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Who are they, philippine healers?

Who are they, philippine healers?
About them tell many tales that do not want to believe in anything related to the phenomenon of spiritual healing the Philippines. But after meeting with energoterapevtom Alexander Grigoriev, repeatedly visited healers in their homeland, and invites them to us in Russia, the picture became clearer. Here is the truth about the healers

All can be divided on the medical practice of the Philippines orthodox medicine (which has a government license and uses classical forms of treatment), and spiritual healing. Do not dwell on the first direction, say only that the medical centers, clinics, institutes of the country are considered to be the most modern and superbly equipped in Southeast Asia.

It would be wrong to say that the Philippine spiritual healing is expressed only in the so-called mental operations bloody This is just one (albeit the best known) direction Filipino healing. All practicing healers could be related to one of five groups.

The first - the healers who use herbal medicine. This is the most simple, common and simple type of treatment almost every healer in the Philippines are widely used herbal treatment. And the collection of these herbs, preparing decoctions and infusions, he will not trust anyone, it's just his job Also decoctions, it uses and other gifts of nature in the Philippines is growing wonderful tree banava If the bowl from this tree to pour water, it becomes blue and acquires medicinal properties It is used in the treatment of kidney disease.

The second - the healers that are used in the treatment of prayer and meditation tools. All known healers of the country fall into this group.

They treat their spiritual (emotional) energy, arising from the healer in a state of religious ecstasy, trance In this case, the treatment takes place through certain energy passes over the affected parts of the body, or just laying on of hands.

The third group - "mental" healers (from the word "psi-energy") who use the treatment for bloody mental operations. It is this group of healers is of particular interest in the world, as guided by the usual logic and common sense, it is impossible to find a rational explanation for this phenomenon, and it is for many still remains a miracle.

Fourth - healers that use clean energy treatment (healing prana). In the course of treatment does not apply any religious, cult rituals. This category includes all the Heel-ry, which could be applied of course to us the word "psychic". This treatment is very effective even in severe cases, takes place in a very short time.

In the fifth, the most numerous, the group can combine hi-klers using in their practice reflexology and classical massage. Usually this type of healers also use naturopathy (Crystals, color therapy). Most of these healers practice in Mindanao and in the resort town of Baguio. Interestingly, all have achieved the greatest success healers began their practice with the use of these forms of medicine.

In the Philippines, there are many other types of treatment, including some forms of "white magic", but this treatment is not very popular, because it related to "the mystical treatment" cautious and among healers and patients. Group A. Grigoriev directly observed bloody psychic surgery and tried to understand their mechanism and to give a rational explanation of the phenomenon.

Thus, psychic surgery is a special process of spiritual healing. The process involves usually almost painless intervention (intervention) in the human body with your bare hands healer, eliminating diseased organ or tumor (or local makeup of the patient body energy), the closing of the intervention space without seam or other visible effects of the operation Since this is contrary to all accepted laws of physics, chemistry and biology, mental operations are seen by scientists as the focus, trick, mass hypnosis, despite clear evidence to the contrary and stunning outcome. Fortunately, it is now set up the latest technical equipment, which clearly capture this energy impact, the impact of humans on each other's results of individual studies carried out by Western (and in 1977 - and Soviet) scientists allow confidently say that the phenomenon of bloody operations actually exists: all operations of this kind are carried out without anesthesia; it does not use a scalpel, razor or other surgical instruments; operation time varies from 1 to 10 minutes; or in the course of treatment, neither before nor after the operation is not carried out a special sterilization of clothes and hands of the healer; during surgery, the patient does not feel any discomfort, painful or unpleasant sensations; and finally, the surgical site has no seam after the intervention, or other visible effects.

A. Grigoriev witnessed several tens of mental operations, but will focus on only three of them, particularly struck him. The first case concerns the operation on the eyes. This type of treatment is considered to be particularly complex among the healers, and the person is able to do such operations, is highly respected. The researchers saw the healer was doing cataract surgery. After the patient was laid on the couch, the healer a few minutes creating a dense energy field at the left of the patient's eyes. And then followed by a sharp throw Heel Hand-ra-down - and now he was manipulated by a thumb in the eye. "By observing the patient, - said Grigoriev, - I expected to see at least some expression of fear or pain, but not a muscle moved on his face, the operation was completely painless. After a few seconds healer cast film of cataract in a glass bowl and showed the patient. After the operation, no trace, except for a light redness of the sclera, which also took place in a few seconds. The patient felt well, his vision improved after the operation. "

At this time the patient is suffering from gallstones, already lay on the table. Hiler fourth finger of his right hand quickly entered in the patient's body in the right upper quadrant. When his fingers disappeared into the man's body, the observers were not able to restrain exclamations of surprise. After a few seconds healer drew our eyes stone and threw it into the jar. Place the intervention had no seam, no any sign of just held operation.

