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Prophetess Vanga

Prophetess Vanga
Already a lot of people know about Vanga, the Bulgarian clairvoyant. Even in its very name laid down what we can not help wondering: Greek Vangelia - the bearer of the good news. Yes, Wang really like newspapers, "naifantasticheskaya naizagadochnaya reality and truth." Her talent of clairvoyance and prophetic power of many plunged into shock. The ability of this unique woman: she has the gift of foresight, clairvoyance, she can talk to plants, to visit different places of the globe. She sees a lot, even though she is blind, her face radiates light.

Wang was born and lived in Bulgaria, in the village of Petrich. As a child, she was an ordinary girl and did not know about their abilities. Life Vanga reminds lives of the saints, for it is difficult to imagine that the death may make the tests that befell the poor Bulgarian prophet. In the First World War his father mobilized in the Bulgarian army, and his mother died when the girl has not yet reached a reasonable age. The girl grew up a long time under the care of neighbors.

Vanga was slender, blue-eyed, fair-haired and brisk girl. Even as a child she loved to have been a place for each item. Its capacity is still lurking somewhere deep inside her. She invented fun, loved to play in the "treatment" - prescribed friends different grasses. At age 11, Wang invented a strange game, which caused her father uncomfortable feelings - happened, Wang put on the street or in the house of some object, and then closed his eyes tightly, like a blind, he starts to look for him. And in spite of his father's ban, he continued to play blind.

Widow father finally married, took home a good hostess and a caring stepmother to his daughter. My father took care of the cattle, and Vanga duty was to bring out of the cars skins with milk. Then one day a terrible storm arose. The sky was dark, strong wind, tearing trees with roots. Clods of earth, leaves, branches wrapped in a funnel. Whirlwind lifted Vanga and carried into the field. She was found after a long and persistent search. She was very frightened and his eyes were covered with sand and dust, she could not open, they are terribly sick. No treatment has not produced results. Money for the operation was not, and vision every day was getting worse. Vanga cried, prayed for a miracle. Then she did not know that the miracle has already accomplished.

In 1925, Wang identified the house of the blind, where she stayed for three years. After the death of her stepmother she had to return home to help look after younger brothers and sisters. A home is the same poverty. During the day - work, and at night - her tears. Supernatural abilities of Vanga opened gradually, no one has fixed the date of their birth, but many later recalled how she helped her father find someone else's sheep stolen from the flock, he folded. She accurately described the yard where sheep were hiding. All very surprised, but Wang said that she saw it in a dream. She, too, had noticed that she began to dream dreams, talk about the unpleasant events which later came true. But her talent in all power turned during the war. Desperate, distraught people no one to contact. So they went to a woman who could soothe or even tell where the man laid his head close.

Her older brother Vasil went to the partisan detachment. Vanga cried and begged him not to go, saying that he would be killed in 23 years old. But Vasil did not believe the prediction. He resigned in June, and in October he surrendered to the Germans. His brutally tortured and then shot dead. As yet tragic lot to see, a lot to know, a lot to understand and see the inevitability of the coming events.

Its unusual abilities itself Vanga explained presence around her special transparent creatures whose origin could not explain. They allegedly sent her the information of their people, which she could not convey the suffering, and the distance and time have not played any difference. The life of every man standing in front prophetess, ran in front of her consciousness, like on film, from birth to death. But to prevent what is written "in the old" Wang was unable to.

Also clairvoyance and soothsaying Wang realized that can cure the disease. But with medication, and using herbs. In the treatment of it is advised to pour decoction, because they are better exposed through the skin. Wang has never denied the official medicine, but thought that the excessive use of drugs is harmful, since they "close the doors, through which nature comes to using herbs to restore the disturbed balance in the body."

Herbs and flowers - her love. It is in the medicine Vanga gives them a great place. But to say that everyone should be treated only herbs of the country in which he lives. Many people have helped her recipes. So why herbs and their exposure to it is not cured of her husband. Because he had his own way of life, to change that she could not, had no right to.

Twenty years they have lived a strong family, but recent years Mitko drank heavily and became an alcoholic. Wang saw everything, knew everything, but to change his fate, to intervene in it could not. When her husband died, Wang knelt by his bed, from her blind eyes tears flowed constantly. And when his last breath flew off, she stopped crying and fell asleep. She slept up to the funeral, and then he woke up and said, "I accompanied him to the place which he was destined."

