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Soaring in the sky

Soaring in the sky
Gently lift off the ground and soar into the air ... Many people have experienced this state in dreams. And some - and in reality. The phenomenon of levitation - flying in the air without any tools for this - relates to one of the great mysteries that lie in the field of the paranormal.

It is known, for example, that St. Teresa of Avila in prayer more than once felt as a mysterious force is a huge heave it into the air. She even asked the sisters, so they kept her in such moments. Levitation Teresa of Avila recognized miracle confirming its holiness. How to tell the chronicle, levitated and Franciscan monk, St Joseph of Copertino. One day, during the ecstatic prayer, Joseph suddenly soared into the air and flew to the altar. Then this miracle was repeated several times, and his witness was even the Pope.

Similar cases have occurred not only with Catholic saints. The ancient Sanskrit texts suggest that during certain meditation exercises can ensure that the human body will soar above the earth. This ability had some llamas. However, the prerequisite for this is an ecstatic state.

... In the XIX century, the fate of "educated" the public there was a great interest in the occult, spiritualism, magic, and other exciting tricks. From St. Petersburg to Boston enthusiasts in touch with the other world, sitting in the half-light, wheeled tables and summoned spirits. The central figures of these séances were mediums, persons with whom one way or another talking spirits. One of the most famous mediums of the time was considered Daniel Douglas Home. Born in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, from an early age he lived in the United States. Multilateral psychic ability, in particular, include the ability to levitate and the ability to force "magnetic force" levitate objects.

In January 1863, in the presence of Emperor Napoleon III of France and several other high-ranking spiritualists, Home flew by almost two meters. Lord Hardy, who was present on the set of Houma sessions, left a detailed, very accurate description of them, which, in particular, leads to the ascension of cases air tables and chairs such heavy that one person was not even able to move them.

Known in the past century physicist William Krukers personally seen levitation Daniel Houma and cause them to levitate objects. Krukers shows once Home soared to the ceiling, and present unsuccessfully tried to pull his legs to the floor.

According to all witnesses, Home levitated, is always in a vertical position. Unlike other mediums, the sessions of which were extinguished at the light, in twilight or darkness, Daniel Home liked to speak in full light. He claimed that he had nothing to hide. Repeatedly attempted to expose him, find some tools with which he allegedly fooling around. But no one, however, did not succeed.

Exemption from the body of Earth's gravity forces it seems most of us something fantastic. But "Levitation is not a miracle," - think modern researchers of paranormal phenomena. Some people manage to cause forces that can overcome or neutralize the force of Earth's gravity, and then the human body is free to float in the air, just as it happens with the astronauts who are in a state of weightlessness.

Can I learn to levitate? American Helen Masdell, Center Head of personality development in Alvarado, Texas, says that it is possible. She even developed its own training system, the purpose of which is the physical preparation of the body to levitate. A significant place in this system is held daily jumping from a high jumping in the water. At the same time, straining all his will, had to over and over again as much as possible to keep the body in the air. But, despite all the efforts, Helen Masdell, training on this system for a long time could not even get a short-term levitation. Hope had given her a chance meeting. During one of the lectures she was approached by an elderly gentleman and spoke on the topic of levitation. "You have the wrong approach to the problem, - he said. - You are trying to carry out a purely mechanical way. And you especially do not have enough faith in the fact that it is generally possible to implement. " Mysterious man told how he manages to levitate while walking in deserted places, which he specifically elect not to scare people. There he sometimes rises into the air and fly over the treetops. According to him, the best thing he manages to control the flight in a pose standing with outstretched arms, as in this case the best way provided the necessary balance, uniform distribution of body weight.

A few months later, one Sunday, Helen went to church and suddenly felt her legs ... do not touch the ground! She looked down and saw that rose above the ground for a few tens of centimeters. At first she felt nothing but fear and fright tried to grab hold of something. But nearby, as luck, it found nothing - no tree, no bush, no peg. And there was no one who could ask for help. Helen softly swaying in the air, and the path on which she had just walked slowly removed from her ... Then Helen remembered the words of the mysterious old gentleman, stretched out his arms and balancing the body, he moved forward in the direction of the church. When they first got to the tower, she grabbed it and slid down to the ground. A strange feeling weightless body was gone and never came back ... ever

After Helen Masdell school in the United States appeared several "levitation schools", where mastering both physical and mental training - through meditation and yoga. But some comforting news about the progress achieved in these schools yet.

One of paranormal phenomena is psychokinesis - the impact of humans on objects at a distance. In this case the objects change their position, structure or form. Levitation, as researchers believe, is a special case of psychokinesis. But in the end, no matter how to classify it, - it is important to scientifically prove the existence of this phenomenon. Soviet researchers E. Naumov and A. Mi-halchuk experimented with a man who has powerful psycho-kinetic abilities. In the laboratory, he was able to demonstrate levitation of objects. The experiment began with inner concentration - mobilizing, as explained by a psychic. It lasted about ten minutes. At the same time the object of study could feel his palms gradually "grow", increasing in size, and between them is produced something which he called "the invisible air bag." "Pillow" tyazhelel, becoming more solid, and you can move on to the next part of the experiment. Between the palms psychic put light objects made of wood or plastic. At the same time he felt further "increase" their hands. The louder the noise the ears, and it seemed that reality somewhere floating away from him ... And when, being in such a state, psychic sharply lowered his hands, the subject continued to hang in the air a few tens of seconds.

Doctors who examined psychic after the session, he noted a large energy loss and lack of energy, similar to those observed after strenuous exercise. External symptoms was also similar: hand tremors, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath. The man suddenly felt hungry and the approaches drowsiness.

Dr. August Stern, the former Soviet physicist who emigrated to the West, says that during his stay in the USSR worked in a secret laboratory in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, where he studied the paranormal, including autolevitatsii. Produced by NBC C Newman Alan Stern persuaded to take part in the experiments, repeating those he carried in Akademgorodok. For these purposes, the room was reproduced in which the experiments were conducted, - its walls were made of mirrors that reflect the inner space of the room into infinity, and the floor is carpeted inflatable rubber mattress, also made of reflective material. The mattress was riddled with sensors that recorded changes in pressure forces.

Experiment directed by John Husted, Professor of Experimental Physics, University of London. Stern went on a mattress, and video cameras filmed it from different angles. But, alas, he was not able to fly. The only thing that registered sensors - short-term decrease in the pressure of 1 kg. This would be possible if Stern up on his elbows and feet, but the video camera recorded that he lay motionless. Obviously, the instrument noted the appearance of anti-gravitational force, but so weak that she could not raise Stern's body into the air.

Professor John. Husted continued experiments in the mirror room, this time with two British-psihokinetikami mediums. He repeatedly managed to secure short-term sudden decrease on 2 kg of weight lying motionless human body.

So, physics experiment, the students' schools of levitation "Shiga jumping ... Why? To prove that there is a levitation? To learn how to fly? But the mysticism of the East felt levitation only by-product of the high development of the spirit, and not an end in itself ...

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