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What you were Cyrano de Bergerac?

What you were Cyrano de Bergerac?
Due to the famous play by Edmond Rostand, and some descriptions of our conscious personality Cyrano synonymous with reckless and witty Frenchman But there is another really mysterious Cyrano de Bergerac In many of his works he describes the world that could not exist in the XVII century, information seems to sometimes incredible and strange as it does not correspond to our ideas or the intellectual nor on scientific and technical potential of the time. What is it - fantastic late Middle Ages or the echoes of any real knowledge?

Cyrano de Bergerac was born in 1619 in Paris. In 1637, having completed a college education at the University of Paris, he in a short time famous virtuoso sword, and participation in numerous duels Then, at the urging of his friend, N. Lebrun he enlisted in the army, but received several serious wounds, in 1640 he returned to Paris, where for some time plunged into the high life. Soon he suddenly and dramatically changed their behavior, lifestyle and became interested in books

From this moment life is replete with Cyrano "white spots". We can only speculate about the reasons for a sharp change in his lifestyle and behavior. He became acquainted with the famous materialist philosopher, scientist, writer of France of that time - P. Gassendi, T Lormitom and others. There is speculation that some of his friends were members of the Rosicrucian Order, visited India and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of ancient Indian sages. Perhaps Cyrano was familiar with the works of Democritus, Piron, Campanella, Cardano.

There is evidence that members of the Rosicrucian Order is really possessed by some scientific "secrets" and knowledge, do not match the level of the scientific achievements of France of the Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin. For example, in one of the books of the Order contains a description of a mysterious machine, "eternal" lamps, Devices of artificial songs, etc. De Bergerac casually mentions that most of the information and the "secrets" of the members of the Order of the Rosicrucians got in contacts with beings of other planets, more aware of the laws of the material universe. The analysis of works of Cyrano de Bergerac, shows that he was very familiar with these strange "technicism".

In his book "Journey to the Sun" Cyrano formulated (albeit in a rather archaic form) the basic principles of thermodynamics, the theory of sound propagation, talks about the mentioned "eternal" lamps, which, apparently, were familiar ancient priests. We do not even know the principle of work of the mysterious light, but the fact that they can exist in reality, say archaeological and historical research. In the study of the interior of Egyptian pyramids and underground churches in the frescoes found no soot. A soot was bound to be from the use of torches, as other light sources, according to modern ideas, it was not the ancient Egyptians. Attempts to explain this phenomenon using a variety of mirrors to receive sunlight have not been successful - rays are attenuated before they are forwarded to the place of work of the artist. In 1936, during excavations near Baghdad were found strange vessels which, as studies have shown, were electric batteries, allows to receive current voltage of 0.25 to 0.5 volts with power to 0.5-5 milliamps. Some researchers tend to think of these vessels capacitor is used to store electrical energy. More recently on the fresco subterranean Egyptian temple was found a strange image of the vessel, the structure and details of which allow to talk seriously about the acquaintance of the ancient Egyptians, the principle of an electric incandescent lamp.

The fresco depicts a large, conical widening, etc. Apparently, glass vessel. Its convex portion is located on a special stand, resembling a modern porcelain insulator that everyone saw on the high-voltage transmission line towers. The opposite, a narrow part of the vessel crowned with a "cartridge". From it leaves a long hose or cable is connected to the device, like ni modern electric switch with clearly traced knife-contacts. In the middle of the vessel passes slightly curving strip like a modern spiral light bulbs ... It is interesting to note that the age of Baghdad "electric battery" and frescoes from the "Lamp" archaeologists estimated at several thousand years.

Maybe vain we attribute Cyrano contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, if all these "technicism" were known long before him? It turns out that there is, first and foremost because of its knowledge and understanding of the ancient were probably one and the same source. Cyrano de Bergerac bad versed in the corpuscular theory of light, which is only a hundred years after he formulated the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. Cyrano and knew of the existence of light pressure on the surface. This effect was predicted later John. C. Maxwell in 1899 and confirmed in practice by Professor VP Lebedev.

The writings contained Cyrano and many other strange enough technical descriptions. He paid much attention to missile technology and other means to move in space. The analysis of these descriptions allows you to allocate seven main types of movement. If unleash the imagination while remaining within the limits of modern scientific concepts, it can be assumed that the first method is based on the flight evaporation of some liquid under the action of heat or other energy source; the second way - by expanding and inflammation of some of the working fluid inside the closed volume with a special "icosahedron" device with an optical lens system. The third way - motion by a mechanism that converts the energy of the explosion in the forward movement at high speed fourth way - a flight in a balloon. Fifth, sixth and seventh flight of ways, perhaps based on the gravitational interaction of bodies. Of course, now that we do not know the principle of the action of gravity on objects, debate about the real applicability of this method difficult flight. We note only that the scientist Gipperger in 1888 performed the calculations, which showed that the speed of gravity propagation can be more than 500 times the speed of light may, this result is not entirely accurate, but it shows that at this speed, reach the nearest star it is possible for 2-3 days.