"The third case shook me was a cancer patient the operation - told the Russian bioenergy. - The patient was a Japanese businessman, who for several months suffered from a cancerous intestinal tumor. He tried a lot of classical treatment systems, including underwent chemotherapy, but this has no effect. Then he decided on a treatment at the Philippine healer. It was his last chance. On the first day he made a healer on a stretcher, he could not walk. At this time there was tumor removal. It was a spectacular sight, but not for the faint of heart. A quick throw healer hands revealed the body of the patient, and after a few seconds already manipulated in fully exposing the intestines. After 2-3 minutes, the tumor was removed. However, it took several more transactions for local input energy to the diseased organs. Imagine my surprise when I saw that person 19 days - he was on his feet with a smile on his face. "

One can safely say that the operation of this level are held only in the Philippines, however, claim that it is only the Filipino phenomenon, it would be unfair. These healers have appeared in the 1950s in Brazil. The press wrote about the famous healer Arigo Jose. However, during the mental operations he used a dull knife, while the Philippine healers use only his hands. You can call the name of the Swiss psychotherapist Dr. Hans-On Yegelev who practiced rudimentary (rudimentary) form of mental operations. Similar treatment techniques are also used healers Indonesia, the Amazon basin and Africa, but, again, only in the Philippines carried out the operation of such a high level and in such volume.

Why such talents are concentrated mainly in the Philippines? "I can not clearly answer this question, but let me put forward a few suggestions. - Continued A. Grigoriev. - First, Filipinos consider themselves children of nature and act accordingly, believe in its great power (perhaps here it would be appropriate to draw an analogy with our outstanding ascetic Porphyry Ivanov). Before the conquest of the Philippines by the Spaniards in 1521 in the indigenous population was very large and strong belief in "anitos" and "enkantos" - nature spirits that live in the forests, mountains, caves, water and rocks. It existed side by side, close by, and because the belief in spirits was a natural. Nature was a companion and friend of the healer's Disease. It is also believed that the Filipino is able to perceive the world and the cosmos in its unity and integrity, and not through the five senses that we know.

Secondly, Filipinos believe that their country is one of the parts of the deceased continent of Lemuria, which sank hundreds of thousands of years before the rise of Atlantis. It is also said that the Philippine province of Pangasinan was the center of the Lemurian civilization. According to this view, the Filipinos are descended from the ancient Lemurians, who were able to perceive and generate mental energy, to manage it.

Thirdly, we can not say about the special education system, strict healer, which includes both the spiritual training (and most importantly), and a special practical training. Sometimes this training lasts several decades. However, learning the topic deserves a special discussion. "

But let's still try to give however a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon from the point of view of modern science. It is necessary to consider the mental operations from the perspective of the physical world, the nature of the universe and admit the existence of other levels of reality within which the treatment takes place. Without this impossible to explain this phenomenon, nor believe in it. We must recognize the de facto to the same, that there is a place paranormal and unusual physical process. From our point of view, the healers are able to make unique manipulation by intense concentration of etheric energy around the healer's hands. When the fingers of their hands take some special position in which they are able to penetrate into the body. Apparently, this is the energy that yoga can generate and create around their bodies, giving them the opportunity to go through the fire and hot coals. Maybe this is the energy that is used karate, shaping it around the hand, which allows to cut cement blocks and wooden bars with no pain. It is particularly important to state the concentration and focus. If the healer in the process suddenly (due to a sharp noise or other interference) will come out of this his condition, it can have unfortunate results (but there are healers, able to maintain such a state, and in a loud noise, and they can even talk to patient).

The famous English scientist Harold Sherman put forward a very interesting hypothesis about the electromagnetic nature of the Filipino phenomenon. It is believed that during operation healer does not cut tissue cell, it simply separates the fabric from each other by polarization. In this cellular tissue with the sign "+" is separated from the fabric "-" which is removed healer, and then the fabric comes back to its original state.

German physicist Alfred Stelter also believes that "demateriali-tion, materialisation and psychokinesis are crucial to mental operations." Under dematerialization Stelter understands the decay of organic matter, which is transformed into a completely new state of energy and which can not be attributed to the already known to us the four states of the material world (solid, liquid, gaseous or plasma).

But the most important, perhaps, the treatment is not the operation itself, and the healer working with spiritual energy. astral body energy that radiates from the middle of the palm and fingertip center healer, penetrates the physical body and removes the affected areas. And a recent study of German scientists have shown that this energy is able to penetrate further than the radio. In general, we can safely say that the phenomenon of Filipino healing creates a whole set of problems.

Medicine should abandon the purely materialistic point of view of the person and to recognize the right methods of spiritual health impact, not least because they give such an effect. Spiritual healers, in turn, need to understand - and understand! - The person - it's not only the spirit but also the body and certain diseases that lend themselves better integrated management using the latest achievements of modern science.

We should not think that the recognition of the Filipino phenomenon came easily. Before that healers for years humiliated and harassed. At the end of 1960 it was even launched a campaign of prosecution and some healers have been imprisoned for treatment without a license. One can safely say that the Philippine miracle was saved only thanks to very high patrons.

The first is associated with the names of the then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (who ruled the country from 1965 to 1986) and his wife Imelda. "The first couple of the Philippines" showed a lot of respect and tolerance for the healers, who remember it with great fondness. Faith presidential couple in the psychic energy has been in the public domain. Speaking on national television, the president said: "I believe in psychic energy, feeling and this belief is reinforced by the whole of my life. One day I went to visit in the USA, but after 15 minutes after takeoff, felt all the growing sense of anxiety. I thought that there was something wrong happened to Imelda. I then ordered to turn back. It turned out that at that time, my wife was in great danger in the open ocean. Only this event helped me to save her. Such misgivings I had a lot of, and I can not say that it is a mere accident. As for our healers, I declare that it is our national pride, a phenomenon known worldwide. Mr. Reagan and Mrs Thatcher, who experienced the work of Filipino healers and healed, called me and thanked me for this miracle ... "

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