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What is a vampire? The vampires roaming the earth tonight, both similar and different from what you might expect. Of course, it is best to begin our discussion of the undead, as if they were a separate species of living beings - superficially similar to those of humans, which were once, but demonstrate a myriad of physiological and psychological differences. In many ways, vampires resemble the familiar monsters of myth and cinema.

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1. Vampires - the living dead and must sustain themselves with the blood of the living.

. True
vampire is clinically dead - its heart is not beating, he was not breathing, his skin is cold, it never gets old - but he thinks, and walks, and plans, and says, and hunts, and kills. Because to support its artificial immortality, the vampire must periodically feed on blood - preferably human blood. Some repentant vampires interrupted the blood of animals and ancient vampires must hunt down and kill other vampires to feed themselves, but most do support themselves with the blood of their former neighbors. Anyone who dies from a vampire's bite rises to become a vampire.

It is not true.
If it were true, the world would be crowded with vampires. Vampires really feed on human blood and sometimes kill their prey - but most people who die from a vampire's attack simply perish. To return as an undead, the victim must be completely devoid of blood and then get a drop of vampire blood. This process, called release (Embrace), leads to a mystical transformation of a person in the undead.

2. Vampires - monsters, demonic spirits embodied in corpses.

And it is true, and no.
Vampires are not demons per se, but a combination of tragic factors inevitably leads them to evil deeds. In the beginning, the newly created vampire thinks and acts in much the same way as in life. She did not immediately turns into the evil sadistic monster. However, the vampire soon learns his unconquerable thirst for blood, and realizes that her life depends on the power his relatives. In many ways, changed the consciousness of a vampire - it produces a number of attachments, less consistent with the "social omnivores", more suitable for a lone predator. First, eating without hunting, vampire, after all, have to do it out of necessity - and the food is lighter and easier to the extent that, as the years pass. Realizing that he was very suspicious, he ceases to trust others. Realizing that he is not like the others, he isolates himself from the world of mortals. Realizing that her existence depends on secrecy and control, it becomes a first class "puppet master". And the situation will only get worse as the years turn into decades and centuries, and the vampire kills over and over again, and see how the people he loved, grow old and die. Human life is so short and cheap in comparison with it, it is becoming less and less valuable as a mortal "herd" around it means no more than a cloud of pesky insects. Older vampires - among the most jaded, unfeeling, paranoid - in short, monstrous - beings that have ever known world. Maybe they are not demons literally - but now, who can tell the difference?

3. Vampires are burned by sunlight.

It is true.
Vampires must avoid the sun or they will die, though some can tolerate sunlight for a very short period of time. Vampires - creatures of the night, and for most is very difficult to stay awake during the day, even in the shelters. Vampires are repelled by garlic and running water.

It is not true.
This is myth and nothing more.

4. Vampires repelled by crosses and other holy symbols.

In general, it is not true.
However, if the owner of the symbol has great faith in the power, which he represents, a vampire may suffer from the painful effects caused by the waving symbol.

5. Vampires die from a stake through the heart.

It is not true.
However, a wooden stake - or arrow, etc. -.. In the heart paralyze the monster until it is removed.
Vampires have the strength of ten people they rule over wolves and bats, they hypnotize the living and heal the worst wounds.

Yes and no.
The power of a vampire increases with time. Young, newly created vampires are often not much more people. But as a vampire grows over the years and understanding, he learns to use her blood to evoke secret magical powers, which vampires call Disciplines. Powerful older vampires - can often compete with fictional Lestat (* "Interview with the Vampire" *) or Dracula, and indeed ancient, Metyuzely (the Methuselahs) and Antediluviane, hunting at night thousands of years, often possess literally divine power.

Thus, the most fundamental difference between humans and vampires lies in their methods of sustaining life. Vampires can not survive on the food of mortals, they have to maintain his immortal life through the use of blood - fresh human blood.

Vampires exercise power in different ways. Some cultivate "herds" of mortals, is immersed in the ecstasy of the vampire kiss. Some sneak into the house at night, feasting on the sleeping people. Some hunt merrymaking mortals - night clubs, bars and theaters - enticing mortals into the restricted communication and giving their predatory acts of passion. And others feed the most ancient way - chasing, attacking and immobilizing (or even killing) mortals who go too far on a lonely nocturnal alleys.

Night of the Vampire world.

Vampires also appreciate the power for its own sake and safety, it gives - and vampires are ridiculously easy to get the creature comforts, wealth and influence. Hypnotic eyes and a few words to give insidious vampire access to all the wealth, power and servants, which soon as he wants. Some powerful vampires are capable of post-hypnotic orders to leave in the minds of mortals, and then make you forget about the presence of a vampire. Thus, vampires can get legions of unwitting slaves. A lot of "servants of the people" and financial barons secretly answer to vampire masters.

Although there are exceptions, vampires prefer to stay close to the city. The city offers countless opportunities for predation, liaisons - and open area often means danger to the vampires. Nature - House lupine, werewolf, vampire sworn enemies who want nothing less than to destroy vampires at all.

Releasing (The Embrace).

Vamps are created in a process called release. It looks like a normal "meal" Vampire - vampire blood deprives their chosen victim. However, along with the full ekssangvinatsiey (deprivation of blood), the vampire returns a drop of his blood emaciated immortal mortal. Only a small sip - a drop or two - enough to turn a mortal into undead. This process can be done even in the dead man unless the body is still warm.

When the blood is returned to the mortal "awakens" and begins to drink the blood itself. But, though animate, the mortal is still dead - he was not breathing, the heart is not beating. In the next week or two, a mortal body undergoes minor changes; he learns to use the blood in his body, he taught special abilities of his clan. Now he is - a vampire.

Some clans are released under more stringent conditions than the other, but the Embrace is almost never easy. In the end, the new vampire -Ability rival in the struggle for food and power. Potential "scionĀ» (childe) is often observed weeks or even years of careful lord, meticulously checking whether the death would be a really good addition clan and family.

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