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The same Amber room, and maybe it still is?

The same Amber room, and maybe it still is?
In February 1945, a good volley with coast Vistula Lagoon battery Major Roughly sent through the ice luge carts Germans taken prisoner, the driver told the Major that sunk sleigh was the Amber Room of the Russian palace in evidence the prisoner took the major to the castle, once owned by his grandson Wilhelm II of, and he showed walled door broken the clutch, the second descended the basement and found the crystal chandeliers prisoner claimed that the Amber room was here just recently chandeliers are not able to take away in a hurry, and boxes with amber panels could and that's how it turned out

Soon, Major Roughly been wounded, and then forgot the story much later, he read that it was before the war in Pushkin this Amber Room, which the Germans were taken to Konigsberg, and we are still looking, Konigsberg and the Vistula Lagoon - is the next Retired Major began to send letter "I - a man drown Amber room" Over "version Roughly" I grabbed Vasily Zakharchenko at that time the chief editor of the magazine "Technics - youth" organized them Soviet-Polish expedition probed Vistula Lagoon sonar nothing is found nothing at bottom Bay was davnym- long-plowed trawls

January 30, 1945 the first in the area of ​​the Gulf of Danzig submarine S-13, commanded by Alexander Marinesco torpedoed superliner "Wilhelm Gustloff" was a strategic error in the result of those 5 to 6 thousand Germans, drowned along with "Gustlova", there were dozens of crews prepared for the latest These submarines have not come from their bases in Hamburg and Kiel train new crews the Germans did not have enough time

"Gustloff" was considered extremely reliable vessel (who would have thought that Marinesko punched him just three torpedoes bort9) He went from Danzig with a strong guard, and gone forever has already begun an exodus of Germans from the Baltic states is no doubt, in addition to the military cargo "Gustloff" took out and values ​​Poles - witnesses download superliner - reminisced about some too light for its size, by weight boxes no metal or porcelain, but the pictures - it is possible or amber paneli9

In 1956, the Polish divers examined the "Gustloff" and immediately found that liner someone has been in the cabinet are holes with typical signs of a cutting torch Armored safe in the superstructure appeared showdown

Already today, the mystery clarified (or confused?), A former submariner, one of those who drowned at torpedoed "Gustlove '(ships of the convoy then rescued 998 people) After the war, humiliated by the defeat of the German Submariner looking for a case that could lift them own eyes and found lead from under the nose of the Polish and Russian values ​​with "Gustlova" on "Gustloff" eaten in secret from the allies means NSDAP was built unique for those years underwater equipment, and in 1950 gutted's where traces of gas cutting, struck the Polish divers' raised with liner values ​​submariners gave another Parteigenosse for the implementation of German, to tell the story the correspondent of the Kaliningrad newspaper "Monday TV", claimed that among them was the Amber room Packaging boxes were split, and the fragments of the room had to collect dredgers Such details will not be attributed to errors memory They either completely reliable, or - an absolute lie

Gauleiter of East Prussia, Erich Koch was, it seems, a terrible bore Spring 1945 - the bombing, flee the universal, and he declared subordinates reprimanded in writing, and even demanded that the paper neatly stitched Among them are found reprimand keeper amber collection Konigsberg Alfred Rode for that on March 4th he has not had time to evacuate his farm So, March 4, the Amber room are not lying on the bottom of the Gulf Vislenskogo And at the bottom of Gdansk - Danzig was still - it does not lay the Gulf she remained in Königsberg. And in April Konigsberg was taken. Then he became a Soviet Kaliningrad. Maybe, the Amber Room are still there?

In Koenigsberg Amber Room taken in December 1941. There, in the royal palace, and it was stored until August 1944, when the castle partly burned by the bombing. After the war, Rode solemnly assured our professor Briusov that the Amber Room at the same time, in August, and burned. But there is evidence that in January of 1945 boxes of the Amber Room (or part of them) were intact! Again, the order of Koch - if all burned, over the reprimand that declare? A Rode soon disappeared from Konigsberg. His fate is unknown.

Versions multiplied. The impression that the witnesses, mostly Germans deliberately taken away from Konigsberg search.

Clarify could Erich Koch, who was held in custody of the Poles. Journalist-izvestinets Yuri Ponomarenko indirectly addressed to the former Gauleiter. He made it clear that he is ready to talk about the Amber Room, and demanded that the pre-war Königsberg plan. his plan passed. A conversation never took place. The representative of the Polish side reported that a prisoner feels unsatisfactory. The sensational article appeared in the magazine "Miracles and Adventures". Allegedly, in 1939, when he concludes the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Stalin summoned Alexei Tolstoy: you say, you know in the culture, so tell me what the Soviet people can give the German people - his brother ever next week? "Amber Room" - allegedly said the author of "Bread". It is symbolic:

Frederick William I in my time either gave, or sold to Peter Amber Room, then Rastrelli in the Tsarskoye Selo, that is, in the present in Pushkin, fifteen years bring the account up to the mind, and turned the Amber Room. And we have it - back to the Germans!

Stalin, of course, Tolstoy scolded for extravagance, but in general, the idea seemed to him good. With one amendment: it is necessary to give the Germans a copy. And these copies ordered restorer Baranovsky just two. By the beginning of the war was as much as three Amber Room '

One was evacuated to Moscow.

One hid in the basement of the Catherine Palace.

One - not original - just went to the Germans, and who have taken it to Konigsberg.

A Baranowski, its staff and students began to disappear or die under the most mysterious circumstances. Stalin did not want to leave witnesses. Because the "Moscow" - true! - Amber room, he did conceded in a friendly. But Hitler.

The autumn of 1941 with the Tushino airfield took off American freighter "Douglas" and headed east. To the Far East. And from there - to Alaska. "Douglas" was carrying a genuine Amber Room for Armand Hammer, a great friend of the Soviet Union.

Even in the years when the official West did not want to have affairs with Soviet Russia Hammer brokered in export-import operations, such as "tractors" Fordson "in exchange for paintings from the Hermitage." It seems that there are documents testifying to his attempts to buy the Amber Room in the 1920-1930-ies. Then did not. And in 1941 it came out. Because the Hummer was a friend not only of the Soviet Union. He was a friend of US President Franklin Roosevelt. And Roosevelt after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the Soviet attack on Finland not much help was located Stalin. Here Hammer and undertook to reconcile their friends, and in return received the Amber Room.

Version three of the Amber Room belongs to ST Petersburg regional specialists. Reporters from the "chip" are inclined to believe her. Because it fit many facts and assumptions. And because we want to believe. Here are just a German master in his time working on the Amber Room 8 years Yes Russian - 15. Do Baranowski Could have time for two years? And the production of a suitable amber jewelry is negligible. And more than 130 boxes - Amber Room assembled - not a lot there for "Douglas?"

Among the objects of the Wehrmacht occupied after the war, the Soviet occupation forces, was a bunker "Olga". It is known that the Germans had mined such facilities, and, for example, "Wolfsan" in our Western Belarus prefer just to explode. A "Olga" bricked not surveyed. When they began to withdraw its troops from Germany, then asked: and on what, in fact, was our military unit all of these forty-five years? Main Intelligence found a stunning answer: "Olga" hidden depths of Russian cultural values, including the Amber Room!

But the bunker had already moved to the united Germany. Expose and examine him the Germans are not located.

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