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Telepathy - the most common parapsychological phenomenon It has repeatedly been tested almost every one of us. The most striking example - telepathic connection between mother and child: a normal, loving mother of their child immediately feels the danger to the child at any distance. Equally obvious telepathic connection between loving people who feel the slightest nuances of the state of mind of each other.

almost not used for telepathic communication logical origin of the human mind - working mainly intuition This manifests full customization to each other participants in this regard. However, to put a telepathic experiment in rigorous scientific framework is very difficult on this basis, skeptics argue that there is no telepathy does not exist, but no one has any doubts about the correctness of the statement of such experiments.

In 1969, an international symposium was held on the theme "The modern view of extrasensory perception," It was a report on the success of the international experiment on telepathic transmission between the cities of Los Angeles University of California - New York (United States) - Sussex (UK). The experimental results objectively and clearly recorded by the particular choice of the reference image

In 1971, the US press reported four telepathic sessions held between the spacecraft "Apollo-14" and the Earth during a lunar mission "Apollo". Astronaut Mitchell came on telepathic communication during the launch of the ship from Earth orbit to the Moon. Back on Earth, an astronaut learned that two hundred of them transmitted images to Earth from the deck so-called "Zener cards" coincided fifty-one. The probability of such a random match negligible -0.0003.

In addition to these, all over the world a variety of experiments to establish telepathic communications were delivered in situations where other communication channels were unavailable or undesirable. As a result, the fundamental possibility of telepathic communication has been experimentally proved. This was clearly confirmed that such a link exists outside the sphere of influence of all known fields -.. Electromagnetic, gravitational, etc. Today, in the US and some European countries, work is continuing on the creation of devices for telepathic transmission of information.

During experiments on telepathic communication along the way has been established that a bioinformation contact between humans and plants. We collected a lot of evidence to support the unity of all the amazing wildlife. The research results indicate that the essential point communication plants and humans, plants and plants and so on. P. Information is addressed to a particular object. The bearer of this information may be structured course of action, for example, of the plants with which people interact. But the results of experiments with two plants can not be explained by the influence of factors related to the person. This significantly increases the plausibility of the hypothesis of the existence of certain biophysical structures psychological image that can exist independently outside the body gave birth to them. Thereby the plant is a biological sensor capable of detecting, under certain conditions, such structure objectively. According to the well-known parapsychologist Martynov, similar experiments inadvertently suggest, the existence of a very advanced civilization of plants, used to communicate telepathically. Probably, in the plant world it exists as an intraspecific and interspecific communication - for example, one plant trouble felt by all plants on a large area.

In principle, nothing complicated in the phenomenon of telepathy is not - any of us could work out there and try to "hear" the other person. And this does not need any special device on which pore scientists in the laboratories of the Pentagon - just need to "turn on" intuition and tune in to your neighbor. But remember the beginning of this chapter - what could be better "setting", they do not love?

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