Cyrano tells about the structure of space and three-stage rocket (with the details and the details of the story can not be the fruit of the imagination), describes the weightlessness effects occurring during braking and acceleration of the rocket in outer space ... and personal experience! This can not be invented, based only on the impressions that arise when riding or carriage.

In the book "The State of the Moon" Cyrano de Bergerac tells of his flight from the suburbs of Paris to Canada, in St. Lawrence River area, on some machine with the engine "evaporation-rosyanogo" type. On this journey he spent 5-6 hours. Since the distance between these points ^ ograficheskimi about six thousand kilometers, the Cyrano airspeed exceeded the speed of an airliner Tu-154!

In other chapters of the same book Cyrano de Bergerac says the infinity of the universe, its sentient inhabitants, is about the infinity of the atom, and so on Cyrano states that.. "The sun - a great body which is 434 times larger than the Earth." Modern astronomers say that the diameter of our star surpasses the Earth 109 times, and by weight - to 333 434 times. Occurrence of this discrepancy can be attributed to any erroneous notions of de Bergerac, or the fact that his friend, N. Lebrun when editing the book put the first three digits, considering them too fantastic.

Also, Cyrano mentions the huge luminous cities, moving on the lunar surface. He points out that these huge facilities can this week to move to a distance of a thousand leagues (4,400 kilometers), ie at an average speed of about 30 kilometers per hour. It would seem nonsense fiction. Meanwhile, modern astronomical observations of the lunar surface allowed to fix "the repeated displacement of some unidentified sources Cove light. In the United States a summary of such observations published in the "chronological catalog of reports of lunar events" (Technical report NASA F-277, 1968), in Russia - in the magazine "West Astronomical nickname." In the aforementioned report it states that in the Sea of ​​Tranquility region of the American astronomers Harris and Cross May 18, 1964 observed a white bright spot, move on the lunar surface at a speed of 32 kilometers per hour and decrease in size. May 24, 1964 the same observers monitored the movement on the surface of another moon light spot moves with variable speed 32-80 km per hour for two hours.

In the works of Cyrano there are descriptions of strange instruments and apparatus designed to record and play sounds! This is how, for example, de Bergerac describes a device similar to a modern radio "opened the case I found something metal, reminiscent of our wall clock full of small springs (perhaps this is the electrical resistance - Auth..), Tiny machines. It's really a book, but a wonderful book that has no pages and letters. Finally, this book, where you can learn without using vision - you need only listen. If someone wants to read this book, the machine tightens all its tiny nerves, then the reader turns the arrow (possibly of scale adjustment system - Ed..) To that chapter (that is, the corresponding wavelength - Ed.). He wants hear, and at this point the machine begins to speak ka "to the human mouth, or like a musical instrument, making a variety of sounds." In this description, there is only one question - where in the XVII century the French Cyrano de Bergerac had managed to find the radio station? Maybe he already has in those days was radio or other communication with the representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization (ETI)?

Elsewhere "Diaries" Cyrano describes another "book, which cover machined from a diamond, far more brilliant than ours ..." Some of the details in the description of this "technicism" suggest that Cyrano de Bergerac tells TV XVII century! Or maybe a fairy tale about the golden apple, rolling on a silver platter and allow at the same time to see the "distant land and overseas wonders," is an echo of the ancient knowledge of electrons caught in the silver screens TVs ...?

In the reality of Cyrano de Bergerac contact with other civilizations, says the following passage from his book: "They (ie the aliens - Ed.). Same body, but does not like us; and no such what we can imagine, because in common parlance we call the body only that, how can touch. However, in nature there is nothing that would not be material, and though they are material, yet, when they want to be visible to us, they have to make such shapes and sizes that are available to our senses; so some people think that the stories that tell about them, just nonsense fainthearted, especially because they are the people only at night ... The bodies of these is nothing but a way or another, thickened the air, so light, carrying with them the warmth , destroying them, just as it dissipates the mist ... "it is surprising in tune with the description of thought of the founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky made regarding the possible appearance of representatives of other worlds" ... There were times past, when the matter was a billion times easier than it is now very easy ... And all these worlds have created beings reasonable, but almost immaterial - in their low-density ... "

All the above - only a hypothesis, yet the question remains: who is the mysterious friend of Cyrano de Bergerac?

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