Death Vanga was not afraid. She said that such is not. Her original idea of ​​death, that is from a person after retiring from life. Here is an excerpt from a conversation with one of Vanga theatrical figure: "... I have already told you that the body after death, decomposes, like all living things, but part of the body or the soul, do not even know what to call it, does not decompose. You talk about second birth. What is it, I do not know. But what remains of the man - the soul, does not decompose, and continues to evolve in order to reach a higher level. This is the immortality of the soul. "

Many of the witnesses remembered about the contacts Vanga with deceased people. Asked interlocutor why she talks about his late mother, Wang replied: "Do not you brought her. They come on their own, because I have for them - the gates to the world ... When a man comes to me, his dead relatives gather around him, ask me questions and answer, and I'm just living to inform what I heard. "

One day a young man came to Vanga. Evil men robbed and killed his brother. There were three orphans and sick wife. Suddenly, Wang came to the threshold and called him by name, and then said: "I know why you came. Do you want. so I said, who killed your brother. Maybe after some time, I say, but you have to promise that you will not take revenge, because they do not need to do that. You yourself become a witness to their end. " Wang does not allow anyone to take revenge. She believes that a man is born to administer good deeds. Every bad thing never goes unpunished. It is punished by a cruel manner, and if the punishment does not overtake the one who commits evil, it will pass to his descendants.

And that's still the case. One farmer came to complain that he did not live children that they die very early. There were eleven, but none survived. Wang recalled the peasant that the young men he severely hurt his mother, who was pregnant at the age of. Son ashamed of it. Baby and mother died, and the young man soon forgot about everything. And for t he insulted the most sacred - life, nature is so merciless to him. "You should know that the cause of your trouble is not his wife. It should always be good, so as not to suffer a lifetime. "

Wang broadcast of infants and unborn children. It is incomprehensible that she had seen and talked with people who had died 100, 200 and more years ago. As the scientists - is the manifestation of a mysterious clairvoyant Vanga. Wang says about the future, but do not like this. In her words, in 200 years man will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. She even noticed that aliens from other worlds have been living on Earth ... Where are they preletayut? From the planet, which was then in the language of its inhabitants nazyvaetsya Vamfim. This planet - the third of the land.

Of course, the unusual ability Baba Vanga is constantly questioned, debunked and ridiculed. Writer Leonid Leonov once rebuked her: "Why did not you predicted the death of my wife?" Prophetess surprise said: "It is not predicted? I sent you a souvenir - a coffee cup. One. " On the death of Wang always tried to communicate the language of Aesop.

One of her most ardent nisprovergateley - Yuri Mountain, a famous Russian illusionist and a psychologist. He believes that Wang - "normal soldiers of the Bulgarian secret services." What information was collected for her maids in hotels and local taxi drivers, security officers helped ideologues and Bulgaria. Baba Vanga, said Mountain, remarkably managed to put his case to the state level. "The country was prestigious to have a prophetess, to which the flocking crowds of tourists and celebrities from around the world. Including policy. "

For the "processing" chosen people known: writers Leonid Leonov and Sergei Mikhalkov, movie actor Vladimir Tikhonov, Academician AN Bekhterev, the presidents of Todor Zhivkov and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. All of them, as a rule, were amazed insight Vanga. As for predictions - we all remember those that have come true. But even more do not come true! For example, Alexander Bovin, while political commentator, in the distant 1973, she insisted that the Soviet Union during the month would bring troops in Chile. Obviously, there is the Bulgarian secret services in their international projections blundered ...

So what, really Baba Vanga - stavlennitsa secret police? But not fit. After all, his prophecies and voodoo recipes she began to issue long before it localized outside Petrich. Hence, the "initial capital" Vanga did not the security services. Of course, the popular rumor - a great power, but the Bulgarian intelligentsia has long belonged to Vanga very skeptical. There is no prophet in his own country! Especially mocked her way to read information from a piece of sugar, which each visitor had to come to it. And before that sugar all night lying under his pillow.

There are many examples where Wang reported its guests such things that no security officers could not know. Why, for example, the Bulgarian secret services information that Sergei Mikhalkov had a sister who died at the age of five? Mikhalkov himself had forgotten about it, and Wang recalled. Because, according to her explanations, it is reported she died all the information. "They come because I was for them - the gates to the world ... When a man comes to me, his dead relatives are going, ask me questions and answer, and I'm just living to inform what I heard." Voices heard from Outland and visitors. And then talked about a mysterious whisper, thin, slender ... or deaf, as in the phone.

