transformation of a log into a boat. So, if the natives had to cross the river, he chopped with the stone axe part of the trunk of light wood, purified from its branches, then lay down on a log and floated with working legs. Some improvement of elementary swimming with a projectile sharpening the logs. The next step may be the trimming of the slab, because the flat side was easier to lie the swimmer. The actual boat log was after the people began to hollow out or to burn in it a recess for the rower. At the same time was the development of rowing. To move along the shore people could use the pole, but in order to swim in deep places, they needed a special device — a paddle. It developed gradually from the propeller Board and already in very ancient times adopted the modern shovel.

the Production of even a small dugout boat using stone tools require significant and intensive efforts. Therefore, in those places where boats were not required great strength and capacity, DaVinci was completely expelled out of the use of light boats made of bark. To build such a boat was much easier. Gently separating the bark from the tree, the wizard carefully vystavlyal and caulk it. Then the ends of a piece was sewn and bound roots, the joints were processed with resin. For rigidity inside the case was installed a few spacers. A skilled craftsman could produce such a boat just a few hours. In the North, where there was a tree like boat learned how to make skins, and as the core used harsh whalebone.

So about 12 thousand years ago in the everyday life of our ancestors went in a rowing boat. The man began to master the aquatic environment and has at its disposal a first in the history of vehicle movement.

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