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Who shoot in John F. Kennedy?

Who shoot in John F. Kennedy?
November 22, 1963 at 11 o'clock 38 minutes the plane US Air Force number one landed without incident at the airport Love Field in Dallas. On the bright blue sky shone merciless Texas sun. In the shade was more than 30 degrees. Weather Service once again made a mistake: they promised on the eve of rain and fog.

The wife of the mayor of Dallas, Elizabeth Cabell, Deasy, accompanied by Jacques-ling Kennedy. Jackie smiled - the wife of the president should smile a lot, especially in America. She was gorgeous, this Jackie. Hated to wear hats, the day she laid on her hair a little pink hat. Ladies Dallas - potential of biratelnitsam - would not like it if Mrs. Kennedy appeared before them bareheaded. Jacqueline knew it. The president's wife should know everything. Before leaving the hotel, "Texas" in Fort Worth, she hesitated for a long time. What to wear? Pink dress or a light dress with leopard coat? She loved this magnificent mantle, a gift of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. But she suddenly remembered joking remark Mr. Muhallima, Somali ambassador in Washington: "Just do not wear leopard. Otherwise, all the women of Texas will want to follow your example and start a slaughter, and we're trying to save this animal from extinction ... "

The cries of the crowd that had gathered at the airport to meet John Fitzgerald Kennedy, almost drowned out the orchestra. John F. Kennedy appeared in the doorway of the aircraft and smiling, looking into the screaming crowd, barely contained by metal barriers. And in response to his smile enthusiastic crowd doubled.

Last trip to the John F. Kennedy began on the morning of Thursday, November 21, 1963. This morning before breakfast, the United States President "straightened his orthopedic corset, put on clothes, cooked servant, tied discreet tie, having fastened his pin monogrammed" RT ", put it in the pocket of his portfolio out of black leather, where the $ 26 banknotes were, driving license Massachusetts number 053 332 P and the gold medal of St. Christopher. "

With the usual clerical brevity - also applies to the United States President - in the driver's license were recorded distinguishing marks of the owner: an increase of 1 meter 83 centimeters, hair color - brown (code 4), gray eyes (code 6), date of birth May 29, 1917.

The helicopter flew over the lawn of the White House and carried President and Mrs. Kennedy in the direction of the military air base Edwards, twelve minutes of flight. The President agreed to his young son John - all called him John-John - escorted them to the aircraft. The kid was extremely happy such a gift. When the helicopter landed, and parents began to kiss him good-bye, John-John kept his eyes on the presidential plane, dazzling gleaming in the sun.

"I want to go on it!" - He shouted.

He explained that this is not possible. Naturally, the kid burst into tears. President kissed him one last time, and accompanied by his wife went to the ladder.

The plane pulled away from the strip at 11.00 and at 13.30 landed in San Antonio, Texas the first paragraph of the President of the route. Only four stops were scheduled in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Before the trip, the question was: stay in Dallas or not? Kennedy decided to be unthinkable in Texas and visit Dallas. He never ran from no difficulty or of danger. When Nick Caracas-Sonu started to send threats to the rebels, he went to Kennedy. He was seen near the Berlin Wall. He traveled to the country and city where there were many enemies of the US, but by stopping the car, went fearlessly to the people. In his diary he wrote: "A man must do what he wants, in spite of the personal circumstances and the danger ... because it is - the basic principle of human morality."

The first stop was in San Antonio. Vice President Johnson and Governor Connally was accompanied by the president and Jackie on a trip around the city. In the afternoon on the Air Force Base Brooks Kennedy inaugurated aerospace medical school. Then he went to Houston, where he spoke at a rally at the local university. Then he made a great success in front of the activists of Latin American Citizens League with an explanation of its policy and announced the program "Alliance for the profession". The President was kind enough: he asked Jackie to say a few words in Spanish, "to express my thoughts more clearly." Her remarks caused a storm of enthusiasm. Then followed by a dinner in honor of Congressman Albert Thomas and fly to Fort Worth, where the hotel "Texas" John and Jackie had to spend the night.

After the telecast Kennedy read the speech that he was supposed to say the next day in Dallas. He put the sheets with the text on the table, undressed and went to bed and fell asleep. It was the last night, which God gave him to carry out in this world.

Exactly at 7.30 am on Friday, 22 November, George, president of the servant, went into the hall room 850, "Texas" hotel and woke Kennedy, knocking on the door of his room. While Kennedy was a busy morning toilet, George prepared for his clothes: blue-gray suit jacket with two buttons, dark blue tie and white shirt with thin gray stripes.

The bellboy brought to order breakfast. For President: orange juice, toast, coffee, soft-boiled eggs; to Jackie, who was still sleeping, - a glass of orange juice, toast, coffee, all on a heated platter. The servant found the president's already clean-shaven and dressed, talking with his assistant, General Godfrey Makhyugom. "Nothing new," - said the general, sending the president a pile of newspapers and two pages with telegraph messages about events in Vietnam and Cambodia. "Dallas Morning News" remained true to his reputation: a full-page article was published under the headline "Welcome to Dallas, Mr. Kennedy!", But the content of the article could not be called friendly.

