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Relic of the Führer

Relic of the Führer
Spear omnipotence. When Hitler made his very first territorial seizure - forcibly annexed to Germany - the "brotherly" Austria, they were driven not so much by the desire to expand the boundaries of the "thousand-year Reich", to start a powerful geopolitical expansion, many quite different desire, not advertised, but overwhelming. I do not desire, and dream. The dream of almost all his life. This frustrated artist and former corporal, and later - the leader of the whole nation wanted to learn ... No, not Poland, not France or Russia (ie - and all of this as well, but only then!), And unprepossessing piece of black iron. More precisely - the ancient spear tip, which is considered one of the most important Christian relics and stored in a former palace of the Habsburgs - Hofburg Vienna museum. The exhibit was called "Lance Otto the Third" - Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Yet in 1909, an aspiring painter Adolf Schicklgruber every day as a job, come to the Hall of Treasures of the museum and spent hours in front of a showcase, for which on the scarlet velvet blackened Lance Otto. The future Führer prayed on it, lusted it, dreamed, in one moment, take a sacred object in his hands. He skin, bare nerves, with all my felt as from this inconspicuous piece of metal come invisible waves of some ethereal, destructional power. And I believe someday that power will flow into him and help conquer the world.

And in 1917 it passed the lust already quite openly mania. Then the young Adolf, together with Alfred Rosenberg and two "brothers in spirit" held a seance, and called Hitler spirit of a German prince prophesied: the new leader of Germany would be the one who gets hold of the Spear! And one and a half decades, being established at the head of the "New Germany", the dreamy mystic is even more strengthened in its determination to seize Lance Otto. Impatience was filled with "Aryan number 1!" How great it was can be judged by this fact. It was 1935, the Reich has only gained strength to invade Austria. And now - a significant event: it opened the so-called Centre Nazi religion, which subsequently meant to grow into a kind of "Vatican SS." So one of the main halls of the Nazi pantheon became known as "The room Spear": the central place it occupied ... a copy of the Lance Otto the Third! But the copy could not wait to meet Adolf. And now, after three unbearably long, Hitler held his paw armored divisions have the original. But before his mercenaries invaded Austria, the Fuhrer gave a special instruction: to take measures to ensure the safety of the spear, until the tanks with crosses on the armor will not take the palace of the Habsburgs under his "care"!

The order was executed exemplary. When in March 1938 the Nazi steel wedges stuck into the body of the sovereign Republic of Alpine, Austrian President Miklas ordered to do everything possible to protect historical relics from the German invaders. Immediately police units went to the Hofburg. But there they were met by their local detachment of the SS, and these countrymen were set up very aggressively. Valorous police felt it best not to execute the order of its president and retreated.

And then came, perhaps, the happiest moment in my life of Adolf Hitler: leaving affairs of state, military and party, he himself said in the Austrian palace, which by that time was already surrounded by elite units of the 8th Army Corps of the German Army, and finally , retired with a cherished heirloom.

Six months after this touching goodbye, 13 October 1938, Lance Otto with all possible honors and precautions were forwarded to Germany by special armored train and placed in Nuremberg Church of St. Catherine. However, Lance moved here from Hofburg tablecloths flap that covered the table at the Last Supper, the Holy Etena purse, a tooth of John the Baptist and other Christian relics. After securing the long-awaited Necklace, Hitler began to clean up Europe hands - to redraw the map of the world and sculpt the contours of the "New Rome".

Why does the Führer as manic eager to acquire this particular relic? Why is it so unconditionally believed that it will allow him to decide the fate of states and peoples? Yes, because all of the background of the sacred Lance (and it has several thousand years!) Has proved conclusively that he who owns them - owns the world. Spear was forged in compliance with sacral-mystical rituals on the orders of the third high priest of Judea of ​​Phinehas, known for its outstanding abilities in the field of magic and kabbalistiki. According to the plan of Phinehas Spear symbolized magical powers Jewish blood as the chosen people (of this fact, deeply offensive to every Aryan, Hitler would probably prefer not to remember). Since then it began a triumphal procession of Lance worldwide.

This nomadic, the centuries-old historical drift accompanied by singing a triumphant fanfare, and streams of blood, loss of entire nations and the birth of new empires legendary warlord Joshua, shaking it with a spear, threw himself on the powerful fortifications besieged Jericho, and reliability of the wall suddenly collapsed. Collier visited in the hands of Herod the Great, who ordered exterminate all the male children of Judah, so as not to give nurture future "king of Judah."

