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"Talking crosses" Maya

In the days of the conquistadors planted Spanish friars noted with surprise in the New World, that the symbol of the cross was known Mayan still in the I millennium BC a cross as an object of worship and now can be seen in the ancient Indian temples of Palenque is why the Indians willingly included Christian Cross in their religious symbols

With the Indian cult of the cross linked the fate of Quintana Roo - one of the most remote areas of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, home to the descendants of the ancient Maya people

White repeatedly tried to enter the jungle of Quintana Roo, most often in the first half of the XIX century newcomers brought with them all the "charms of civilization" Then, in 1847, in the village of Chan suddenly spoke cross, carved from the trunk of a huge tree's voice coming from the cross, commanded, "Rise to the great holy war against the whites' Banish them from the borders of the coast of Quintana Roo joined his brothers in the Yucatan and carry the war to the Cross will accompany you"

The voice of the cross shook Indians. Chan came in the whole population of Quintana Roo, and knelt before the cross Then the voice came again.

Obeying the call of the Cross, Mayan attacked whites, and the revolt spread throughout the Yucatan. "Talking Cross" from Chan always intervened in the fate of the Maya. He prophesied, predicted, advise, giving orders, but by one of his decrees of the sanctuary of the Cross has been arranged in a vat. Soon Chan appeared two more speakers of the cross. The former village became a city of Chan Santa Cruz.

The most amazing thing - the crosses did say! Hide inside them and behind them the man is simply impossible, and the tape at the time, of course, was not. Inexplicable emergence of "talking cross" consists in the fact that this phenomenon generally lies outside the cultural traditions of the Maya. No folklore or religion of the people, as, indeed, and its neighbors, does not know anything like that.

As a result of the "War Cross" Indian territory became de facto independent state. The Government of Mexico has repeatedly tried to return these lands under his control. In 1899, the Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz sent a punitive expedition, which captured the holy city of the Maya, but the Indians claimed crosses deep into the jungle. The outbreak of civil war in Mexico has distracted attention from the Yucatan, and in 1915, the Indians returned to his capital. Here again I heard the voice of the crosses they commanded to kill every white, set foot on the land of Quintana Roo.

Only in 1935 the government decided to make peace with the Indians. Their leader was officially promoted to general, he was awarded the Order and appointed governor of the free Indian territory. His successors are elected freely by the Indians to this day, as the central government does not interfere in their lives. Maya believed that a peace treaty in 1935 brought them victory over Mexico and all over the world white.

And what crosses speaking? They migrated to the new capital of the Maya - Chumpon and are in the sanctuary. Cult speaking crosses is the official religion of the free Indian territory. But their voices were not heard for a long time ...

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