The hour of departure. The presidential motorcade traveled at Carswell Air Force base. Of course, Dallas - it's not all Texas. But Dallas has Dallas. At the airport, John and Jackie had to shake hundreds of hands. The plane pulled away from the strip in 11.24, and at 11.40 already touched the concrete landing strip at the airport Lavfilde.

He was accompanied by a motorized police escort Dallas management. At 400 meters in front of the pilot I was driving the car security, warn police checkpoints on the road to approach the president. He was followed by six riders, who had to keep the crowd of greeters at a distance.

Then - head machine without decals. Behind the wheel sat her boss Curry police. With him were two security agent Sorrels and Lawson, and Sheriff Decker County. They had to watch the people and the buildings along the way. They were in the 15 to 20 meters, moved the presidential car, open "Lincoln" model 1961 two folding benches between the front and rear seats. On this day, as the weather was good, Lawson ordered to remove the plexiglass roof. The President held the right back seat to his left sat Jackie. Governor Connolly got on the right jump seat, Mrs. Connolly - on the left. I drove a special security agent William Greer. "Provides communication with the head car escort, monitor the surroundings and to be close to the president at each stop" Greer sat next to Special Agent Roy Kelleman, which, among other responsibilities, should have been.

Presidential car was accompanied by four motorcyclists, two on each side. For "Lincoln" followed by eight-open "Cadillac" in 1955 with eight Secret Service agents: two in the front seat, two - in the back and two people on the stairs on the right and on the left side. For "Cadillac" was driving the car of Vice President Johnson, four-door open "Lincoln." Vice-President took the right rear seat, Mrs. Johnson - secondary and Yarborg Senator - left. In the front seat were a special agent Jack Youngblood and the driver, a policeman of Texas traffic police. Finally, a whole cavalcade of cars with politicians, photographers, journalists, personal physician of President - Admiral George Buckley. The latter is almost three hundred meters from the motorcade of the head.

The population of the suburban areas of Dallas, said Kenneth O'Donnell, seemed neither hostile nor particularly excited. Of course, waving their arms, "but with some restraint, it seemed to me."

The car drove Main Street. We left the square Daley Plaza. Around her the triangle, the apex of which dived under the railway viaduct, is an old, neo-gothic building of the Palace of Justice from Prilep side concrete and glass cube of a new courthouse. A little further stood grim block of the archive, and in front of him - a block of ugly, extremely functional cube-shaped buildings, where there were a variety of offices and private storage of school supplies.

By area, to enter under the Viaduct, the motorcade was to pass on the zig-zag path. Please, leave the Main Street, it had a right angle turn right on Houston Street, then left at an acute angle on Elm Street. After these turns cortege had to pass directly under the windows of the warehouse of textbooks. Then the route was by the slope of the hill, grassy, ‚Äč‚Äčabove which shone the rails of the railway, under which through the tunnel had to pass the presidential motorcade.

12.29. In the car head Curry police chief sent a car on Elm Street, turning almost 120 degrees. Bill Greer, in turn, began to turn the wheel of his "Lincoln." In carrying out the maneuver, he had to almost stop before the school textbooks warehouse. The same problem arose in front of the machine vice-president of the driver, Jackson swore that even saw a turn: "Damn, have almost turn back."

"Lincoln" was already heading to the viaduct. It was hot. Very hot.

In the car head agent Lawson peered intently at the approaching viaduct. Upstairs, at the railing of the bridge, he saw the crowd. This puncture security. Lawson vigorously waved the police, so he sped up these people. That, of course, did not understand.

Nellie Connolly showed Jackie on the viaduct:

"We're almost there. It is right behind him. "

There remained only five minutes to go to the commercial center where President Kennedy had to be present at the banquet, the income from which went to the Democratic Party fund.

On the left side of the five-year boy raised his hand, welcoming President. John F. Kennedy smiled and raised his hand.

It was exactly 12 hours and 30 minutes.

In Abraham (Ab) Zapruder in Dallas was a fashion store "Jennifer Junior." This morning, the dam er, upscale tailor, allowed himself to watch a break from work. Not every day, he could see for the United States President. About half of the first Zapruder, armed with eight millimeter movie camera amateur, went on Elm Street and the warehouse of textbooks saw guard Roy Tralee. He stood at the entrance of the building. From there he could see the intersection of Houston Street and Elm Street. Zapruder was familiar with the Tralee. They got to talking. Abraham admitted Tralee, that he wanted to spend as little as possible of the film: "This" Kodak-chrome "is so expensive, at 50 cents per square meter. In addition, no end is necessary to recharge the camera and zevnesh - Kennedy and under the nose ... "

Then he announced Tralee, that will will look for best angle for shooting. He found his twenty meters further - "on the ground in front of a small arcade on the lawn down to the Elm Street." There he stopped, "right in the middle between the crossroads and the bridge on which the motorway." Several onlookers settled on the grass lawn like a picnic.

