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The history of the origin of things

The history of the origin of things
When people think of ancient civilizations, a lack of technological advancement and a primitive lifestyle are usually the first things that come to mind. However, many of the everyday things that we take for granted were actually invented long ago.

Cast steel
In the history of metallurgy of iron was three revolutionary coup that had a profound influence on the entire course of human history: the first took place in ancient times, when there were syrodutnye horns; the second took place in the Middle Ages, ... Read more

Electric telegraph
Up until the middle of the XIX century the only means of communication between the European continent and England, between America and Europe, between Europe and the colonies remained steamship mail. About incidents and events in other countries, peo... Read more

Among the many amazing inventions made in the XIX century, it is not the last place is occupied by photo - art, allowing you to make instant picture of any object or landscape. Photo was born on the border of two disciplines: optics and chemistry, as... Read more

One of the most important engineering achievements in the beginning of the XIX century was the distribution of machine tools with calipers - mechanical cutter holders. No matter how simple and, at first glance, this may seem insignificant appendage t... Read more

Approximately at the same time when the study began with space telescopes, the first attempts to reveal the secrets via microcosm lenses were made. It is known that small objects, even if they are well lit, sending eye is too weak beam of light ra... Read more

Steam hammer
Steam hammer dominated in mechanical engineering for 90 years and was one of the most important cars of its time. Its creation and introduction of its significance for the industrial revolution can be compared only with the introduction of mechanized... Read more

Handguns appeared in XIII-XIV centuries, but for a long time it served as a complement to the cold steel. Many years passed before guns became useful for infantry weapons all, and only at the beginning of the XVIII century flintlock smoothbore musket... Read more

The engine (locomotive)
The history of the locomotive combines two stories: the story of the track and the locomotive of history. And the first came much earlier than the second. On the application of wooden rails in mining even Sebastian Munster writes in his book, publish... Read more

The idea of ​​creating a self-propelled ship that could sail against the wind and currents, come to people for a long time. Particularly acute need for such courts felt when climbing up the river. Go Sailing, following the tortuous channel with c... Read more

Steam machine
Until the second half of the XVIII century, people have used for the needs of the production of water in the main engines. So how to transfer the mechanical motion of the water wheel for long distances is not possible, all the factories had to be bui... Read more


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