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Teleportation - instant transfer of material objects from one point to another with no apparent use or participation of physical force. The belief that such a thing is possible and really exists in nature, has long been considered to be the lot of all sorts of mystics, and science until recently ignored the idea. In recent years, about teleportation began to talk in a low voice, and in the scientific world, especially in the environment of nuclear physicists, and then only in connection with the infinitely small particle-Mi matter, which can be regarded as intangible and therefore is not a barrier for immediate movement as Well ^ microscopic scale .;

There is also evidence of large-scale instant re, displaced, occurring both in nature and in the laboratory from the old Spanish sources that the October 25, 1593 t the Spanish city of Mexico suddenly appeared soldier whose regiment, as it turned out, was stationed in the Philippines, nine thousand miles from the Mexican soldier was captured and put on trial of the Inquisition. At trial, he showed that in the few easy moments before his appearance in Mexico City he was carrying guard duty at the palace of the governor of the Philippines in Manila, which in his eyes had just been assassinated. As he appeared in Mexico City, the soldiers had no idea a few months, people who arrived on the ship from the Philippines, confirmed the news of the death of governors-J torus and other details of the soldier story.

Medieval sources are preserved and a strange story about St. Mary of Agreda. Between 1620 and 1631 years, this nun, "physically" never left his monastery, nevertheless via teleportation has made more than five hundred journeys to America, where he was able to draw even in Christianity Yuma Indians in New Mexico. In 1622, the father Alonsode Benavides, in a letter to Pope Urban VIII asked to explain who he had to pay Yuma Indians in the Christian faith. Indians themselves have declared that the transition to Christianity, they must "woman in blue" - a European nun, leaving them with crosses, rosaries and chalice, which they enjoyed when served Mass. It was later determined that this chalice belonged to the convent in Agreda. Later, in 1630, de Benavides visited Mary in a monastery in Agreda and questioned her in detail about the visits to the Indians Yuma. Stories of Mary is fully in line with the fact that the missionary saw the Indians. Maria even was able to describe in detail the customs and dress of Indians. Commenting on "The Life of the Venerable Mary of Agreda," researcher James Carrico concludes: "The fact that Sister Maria did repeatedly visited America, supporting documents of the Spanish conquistadors, French researchers and absolutely identical stories of various Indian tribes who live at a distance of many thousands of miles from each other. " At any fundamental book on the history of the south-western part of the United States can be found mention of this unprecedented phenomenon.

It is not always contemporary events, such as those described above, we perceive them as a miracle given above. Even in antiquity, many laughed at the legends of the ultrafast movement of persons and objects, and in the Middle Ages, the church urged not to believe tales abnormal men and women that are in the flesh, worn in the air. "Episcopal canon» X century, explained the origins of such beliefs: "With whom, of course, does not happen that night dreams he seemed to leave himself, and who had never seen in a dream what they do not ever have to see the reality. But who can be so stupid, and stupidity, all like, what happens to the spirit, and to refer to the corporeal existence? "

But it turns out, there is every reason to believe that the teleportation exists in the animal kingdom and is an integral part of life in the North American ants atta.

Uterine atta - a giant females who only eat and reproduce. While still small, they fly away from his home ant-city, copulate, descend to the ground, dig in it and founded a new city ant. The uterus produces light worker ants, and they begin to take care of her, and she, meanwhile, grows to monstrous proportions and increases productivity ^ tivity his "egg conveyor."

To protect the uterus worker ants construct "concrete" camera, so strong that it can destroy only with a crowbar. The chamber completely surrounds the uterus, and only in the lowermost part of a number of small holes for entry and exit podnoschikov food "midwives" who take care of the eggs, egg chute and channel for output of excrement. This camera can reach a value of coconut.

If you get to the camera and carefully cut its lateral portion, it is possible to observe the whole process of formic uterine activity. If several minutes to close the chamber, and then open it again, uterine ... would not. But it will be in exactly the same chamber a few meters from the first '

Repeatedly we put the same experiment, formic uterus labeled paint from a spray chamber and closed the uterus disappeared. A new cell detected at a great distance, found the same marked the uterus. It felt great, eating and laying eggs.

It is impossible to imagine that ants atta short - no more than an hour, even a few hours (until the experimenters are searching second chamber), - the time time to dig a tunnel a few tens of meters long, to build a new "concrete chamber" and drag to the uterus. According to well-known researcher of wildlife mysteries Ivan Sanderson, experimental results show that the atta created a teleportation system the most important members of their community, which responds in an emergency.

Riddle ants atta has not yet received a satisfactory explanation. Currently there are no any admissible evidence teleportation phenomenon and no one has yet proved that the teleportation experiments can reproduce - and this is the basis of the scientific evidence of any phenomenon. However, if the existence of teleportation was possible to prove, it would turned human civilization to its very foundations. But it is the life of humanity would be so changed that probably would have had to restrict multi- plied-portation.

Meanwhile, all the known laws of physics, they reject the possibility of teleportation, as it requires instant cost too much energy. But science is science, and with a fascinating idea of ​​its supporters do not want to leave, and the adherents of teleportation, openly speaking against the laws of physics, trying to find some heavy duty power source that allows to develop sverhskorost. However, one of these sources pointed out Nikolai Gogol in his "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" - remember, on whom the blacksmith Vakula teleported to St. Petersburg.

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