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Stone colossi of Egypt

Stone colossi of Egypt
In Egypt, near Cairo, is the biggest colossus in the world. It is built of two and a half million stone blocks and weighs about seven million tons. This miracle is a pyramid tomb of Pharaoh Cheops. So, at least, according to archeology ...

The architect who designed it was an excellent mathematician, astronomer and geologist. Pyramid exhibited them precisely to the cardinal. Were the mathematical knowledge of the ancient architect of the empirical, or the ancient Egyptians had them long before Archimedes and Pythagoras?

Secrets of the Pyramid of Cheops (supporters of the hypothesis that it is built in doegipetsky period, prefer to call it the Great Pyramid) intrigued mankind for centuries sets. Why the pyramid was built? As the tomb? But it does not find any of the mummy of Pharaoh, no inscriptions praising his reign, or describing his life, such as those that adorn the walls of other tombs. Nowhere do not find even a trace of inscriptions: the walls of corridors and chambers inside the pyramids are smoothly polished. This gave rise to the hypothesis that the pyramid never played the role of the tomb. Many researchers are looking for evidence of this assumption.

It is also strange that, among the extensive written legacy of ancient Egypt has been found texts telling us about when and how to build the pyramid. The historians of the ancient world only recounted what they had heard from others. No one then could not tell you who built it.

Egyptian priests in the V century BC. e. ancient Greek historian Herodotus reported that the pyramid built the pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), "Cheops, as they say, rules and fifty years, and on his death the throne occupied by his brother Chephren. He also erected a pyramid ... It is twelve meters below, Th, Brother, but also grandiose. Heffron rules 56 years. He was succeeded Mycerinus, son of Cheops ... This man left the pyramid is much less than that of the father. "

These first written evidence of Herodotus - in essence, everything that we know about the early history of the pyramids. There is no reason to challenge them, though "piramidoidioty" who want to "wear out" the pyramids and attributed their construction "aliens from outer space", "Atlas" or some other "antediluvian" civilization, in every way trying to prove that the "orthodox" in their view, Egyptology "simplifies the mysterious." But why force an open door? And then, because the same fans mysterious unconditionally accept on faith the words of the ancient Egyptian priests of the existence of Atlantis. Why is evidence of the same priests that the pyramid of Cheops, built Khufu, cause them irritation?

The technology of building the pyramids detailed description of Herodotus. Long-term studies have confirmed the accuracy of his words. Today, most Egyptologists agree that the Great Pyramid was built in 2644-2200 years BC. e. According to another view, a thousand years older than the pyramid. Initially, the builders needed to clear the Giza plateau of sand and stones to the soil, and then smooth the surface. On the cleared soil rectangular white limestone slabs were laid, which became the foundation on which the laying of the first row facing stones was made. Then it required to strengthen on the basis of large angular blocks to form square corners for laying layers of tiles. Archaeologists have easily found that most of the limestone blocks were delivered to Mokattamskih hills on the banks of the Nile, although some units can be taken directly from the hills of Giza. In separate plates preserved hieroglyphics inflicted with red ocher - name teams masons: "A strong team", "Boat team."

And what is inside the pyramid? Attempts were made to penetrate the mystery over the centuries sets. In the IX century ruler Kaira Caliph Al-Ma'mun ordered to break through the passage in the northern face of the pyramid, and, by happy coincidence, his work immediately ran into one of the internal corridors. They managed to reach the burial chamber of the pharaoh, where they found an empty granite sarcophagus without a lid ...

The same picture I saw an Italian archaeologist Giovanni Belzoni, who opened in 1818 the chamber in the pyramid of Chephren (Khafre). He saw the empty sarcophagus of polished granite. His cover was lying nearby, broken in half.

In the 30 years of the XIX century, British Colonel Howard Vyse interested mysteries of the pyramids, went to Egypt and joined a group of archaeologists who studied the Great Pyramid, which was led by the Italian Giovanni Kavidzho. After some time, the colonel has made for himself from the authorities a license to excavate, expelled from the territory of the Italian excavations. After several months of works, paving its way gunpowder explosions, Colonel discovered as yet unknown premises of the burial chamber of the pharaoh, which was found previously. On the walls of the premises with red paint was inscribed the name of the Pharaoh Cheops ...

