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Victims of pyrokinesis

Victims of pyrokinesis
Cases where people suddenly flashed from the fire of unknown origin and burned for a few seconds, leaving behind only a handful of ashes, known since time immemorial has been established that during the spontaneous combustion of human bodies flame temperature reached 3000 degrees. Curiously, however, that it is close to the victim of flammable materials (such as, for example, linen, cotton or paper) appeared intact, that is, the man lying in bed with a bright flame was burning, but the sheets and blankets were unharmed. That is what happened in 1992 with the fire of Sydney Ron Praystom, burned in their beds. Surprisingly, the linens and pillows did not suffer, and lying a meter away from the hellfire match is not broke.

In 1950, a Mexican court considered uncommon criminal. Judged Mario Orozco, hotels mistress of her husband, who was accused in the fact that he has burnt his wife alive Manolo in the presence of many people. Mario facing the death penalty.

That evening, as usual, customers (local garrison soldiers and merchants carriageways) dined in the hall on the ground floor, a dimly lit two lamps and the glow of the fire from the fireplace, where delicious roasted goose. Husband mistress slowly rotating spit that not one drop of oil is not lost in vain, and the carcass is uniformly coated with a crispy crust. A young maid carried the dishes and bottles, smiling mustached military and deftly dodging daring slaps on a round ass. The very same hostess, observing order, sat in a massive leather chair.

Suddenly, a peaceful idyll violated scream. Mistress jerked in his chair, his eyes bulging and his mouth open, and her body ran tongues of fire. A moment later, my aunt was not Manolo, and tselehonkim chair lay sprinkled with the ashes of her clothes. Burst into the hotel the police immediately arrested the man and took him to jail.

However, not always Pyrokinesis victims' bodies are burned to ashes. Last year in Mongolia on a country road damaged by fire Arzhanda local shepherd. "Black Mannequin" was found in a sitting position. His whole body, head and hands caked into a solid resinous mass. But what is most striking, is not affected by the fire clothing of the deceased. No trace around the flame also not found, and the air temperature was 15 degrees below zero. Interesting details of the deceased partner said the shepherd:

"I drove ahead of the herd. When I returned to Arzhande, he found him sitting on his haunches beside the road with his pants down. He defecate. Coming closer, I saw that he was black as coal. And between his legs fresh steaming pile of feces. I rushed ran to the nearest village for help. Arzhandy relatives tried to put it on a wooden stretcher, but they began to smoke when his body was removed, it was found that the board had been charred. We had to wait a little while Ar-┼Żandov cool down. "

Partner of the deceased was detained and accused of murder.

When it came to the prison inspector, instead of a suspect, he found a pile of charred bones with partially preserved pieces of meat. could not find an explanation for the tragedy ...

Dara Metsel in 1969, was sitting in his car on a street in Luxembourg and suddenly ignited, burned to the ground in seconds. Several people tried to help her, but to no avail. When it was over, it turned out that the trim and seat car were not injured.

Around the same time, a resident of Texas, Michael Lifshin was found dead in his car. His face and his hands were burned, but the hair and eyebrows fire for some reason did not touch. As his car was in the garage, the police decided that the unfortunate suicide, poisoning the exhaust gases. However, the body was so hot that it burned his fingers.

It is a fantastic event occurred in Alberta, where the couple have two daughters Melby broke out in one and the same moment, being in different parts of the city, at a distance of a mile from each other.

In 1991, a resident of Dijon Dyuteye Charles, who worked at the hardware store, owned by the couple faithful, celebrated the New Year together with the hosts. After drinking the wine, he went to sleep upstairs in my room, and the next morning found dead host. Floor ground floor covered a thick layer of soot. The acrid smell of bad breath. Police found next to the kitchen table, the remains of Madame Verneuil - charred bones and ashes. Other traces of fire could not be found in the house.

No less mysterious event occurred in 1989 near Munich. 13-year-old Utah played the accordion, when her father, Werner Rothko, heard the desperate cries of the girl. He rushed to her and saw her in flames, rushed across the room. In Utah burned 30 percent of the surface of the skin, and the Werner received second-degree burns. Later, the girl explained that as soon as she began to play the instrument on all sides caught fire.

Spring of 1993, the inhabitants of a small Peruvian town of Orellana, who gathered in the church for Sunday service, witnessed the spectacle that shook them to the core priest, preached, was in shock. His angry emotional speech dedicated hopeless sinners who are waiting for hell fire has caused faithful shiver, and they devoutly crossed themselves, praying to cup them over. Suddenly interrupted the sermon inhuman cry. He shouted the priest, frozen in an unnatural pose with raised hands to the sky. Just a moment numb horror parishioners saw from his chest burst of flame, and he turned into a pillar of fire. People rushed out of the church, crushing each other in the doorway, and none of them saw what was later found by investigators. On the pulpit lay whole and unharmed priest's clothing, inside of which a handful of ash darkened - all that remains of the servant of God.

The case has caused a wave of rumors and speculation. Believers do not doubt that God had punished the Holy Father for serious transgressions. Some said that a priest, celibate, indulged in vice, secretly looking po*n. Others do not doubt that he had sold his soul to the devil. There were even those who thought that instead of a priest preached Satan himself in disguise. Examination of witnesses, the police closed the case.

Devil's fire, or Pyrokinesis - not a figment of imagination, but a real fact, although in terms of physics and chemistry of the phenomenon is impossible. It is known that the human body two-thirds consists of water and its combustion requires significant amounts of energy, which in a living organism is not. Even to burn the corpse in the crematorium, requires a temperature of two thousand degrees and no less than four hours. But even under these conditions, in any case require further break up the charred bones of the skeleton, to turn them to ash.

Cases of spontaneous combustion are extremely rare. In our century we recorded 19 such events Scientists have different opinions some people are trying to link inflammation with their internal state. It is noted that many were killed under high stress. Other researchers believe that the mysterious phenomenon occurs due to the influence of the emerging in the vicinity of ball lightning victim. Her energy enters the human biofield, which leads to an instantaneous ignition.

Scientists note two types of fire. The transformation of the victim in the ash and sintering it into a charred mass. In some cases, some part of the body is not affected by the fire.

In the last century there was a version that the victims of spontaneous combustion are chronic alcoholics, whose bodies are thoroughly imbued with alcohol and thus break out of an accidental spark, especially if the deceased smoked.

Swiss scientist Ludwig Schumacher offered his explanation of spontaneous combustion.

"Why would not suggest - he says - that there are not yet known to science radiation beams which exist side by side with us. Under certain conditions, this energy interacting with the body's biofield is a powerful flash energy - a kind of explosion, leading to spontaneous combustion of the living body. The resulting energy beam is strictly limited in space and acts selectively. Parts of the body of the victim, do not fall within the scope of radiation, are still intact. "

Recently, another scientist, Japanese Harugi Ito put forward another hypothesis. According to him, the reason Pyrokinesis is to change the flow of time. Normally, the human body generates and radiates into the space amount of heat, but if the inside of the body for some reason suddenly dramatically slowed occurring in nature physical processes (including movement of atoms), and on the skin surface of the speed remains constant, heat generated simply do not have time to be radiated into space and incinerates human.

Recently, a number of scientists in general adheres to the fantastic point of view. The source of energy in a living cell supposedly is the thermonuclear reaction. They believe that under certain conditions in the cells of the body's energy processes occur unknown, similar to those that occur in the explosion of the atomic bomb, which do not affect the neighboring molecules of matter (eg, clothing or skin of the car) ...

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