Content Zapruder waited.

It was 12 hours 30 minutes and a few seconds when the car drove into the president's view of the lens of this film enthusiasts and Ab clicking Start handle your camera. Since then, he has become history. After a few days of Abraham Zapruder's name became famous all over the world. It is - only - shot on film the assassination of John F. Kennedy. "Lin-Coln" approached Ebou Zapruder, turning his lens at a speed of 17.5 kilometers per hour. That car is the president passes under a large tree. Pass it. Zapruder slowly lead him to the right camera - one of those "passages" that film enthusiasts, if it fails, then it is very proud. Unexpected obstacle between the blue "Lincoln" the president and the camera lens there is a road shield. It was at this moment the first shot. "Dry sharp click." What does it mean? Naturally, no one Zapruder asked myself this question. The President Nellie Connolly car, the governor's wife, turned. Stunned, she looks at the president. Convulsive movement he raises his hands to the neck. Nellie Connolly-whether the Warren Commission said then: "... I heard a terrible sound, he came to the right ... I turned my head and looked over his right shoulder ... and I saw the president, holding on with both hands around the neck ... no sound, no cry. Then, almost immediately, there was a second shot, which also was in John. "

Governor Connolly told the commission because of what happened (this statement is recorded on tape): "I heard the sound, which immediately took to be a rifle shot. Automatically, I turned to the right ... but I was able to see only the president's eye ... Then I started to turn to look back over your left shoulder ... but before he could finish the movement. I just turned my head straight, and at that moment something hit me in the back ... "

Thus the Governor and Mrs. Connally categorically claim that the bullet ranivshaya Connolly in the back, got into it after the first shot hit the president in the neck.

The whole picture of stunned Zapruder observed in the viewfinder of his camera. The footage clearly shows, both because of the shield, momentarily obscuring the car the President of the Zapruder appeared Governor Connally. He looks right. After one-sixth of a second - by three shots - in the frame has a president, before the hidden shield. His face contorted grimace. Connolly's face remained impassive. The left hand rests on the president's lapel, but the right is already rising to the neck. Zapruder film frames were numbered. President began to raise his right hand to his neck in the 225-th frame. There Connolly governor begins to turn his head to the left. This, of course, the point of which he spoke to the Warren Commission. In 1966, seeing the Zapruder film, and having in front of enlarged images of each frame, he told reporters of the magazine "Life":

"I looked to the right, where a limousine was behind the backboard. I now turn. I remember that was turning left when I was hit. You can see a face on the president's face. And you do not see anything on my. There can be no doubt. I was not wounded. "

After the first shot Kellerman turned his head to the right, toward the sound and saw the president's hand raised to her neck. He immediately shouted to the driver:

"Fast forward to shoot us! He grabbed the microphone and gave the lead vehicle, "we were in. Immediately lead us to the hospital. "

At this point, Greer sank to the floor the accelerator pedal. Film, taken Ebom Zapruder shows that the whole tragedy lasted 16 seconds. At the site of the assassination prevailed "utter confusion" Some fell to the ground, while others shouted. "The police were waving weapons, somewhere people fled from the security services, vigorously pushing the crowd out of the way, their machines were sent to the sky."

Police surrounded a young blond man. Gradually on Elm Street has returned calm. People began to discuss what had happened. Young blond understood, was released. But where is the murderer? How to shoot? Here begins the knot of problems, which later was called "Kennedy's secret." Their tens or even hundreds. Let us dwell on some of the most intriguing mysteries.

Re-examining the circumstances of the case between 1976 and 1978, the House of Representatives Commission has put forward the accusation that the autopsy produced in the naval hospital on the day after the murder, did not meet professional standards. The brain and the other derived from the autopsy materials were handed over to Kennedy's secretary. When they took the deposit of the National Archives, it was found that the brain is missing. Not whether it was the elimination of the evidence?

Warren Commission came to the conclusion that Kennedy was struck by two bullets, sent from above and behind - it coincided with the official version of Oswald as the lone assassin. However, a new survey of police tape recording showed that there were four shots, one of which sounded at the front and right of the car the President! And he turned out to be fatal, snesya polcherepa, it is from this bullet Kennedy's head jerked back, and this can be seen in the Zapruder film ...

Whatever further conclusions, one thing is clear - Kennedy killed mafia (no matter what we put in the word), organizing the conspiracy truth is still not explain why professional gangsters turned to this little use to the candidate, Oswald, and then removed his by the same artist accident as Ruby.

Either way, the US government still hides the important information.

"I think we will never know anything, - said a member of the House of Representatives Louis Stokes, - it is unlikely that this mystery ever reveal."

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