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Bow and arrow

Bow and arrow
The most important compound by vladishev weapons are bow and arrows. Their invention has also made an epoch in the history of human thought. By the standards of the stone age bow was a very complex instrument, and its creation is akin to a brilliant insight. Indeed, all previous improvements of the instruments of labour occurred as a result of everyday human activities and most directly emanated. Another thing is the bow and arrow. The relationship between raspryamitsya branch deadly arrow swiftly away into the distance, generally speaking, not obvious and not on the surface. The creation of the bow required a considerable mental ability, acute observation and great technical expertise.

the Basic elements of Luke was known long before its invention. People have used the arrow, which was a variant of an extremely lightweight spear used for hunting small game and fowl. On the other hand, people were constantly watched by bending the branches or young trees accumulate energy, and when extension — free. (I assume that this is widely used for device primitive traps.) However, the bow appeared only after the ancient master up to pull the bent branch with the string — a strong cord made from the veins or hair. Through the string make it possible to give the arrow the energy of the extensor branches. This was tremendous progress has been made in the field of hunting. Started with a bow the arrow flew much further than even the most strong throwing arm, and hit the target with exceptional accuracy. Have the opportunity to hunt such animals, which before had been absolutely inaccessible to the primitive hunter. His prey had become shy and swift-footed deer, birds, and small furry animals. With the invention of the bow hunting for a long time was the main industry of ancient man. However, onions have been used not only as a throwing weapon. The ability of a stretched string to produce sound of a certain tone has been noticed and used in the manufacture of the first stringed instruments. Important and more fundamental discovery, with a bow it was possible to transmit and transform motion. So the bow became part of the primitive drilling fixture, widespread, and played a very important role in the technology stone age.

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