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An important achievement of man was the development of composite tools. Their arrival caused a real revolution in the technique of the stone age.

for a Long time, manual cut and stick existed and were used separately. Connecting them with conductors or straps of leather, people were fundamentally new tool — a stone axe, who became soon the most important belonging to primitive life. Axe was allowed several times to increase the impact force stone. Many manufacturing operations, representing up to this significant challenge (especially felling of trees, firewood and all work associated with the processing of wood), are now relatively simple. Of course, the first axe was still far from modern, but the progress is compared with existed before that hand chopping was huge. A renowned expert on stone age technology Professor Semenov found that when replacing the first primitive stone axe, the speed of cutting increased tenfold. Therefore not at all exaggerating those who argue that the appearance of the arm made an epoch in the history of mankind. It may seem that the idea of connecting the stone with a stick is very simple. But it is not. Arm was a relatively complex and difficult for a human invention. Therefore, composite tools appeared quite late.

After the invention of the axe the idea of composite tools found a broad application in other tools. Combining sharp stone tip with a long stick, the man took a spear is a powerful weapon primitive times. Having in hand a spear, he could go into battle even with the most powerful beast. Early on in its history spears were divided into heavy and light. The latter were used for throwing (for ease stone tip they are usually replaced by bone) Along with the axe, the spear became the most important although not the only instrument of primitive man. Special type of composite guns were so-called vladishev tools. To their production, the person prompted the observation that work always involved only a small (its called — the working part of the tool. Therefore, it does not necessarily make the weapon entirely of stone. Combining a variety of stone plate with a wooden handle, the old man had received many prototypes of modern cutting, stabbing and strogaya tools. They were much more convenient and practical former and in addition allow you to save silicon, which was circulated everywhere, and because of its hardness, it is hard to handle. New instruments had the important advantage that after wear of the working parts had only to replace a flint flake, and not all produce the instrument as a whole.

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