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The stones of Ica

The stones of Ica
Imagine Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon, and other members of their team, located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and the first time in 3300 years penetrating the tomb of Tutankhamun, - and you're only partly understand the surprise Robert Sharru, French writer and researcher of anomalous phenomena ... A miracle happened when they were in Peru, somewhere between the Pacific ocean and the Andes.

They entered the cave filled with treasures of Ali Baba, but the treasure far more ancient than the chariots, sarcophagi, amulets and mummies of the New Kingdom, and a wealth of information!

When Leon Perikar and Stefan Lvoff opened "Prehistoric library" Caves de la Marche in Lussac-les-Châteaux (France, Vienne department), they must have felt the ineffable intoxication, which brings with it a desire to walk on water, fly through the air, walk through walls ...

It is this sense possessed by members of the expedition Sharru when in front of them opened an immense vault of stone "books", which sought Dr. Javier Cabrera Darkea and carefully gathered in a museum in the city of Ica, Peru.

They were the first people from the Old World, which opened in front of these thousands of stones with drawings engraved 10, 50 or 100 thousand years ago, and, according to Dr. Cabrera, even 60 million years BC!

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