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Secrets of the moon

Secrets of the moon
Moon - the only celestial body of the solar system, to which the man has gone before The satellite of our planet is under constant "sight" of telescopes, it is studied from Earth and from space, but, according to scientists, our knowledge of the moon for the last forty years have increased slightly and number of mysteries surrounding this planet, it does not decrease, but rather increases

After graduating from the American program "Apollo" to the Moon began to slowly forget - astronautics rushed into other areas of the same time "left to itself" Moon increasingly throws scientists unsolvable riddles greatest confusion caused event running in January 1994, the automatic probe "Clementine" - joint brainchild of NASA and now happily deceased military SDI program ( "strategic defense initiative"), known more as a program of "star wars" The purpose of the probe's mission was to test advanced technological developments, in particular - the new extra sensitive instrumentation "Clementine" photographed the lunar surface from a height 400 kilometers, and then moved in the direction of the asteroid 1620 Geographos a probe sent to Earth photographs caused a storm of surprise in the scientific community at the bottom of several craters in the southern hemisphere of the moon, probably is frozen water '

It was a sensation - because the Moon has traditionally been considered a dead body conditions of the moon, seemed to completely exclude the possibility of ice formation The fact that the lunar night 28 times longer than the Earth

During this period, the entire surface of our satellite during the lunar day is illuminated by the Sun, the atmosphere on the Moon is not present and the surface temperature can reach 122 degrees Celsius. Whence are formed ice! However, photographs taken "Clementine" indicate that the ice can be stored in places which do not reach the sun's rays, for example, on the bottom of some deep craters. In the southern hemisphere of the moon is a huge crater 2,500 km and a depth of 12 kilometers, with the bottom of this huge pool dotted with smaller recesses. Here in these pits were found traces of what scientists are inclined to believe the ice ...

But where did the water on the Moon? It was felt that she could go to the moon, along with meteorites, over billions of years of bombarding the surface of the Earth's satellite. Part of ice long ago evaporated, and the other could have conserved at the bottom of craters.

But the hypothetical water on the moon - this is just one of the mysteries of this planet. NASA researchers have formulated five major mysteries of the moon over the clue which will operate the science in the coming years: As the moon became a satellite of the Earth? What is the history of the Moon? When and how the moon appeared craters? What is the history of the atmosphere of the moon? What are the mysteries of the solar system are related to the moon?

As you can see, these secrets are mainly associated with the past of the Moon. And what can we say about the future of the Earth's satellite?

... People, houses, trees, whole rock as if torn from its place unusually strong storm, falling, crumbling, scattered in the dust, sweeping away everything in its path. Although the planet itself has survived, in a few moments on it there was not a single living being, which millions of years before carefully nurtured nature ...

Before this global cataclysm, no one can resist, no matter whatever the technical means of protection, he did not use. In the face of disaster even eclipsed the horrors described in the Apocalypse, and each day brings to her earthlings. And the threat comes from the ... Moon, the satellite of our planet.

Influence of the moon on human life have studied the traditional and non-traditional science. Moon we used to take a natural satellite of the Earth, in fact, has no relation to our destinies. This is a small, desolate planet whose surface is furrowed craters, and which passively spinning around the earth, in obedience to the law of attraction. Than it can threaten us?

Luna removed from the earth at a distance of 384 thousand kilometers in diameter and has a 3476 km, which is four times smaller than the diameter of the Earth. But not only the earth attracts the moon, but the moon, according to all the laws of physics, draws the earth. It turns out that the moon circles around us, and we - around her, and both planets are connected inseparably. Even though the presence of the Moon is a prerequisite for keeping the Earth as part of the solar system, the price for this "service" - the inevitable killing all life on Earth that the planet-dwarf ever make. A murder weapon would be a ... a tiny force of attraction of the moon!

When the moon floats in the night sky above our heads, it attracts everything that gets in its gravitational field. And the most striking manifestation of this are the tides of the ocean. Moon attracts a huge mass of water, and then the tide. And when the moon, circling in orbit, moving away from the Earth and "releases" the ocean from its gravitational field, there comes a tide. And so on around the circle. But what seems to us a natural movement of water, is essentially a movement of the Earth. After all, when the Moon "holds" in his field heaved the ocean, the Earth continues to rotate on its axis, so water is not moving to the mainland and vice versa - the continents to the water. And each time, when the Moon "attracted to itself" our oceans. The earth rotates, have to overcome the force of friction "stand on end" on the surface of the water of the mountains. And with each such effort Earth loses speed turns around its axis, and never acquire the same speed ...