The actress Alla Demidova, at the time was very fond of esoteric knowledge, hosted by surprised her walk in the realm of the dead. "Wang took my sugar and asked me if I had a father. I did not have time to answer, and it has already repeated: "He's dead, so he is here. A father has a brother, Ivan? And he died, and so he should. " It was not quite what I expected ... suddenly asked, why she sees me in uniform, and described Angelika costume from the film "Shield and Sword". I said that this is one of my roles. "? Oh, so you're an actress," and Wang immediately said the star of the Russian stage that acting - not her job, it is better to do research. Since Demidov repeats in every interview, that is engaged in the wrong business. Finally, "... she hugged me, said some seemingly meaningless things, her hand on the back and told me not to walk on his heels." In Moscow, Alla S. returned completely different: "I was not recognized. For two years I was absolutely healthy. Both physically and internally. I was no longer a question Father Sergius: there, below? And the answer was Hamlet: yes, there is! "

A lot of predictions Bulgarian clairvoyant officially recorded. Her ability is often used in a purely national interest. Especially widely replicated political forecasts. A curious fact of the war: to Vanga came and Hitler, and the Bulgarian Tsar Boris. Both left dissatisfied. What upset Hitler - it is unknown, but Boris III Vanga accurately predict the date of his death. He consulted with Vanga and Todor Zhivkov. She predicted the death of his daughter in a car accident. And, unfortunately, I was not mistaken.

Many of the powers that be visited Baba Vanga incognito. At a meeting with some of her were taken to the capital. It was Sophia Wang for 7 months before the election prophesied Indira Gandhi, she will again be prime minister. But Wang tragic forecasts issued later. They have come true - and the murder of the daughter of India's glorious, and the death of her son in a plane crash. Keep the minutes of how Vanga long before the elections in the United States predicted that J. Carter is the president, but only one time.

Wang - the first seer, who supported the government. A government supported it. In Bulgaria, the Institute was established suggestologii and parapsychology with 30 employees. They also confirmed its ability to predictions. Particularly those related to tracing missing relatives - come true for 80%.

Special hotel was built in Petrich for those who come to Vanga. In the '70s, it took about 100 thousand people per year. It is estimated that in 55 years of activity at the famous Bulgarians have visited more than a million walkers. And not for a drinking sweet conversations they went. Wang lived in the wild strain, passing through itself another's misfortune and illness. The trail in Petrich became international and does not grow up to the last year of life.

But Wang herself was "travel abroad". The Bulgarian authorities have not released a "national treasure" or to Paris, where she wanted to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, or even in Moscow. Wang wanted to visit Red Square, the Kremlin and talk with Gorbachev, whose coming to power predicted in six years. Queue it was painted a year in advance (though, of course, there was also a "backdoor" for "relevant persons"). The Bulgarian authorities have put the flow of its sessions, almost "coupons at the reception" subscribed. A visit to the prophetess for Bulgarians and citizens of socialist countries was worth a hundred leva for foreigners - 50 dollars. (One hundred leva - about two dollars and a monthly salary of Bulgarians - 60 dollars.)

Itself Vanga too did not refuse money. But it could be a bag of potatoes and a small coin, which immediately fell into a treasured piggy bank - "the church." Very often it does refused any "compensation". But it was possible to bring a gift. Vanga have accumulated quite a collection of plush animals. She loved stroking, touch them, thinking about the man who gave the toy. I talk to them. However, as with flowers, cats, dogs ... And with the spirits.

Twenty years before the death of the "Kursk" in 1980, the prophetess Vanga predicted: "At the end of the century, Kursk will be underwater in August 1999 or 2000, and the whole world will mourn him." In early 1999, we passed the DH transmission of forecasts of the Bulgarian clairvoyant. Dubbed was this prophecy. How absurd. Kuryane also took this message with humor: how could be under water steppe town, from which year gallop, while the large water does not get there. Who knew that the world would cry on the Sea "namesake" Kursk? And the water around it is so much that the whole Russian fleet is not rashlebat ...

Prophecies Wangi ... a lot of them. For the most part bleak: nothing good to humanity does not shine. Even before the Apocalypse, and we and our descendants will have time to suffer from worse than AIDS disease, hunger and thirst. Flood will not be, but smaller disasters and accidents happen a lot. For example, "will disappear from the face of one of the Arab states." However, "it will not soon."

Some of its predictions have already come true, others seem likely. "Tablets will make algae, and they will be sold around the world," - she broadcast in the 60s. Splat appeared in our 90s. And doctors say that algae - a pharmacopoeia of the future. "The day will come, - said Wang - when the face of the earth will disappear different plants, vegetables, animals ... First of all, onion, garlic and pepper. Then come all the bees. "

In Canada, beekeepers can no longer get buckwheat honey. Because of genetics brought buckwheat from which the bees have nothing to take. Beekeeping kills genetic engineering. List of honey plants shorter. They will not, and we will remain without honey. And without bees - these amazing insects which appeared on this planet long before humans.

