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Tragedy submarines

Tragedy submarines
In the first half of this century diving submarine it was quite risky. Before the war, in 1939, they lost each year mainly for oversight or design flaws, and even eliminating those that went to the bottom is clearly due to the hostilities in the Second World War, at the same time they disappeared more than a hundred. Over the past fifty years, however, technology advanced far ahead, and as a result since 1945 sank two dozen submarines. This is - good news. Now the bad: some of these disappearances seem to have been connected with the powers beyond the comprehension of human - alien forces, hiding deep in the ocean.

1968 gives us three of the most clear example of this series. Loss of water in December 1959, the American submarine "Scorpion" was a 3000-ton leviathan depth, equipped with nuclear engine. The pride of the US Navy, her blameless his service vehicle and was considered one of the safest in the entire Navy. In February of 1967, after eight years of work, "Scorpio" slightly patched on. Norfolk shipyard, and after successful completion of a number of post-repair inspections sent into the Mediterranean group of the US flag in March 1968

She served faithfully until May, while together with the whole crew of ninety-nine on the way back to Norfolk suddenly disappeared. The route was simple and ordinary, and the twenty-fifth of May, while in the two hundred and fifty miles from the Azores, "Scorpio" passed the standard motion signals - and it turned out that that was the last contact with the submarine. In the following days, all attempts to establish radio contact with the submarine failed.

At first we thought that the whole point of some technical problems, no one believed that there was a misfortune, but as time went on, and the "Scorpion" and did not appear on the surface. It is not officially announced who appeared in the port of destination on time and began an intensive search. Passed a few weeks, the traces of the submarine was not found. The ship was classified as lost, and the end of June from the wanted indentation.

After the official announcement of the loss of the ship among American newsmen strayed rumors of being in the hands of the Navy magnitoplenkah, which recorded radiorazgovory with "Scorpio", and of them allegedly appears that shortly before his disappearance submarine pursued some unusual purpose, move at a speed that exceeds any ship earth production. The Navy declined to comment on these rumors, and at the same time maintained rumors about the possible participation of Russian in the whole tragedy. When, in August 1966, a search vessel "Mizar" announced that they had been photographed and identified the crumpled skeleton of "Scorpio", is lying on a shelf at a depth of 10 000 feet, four hundred miles west of the Azores, the Navy declined to comment, and it is even indicate whether it was previously known about the place of death of the ship.

Press Excitement grew when on the court, followed the investigation, some of the materials were kept secret and never revealed, clearly indicating the undesirability of public participation in the matter for the Pentagon. At the end of the hearing that no final decision has not been made, although the Navy is quite satisfied with the conclusion that the death was followed by the ship as a result of a tragic combination of human gaffes and mechanical malfunctions. All assumptions about the interference of aliens in this tragedy, and the reasoning of the unusual object, which was mentioned in the last report from the submarine, carefully suppressed.

Whether last voyage "Scorpio" only in the register of the oddities of 1968, it still remained quite remarkable for the history. But in reality, the American submarine was only the third under the account of the lost under almost identical circumstances - the other two disappeared at intervals of two days at the beginning of the same year.

On the morning of the twenty-sixth of January, the Israeli submarine "Dakar" with a crew of sixty-five sailors contacted homeport and its destination - Haifa, reporting that the moving schedule and arrive on time. The ship has only recently gone through a successful repair and re-equipment of the English Don Portsmouth and now returned to Israel through the Mediterranean. As it turned out, "Dakkar" never came back and it was the optimistic message of his latest news. The search for the participation of thirty ships and a dozen aircraft from five countries yielded nothing, and marine Israeli court could not give an opinion on the reasons loss of the vessel.

However, at midnight twenty-sixth of January on a fishing boat with the Greek part of Cyprus, hunted forty miles to the north-east from the last position "Dakkar" saw a large glowing oval object, silently slid under the nose to starboard. It is exactly what it was not an ordinary submarine or some huge marine animal, and fishermen to learn about the fate of the Israeli submarines came to the conclusion that they had seen something to do with her disappearance.

Disappearance "Dakkar" with the whole team was only the first part of a double tragedy that seems perfect nonsense, if you do not take into account the version of the involvement of aliens. At almost the same time in the same Mediterranean Sea, 1,000 miles to the west, disappeared during military exercises French submarine "Minerva".

The ship was at a depth of forty feet, when the twenty-seventh of January radioed French aircraft circling over the place of exercise, it is going to dive, to find out what this strange object, announced on radar, apparently pursuing a submarine for several minutes . At the depth of the submarine broke off suddenly in the one hundred and ninety feet. Together with a crew of fifty-nine people, it has been recognized as lost, presumably - sunken in the place where the depth reaches eight thousand feet. About the strange object was said even less.

The loss of two submarines without clear reasons and for a period of forty-eight hours - such a coincidence is beyond probability. There must be a connection between these two misfortunes, and the disappearance of the American "Scorpio", and this idea firmly lodged in the minds of many people sailor fraternity. Taking into account all the circumstances of the case, the idea of ​​the context, it is quite logical - the only problem is that then have to be recognized and something very unpleasant: the intervention of unknown forces, the existence of which, at least officially, is still not recognized by any government in the world.

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