Sensational news immediately spread around the world, and Colonel Vyse deserved recognition and fame. Over time, however, it was discovered the deception. Egyptologist Samuel Birsa, a connoisseur of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in the mark of the name of Cheops signs that in the days of the Pharaoh did not exist in Egyptian writing. A specialist in ancient languages ​​Zecharia Sitchin found that Colonel simply wrote the name of Cheops himself, using published in 1828 the work on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

But Weiss made another discovery. In 1837 he opened the burial chamber in the third pyramid, the pyramid of Pharaoh Menkaure (Mycerinus). The painting was already familiar - empty sarcophagus, a wooden cover foba in the form of a human figure and ... nothing.

Egyptologists believe that the pyramid burial chambers were opened and ruined by robbers around 2000 BC. e. But there is another view - that the real burial chamber is still hidden in the interior of the pyramids and sarcophagi found - a ploy to divert potential robbers from Pharaonic treasures. About the same, that the unexplored voids in the pyramids exist, there is a lot of data. Back in 1907 godu Louis McCarthy assumed that the pyramid has at least three chambers, one of which is twice the burial. McCarthy also supported the theory that if somewhere in the north-east corner of the pyramid lies an underground tunnel leading to the Sphinx.

That the mummy of Cheops actually buried under the pyramid, said Herodotus, the ancient Egyptian priests. "Water flowing on the artificial channel, forms the island, which is said to be buried Cheops" - Herodotus. This evidence has always been questioned by Egyptologists - what water can be in the desert? There is, however, the hypothesis that once the artificial channel has joined the underground lake beneath the pyramid with the former bed of the Nile. intake system is located in a small pyramid, once stood to the north-east of the pyramid of Cheops. Its ruins can still be seen today. And Pharaoh mummy still rests below the top of the pyramid, below the plateau on the island in the middle of an artificial lake - as wrote Herodotus.

Recent studies show that in the pyramid itself, under it and around it there are indeed numerous voids. The first mysterious chamber deep in the pyramid discovered in 1986 by two Frenchmen. A year later, a group of Japanese professionals, equipped with the latest technology, learning pyramid, received information about the existence in it of a whole system of labyrinths and premises. On the basis of these studies, two years later the camera was actually discovered, hidden in the rock slab beneath the pyramid.

In 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gentenbrink designed a robot to study the voids in the pyramid, equipped with a video camera and a laser. The robot was the ancient Egyptian name Wepwawet - "open the door". This 37-inch self-propelled was taken to a narrow manhole, departing into the pyramid. Overcoming the 60-meter line, the robot came across a stone door. The laser beam disappeared into the cracks under the doors, not reflected - so the opposite surface he reached for the door and is fairly large room.

Underground facilities are found and at the foot of the pyramid of Cheops, in the immediate vicinity. Some of them are opened at different times. In one of the underground structures in 1954, archaeologists found the oldest ship in the world - a wooden boat having an age of 5000 years. The camera, which was the ship was completely intact, and numerous inscriptions found in it, testified that the boat belongs to Pharaoh Cheops. However, a clear link with the Cheops pyramid is supported by other archaeological data.

Apart from the fact that the pyramids are still not fully understood, and promise, perhaps the most unexpected discovery, the mystery of the pyramids are part of the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which we are so many, and, alas, still know little. And there is no need to intrigue the imagination of those conjectures what the pyramids and standing next to them another stone colossus - Sphinx - are trying to surround the adherents of "secret knowledge."

... In 1945, the so-called "sleeping clairvoyant" Edgar Cayce, who is half-asleep state suddenly something rolled and he began to prophesy, once he said that "sees" under the right paw of the Sphinx hidden camera - the so-called "record room", in which houses made of "Atlanta", all written history of mankind "from the beginning" before the construction of the Great pyramid, and perhaps, to a later time (up to what it is, a clairvoyant could not see, as his "third eye", probably fogged or tears ).

Was healthy Casey? However, this long-standing matter. But his "prophecies" have aroused enthusiastic "secret knowledge" of the public thirst in whatever was to find the coveted Hall. And looking for the mastering ... so-called "secret knowledge of Atlantis' occultists concerned since the days of Madame Blavatsky, who claimed that the Sphinx and the pyramids of twenty thousand years, and they are built by aliens from the stars. "Seer" Casey century sphinx slowed a little, declaring that it is built in 10,500 BC the Atlanteans. "Steeper" all looks the hypothesis that the Sphinx delivered to Earth from outer space ...

"The true mystery of the Sphinx is why there has heaped so much nonsense? - Says the London newspaper columnist "On server" Thin Void. - From the books devoted to him, it is already possible to lay down a new pyramid. And who are now complaining that the younger generation prefers computers good literature? The most stupid computer ifa better read this pseudo-scientific nonsense. And fewer poisons the brains! "

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