His pulse is received from the rotation of the Earth gravitational field space of four or five billion years ago, when the planets of the solar system had just formed from the wildly spinning clouds of hot gas and cosmic dust. Since that time, the Earth has greatly reduced the speed of rotation, which was acquired in the first phase of its development. And each energy loss is irreparable! Slowing down the Earth's rotation caused by the Moon, is 0.00164 seconds every day, and this inhibition lasted for several billion years. For our planet, slower and slower rotating around its axis, this inhibition begins to present more and more ufozu.

When 200 million years ago dinosaurs lived on the Earth, the Earth's year is 385 days - because of Earth's rotation around the sun while changing much more slowly - but the day was shorter and is 23 hours. But 400 million years ago, when the first plant just mastered the Earth's land, a year was 405 days, and a day lasted 21 hours and 30 minutes. And the older the Earth, the longer becomes day. Earth, Moon inhibited, more slowly revolves on its axis.

Today, every day is approaching that fateful hour, when our satellite is finally "clicks on the brake." To understand how it will look, recall his feelings when the driver is rushing to complete a crowded bus speed suddenly presses the brake pedal and all who have a bus tumbled into a heap ... Is that something or someone will be able to resist if the onslaught torn sudden braking from a place of mountains and oceans ...

The moon is traditionally occupies a central place in the esoteric. Some clairvoyants who, coming to the astral plane, it is possible to visit the moon, say that it is a short distance from the Moon to the Earth allows us to dream to see our dead loved ones. They also argue that this planet is very often "attacked" us in the days of the full moon, when the moon has the greatest power of attraction, and the moon vampirism is able to bring to the death of even the strongest body. Such incidents have occurred repeatedly. In most cases, the moon take their toll during sleep, in a time when all the protective functions of the body are reduced to a minimum. In the full moon frequent headaches and the phenomenon of sleepwalking. Therefore, during the full moon to avoid evening walks, and during sleep should be tightly closed curtains of the window, to the moonlight did not penetrate into the room. It is also recommended to put on such a night beside the bed some energy shield at least a glass of water.

Upon recommendation of the most esoteric teachings, the Moon is the next planet on which life develops, but not in the physical and spiritual (mental) form. The moon is only "preparing" for this role, it must concentrate in itself as much energy as possible. One of the main sources of this energy is the Earth and its place in the processes of life and death. When a person's life moon controls his deeds and actions. Inspirations of the Moon are largely motivated events in the world. Even under normal circumstances, we are not always able to break free from its influence. Inspirations Moon able to awaken in man the basest actions, prompting him to murder and theft, and at the same time can push a person to the heroic act, to force him to sacrifice himself for others. Even ordinary everyday activities largely take place under the influence of the moon.

"Well - you might say - but if a person commits acts under the influence of the moon, the he-man where? Where is the human person, where it is free will? "

A legitimate question. If a person is unable to develop a sufficient strength of mind, will, if he will dedicate his earthly life of spiritual self-improvement, it is possible to partially or completely freed from the power of the moon, and in this case, after death, he can avoid the infamous ordeal. If the soul of man is his entire earthly life subordinate passions, if a person lived, sailing down the river as a rake, then ...

At the time of death it leaves the physical body known energy substance, traditionally called the soul. This energy is attracted by the Moon, as a huge electromagnet. Souls who come to this planet, remain part of the knowledge and memories accumulated

years of physical life. And since, like it or not, these souls belonged to inhabitants of the earth, and burdened by earthly vices, which were biased in life on the moon, they are forced to enter into a long cycle is incomparably more than the earthly life, the development of their spiritual powers. This is a very difficult process, but if the soul had not dealt with during the life on earth, she will pass this way on the moon - in an increasingly complex environment. In this case the soul remains unchanged on the Moon in the form of being, from which there are no other options for the outcome (in the world based on the material life is called death), but to the path of spiritual development. This is purgatory - a quarantine form of being before long journeys across the expanses of the soul of the universe ...

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