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Agriculture hoe

Agriculture hoe
Since ancient times, one of the main occupations of man were gathering. This word modern scholars imply the collection of edible seeds, nuts, fruits, roots, larvae, eggs, etc. the Main tool in the gathering were thick, the digging stick, one end of which was sharpened and burned in the fire for strength. But already in very ancient times along with her began to be used a stick with a cross knot, more convenient for digging the earth. In this tool, you can see the type of hoes. Later the working of this stick were made of horn or bone. Finally there was a stone hoes, mounted on a wooden handle. By this instrument it was possible to dig up the soil, turn it and break the clods. When people moved to the cultural cultivation of plants, a hoe for several millennia remained the main agricultural tool of the farmer.

However, the path from the simple gathering of edible plants and fruits to the conscious cultivation of land and growing crops were very long and stretched for hundreds of thousands of years. One of the earliest agricultural cultures on earth came about 9-8 thousand years BC in Palestine. Excavations in the Carmel mountains give reason to believe that the locals are not only systematically collected wild barley, but the crops produced. However, it can be assumed that in the tropical zone of conscious agriculture emerged before. The study of cultivated plants such as bananas, makes you think that cultural cultivation began about 15 thousand years BC Along with agriculture began a new era in the history of mankind. Since that time, people began not only to assign the fruits of nature, but also deliberately produce them. Their lives began to depend not so much on the vagaries of nature, but from the results of their activities.

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