Wang loved to speculate about the Russian Orthodox Church, the proximity of Russia to the cosmic energy. Especially warm feeling experienced by Boris Yeltsin. And very much like to get his watch more than once asked the visiting Russian politicians to bring her Yeltsin hours. Why do they need it, not say, but it is clear that something was bothering her in the fate of the first Russian president. On the next president of Russia he said: "This is quite an unexpected figure. Just do not Zyuganov and Lebed. "

Last prophecy Vanga against Russia: arms outlined a large circle. And she said: "Russia will again become a great empire, especially the Empire of the spirit." She had predicted the future greatness of Russia. Even he argued that in the future Bulgaria will join the Union revived. And the most famous Soviet recorded forecast writer Valentin Sidorov in 1979: "Everything will melt like ice, only one remain untouched - the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. Too many sacrificed. Nobody can stop Russia. All sweep it out of the way and not only continue, but will be master of the world. "

The glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia Vladimir ... What kind of question? About Prince, the Baptist of Russia? But there were other ... There was, for example, Vladimir Ilyich. And now Vladimir Vladimirovich. And at Vanga is such obscure prediction (it dates back to 1988): "There will come the Eighth and sign a final peace ..." Maybe the year 2008? Or the last member of the "Big Seven" has now turned into the "eight". That is, again, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Or still have to wait a little longer, the Eighth, who will sign a final peace, and bring in Russian rulers of the world?

Sociologist Dobriyanov Velichko, who studied the phenomenon of Vanga, says that of the 99 analyzed them messages clairvoyant 43 were adequate, 43 alternative (ambiguous) and 12 inadequate. This means that the percentage of telepathic "contact" at the woman of Vanga is 68.3. Of course, the result of this is high and does not fit into the framework of the theory of probability.

In relation to the past and the present one is tempted to explain the ability of Vanga ability to "talk" customer deftly pull all the details, and then stun the data of the person who is from him and learned. However Dobriyanov recognizes that "Vanga may exercise telepathic communication, and without leading questions that correct messages are not simply the result of a combination of issues." Even more complicated is the prediction of the future, because here Vanga really works "blindly". A percentage of guessing, though less than in talking about this, but still high enough for the simple chance. According to Professor Georgi Lozanov, it fulfilled about 70 percent of the prophecies of Vanga.

"In my sessions was the case - she says Dobriyanov, record dialogs Vanga on diktofon.- After we came out of Vanga, stunned weathered test woman in amazement said," How did she immediately asked me why I am a widow, "I took advantage of this opportunity? to reproach her for what she herself has issued in the first issue of Vanga, but to convince, I had to re-enable the tape recording. In many sessions, when Wang asked about things that have already been clarified in the previous conversation. It is natural to ask yourself at least two questions: what is the role and importance of this method of divination, firstly, for the agent telepathy and, secondly, for the most Vanga. Thousands of people who come to it, do not carry a recording device, then to calmly analyze the conversation. In conditions of high mental stress it is understandable that a person can not pay attention to what he said at the beginning of the conversation, and after that it will be surprised Vanginym "discovery".

In the upcoming period, the one in which we now live with you, Baba Vanga forecast is very disappointing. According to her, "the city and the village will be destroyed by earthquakes, floods, natural disasters will shake the ground, poor people will prevail, and the thieves, scammers and harlots will not be considered. I must say that as earthquakes and floods were, they are and will be the same. Michael Chulaki spoke on this subject: "I note, incidentally, that even if we believe in the prophecy on a purely domestic level, not thinking about the problem of freedom of will, then we must acknowledge that all popular visionaries, such as the famous Wang and homegrown her imitators, name that legion - being extremely angry. Because showing impressionable viewers minor miracles, neither Wang nor an astrologer, nor a holy fool in Christ warned victims not coming earthquakes impending catastrophes, which so much is happening in our time. The future is always unexpected disaster - sudden. Otherwise it can not be. Fulfilled prophecy would create a paradox, like a time machine: if you could go back in time and something to fix it, I would have changed and the present, from which we left; if one could foresee the danger and avoid it, I would have changed to predict the future - and be dispersed with the prediction. So Wang - not a villain, and a cute old lady who knows about the future no longer have with you".

Close to the prophetess people claim that Baba Vanga is still to them in dreams. Because preparing for rebirth. Before his death, she said, that all your gift sends a decade girl from France. After receiving it, she is also blind. And when the time comes, will find "different vision". In order to guide us, unreasonable, according to God's way, and learn to understand and gratefully accept fate assigned to them.

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