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The history of the origin of things

The history of the origin of things
When people think of ancient civilizations, a lack of technological advancement and a primitive lifestyle are usually the first things that come to mind. However, many of the everyday things that we take for granted were actually invented long ago.

One of the most important areas of application become radio radar, that is, the use of radio waves to locate invisible targets (as well as the speed of its movement). The physical basis for radar is the ability of radio waves reflect (scatter) from t... Read more

Television is perhaps one of the most remarkable inventions of XX century and on a par with cars, airplanes, computers, nuclear reactor deserves the right to the epithet "the greatest", "Home", "wonderful" and "incredible." It has penetrated so deepl... Read more

Synthetic rubber
Europe first learned of the rubber in the XVI century. Christopher Columbus brought it back from America, along with many other curiosities. During the stay of ships off the island of Haiti, Columbus and his companions watched the game in the natives... Read more

Technical prerequisites for the establishment of the tank appeared in the late XIX century - the time were invented caterpillar mover, the internal combustion engine, armor, rapid-fire guns and machine guns. The first steam track-type tractor in the ... Read more

Electronic lamp
The invention of electronic lamp is directly connected with the development of lighting technology. In the early 80-ies of the XIX century, the famous American inventor Edison was engaged in improving the incandescent lamp. One of its drawbacks was a... Read more

Mass production
Most great inventions, we have discussed above, relate to art. For centuries, technological improvements allow to revolutionize the production of repeatedly increasing productivity. But the invention, which will be discussed in this chapter, has a ve... Read more

Cracking process
Oil is an oily liquid with a pungent smell and different depending on the place of production, color. According to their chemical structure, it is extremely complex mixture of different chemical compounds, especially organic substances - hydrocarbons... Read more

Creating a submarine - a remarkable achievement of the human mind, and a significant event in the history of military equipment. Underwater vehicle, is known to possess the ability to act covertly invisible, and hence abruptly. Subtlety is achieved, ... Read more

Bottle machine
Glass industry was one of those industries, which until the beginning of the XX century has not been affected by mechanization. Production of glass articles, in particular bottles, and manually remained entirely dependent on the skill and experience ... Read more

The airplane
The idea of ​​aircraft - one of the oldest in the history of mankind. In the myths, legends, historical records can be found on a variety of evidence taken in different centuries of human attempts to realize his dream to take off and fly like a b... Read more


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