With each new owner of this instrument of power overgrown increasing glory, whole nations worshiped him. It seems no one doubted: Spear gives its owner superhuman capabilities, allowing it to decide the fate of the world, to do great good or evil unexampled. Among the owners of historical chronicles Spears authorities called Otto III the Great - Holy Roman Emperor, Henry I the Fowler - the founder of the Saxon royal dynasty, the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, proclaimed Christianity the official religion. With a spear in their hands the mighty king of the Ostrogoths, Theodoric defeated the hitherto invincible hordes of Attila, the emperor Justinian re-conquered from the barbarian lands of the former Roman Empire and the Frankish leader Charles Martel defeated the armies of the Arabs, preventing their invasion of Western Europe. Charlemagne - unifier and ruler of the whole of Europe, won in 47 military campaigns, he kept beside her necklace. The masters of the sacred relics declared themselves Frederick Barbarossa and more than forty other German emperors. Frederick II used the spear in his crusades and battles that are constantly waged against the Italian State and the Pope's army.

This is Lance and accomplished with the help of exploits inspired the Crusaders to build a powerful Teutonic Order. And then over the centuries heirs of the Teutonic Knights, suffering military defeats and historical humiliation, returning their aspirations to the miraculous power of the Spear. I was no exception and Adolf Hitler, especially prone to mystical quest and belief in the supernatural. However, Lance was not unconditional affiliation alone the Germans. They possessed and French Merovingian. And Napoleon literally spent day and night with Lance authorities. True, the great Corsican, this mascot was stolen at the very moment when he moved to Moscow ... Why is Lance particularly revered by fans of Christ and counted among the main relics of Christianity? Because, according to legend, it dried blood of the Savior on the cross.

At that time it belonged to Gaius Cassius - the captain of the guard, which was endowed with special powers in the exercise of state ceremonies, justice and executions. He watched the progress and execution of Christ on Calvary. When it seemed that Jesus was already dead, Cassius arrived to his cross and stabbed her (thus!) Spear crucified body. From the wound flowed blood, which showed that Christ is still alive. In the history of Christianity Gaius Cassius Longinus he went under the name. And the very instrument of power, dipped in the blood of Christ, there was a sacred relic and received a new name - the Spear of Longinus (among many names Lance it was the most common).

Interestingly, there are several artifacts that pretend to be the role of Holy Lance in the world. One of them we have just described. But there is also his double, which is stored in the Vatican. And this is broken even in Krakow there is a kind of spear-relic. However, most investigators are inclined to believe that the real Spear of Longinus is exactly what was stored in the palace of the Habsburgs, and embodied the dreams of Hitler, longed to dominate the world.

And what ended "Hitler period" in the life of Holy Lance? After the massive British bombing Spear was covered in an underground gallery, hide under the Nuremberg Castle: there are specially equipped armored tank for him. But in October 1944, Allied aircraft bomb plowed Nuremberg to the ground and opened up access to the repository of sacred values. Since then begins agony "Millennial Reich". Army Zhukov their way ever closer to Berlin, and from the West come the Allied troops. And the main concern of the Führer - save in the first place is not Germany, not the German nation, and the precious relic: "Save the spear, and Germany will be reborn!" He manages to smuggle Spear and other items of mystical worship of the ruined dungeon and hide them in a special chamber, equipped inside the rock. At the same time, to throw off the scent intelligence opponents, performed a cover operation: a column of trucks secretly (! But not so secretly) takes out a supposedly secret cargo from Nuremberg dungeons and delivers the Austrian Lake Zell, near Salzburg, where the mysterious crates safely submerged in lake water . And then in operation, brilliantly prepared and organized with true German thoroughness, unexpectedly crashes. Error. The glaring, inexplicable, truly mystical error.

In carrying out Hitler's order, action performers take out and dispose of safely in the rock, as planned, all very valuable exhibits from Nuremberg. All but the most important thing, for the sake of which played out this complex, multi-step! Spear of Longinus in the lists of items for export (! Again to securely hide the ends in water) has been designated one of the least known of his name - "Spear of St. Mauritius." But malosveduschaya in historical values ​​soldiery confused it with are also stored in the exposition of the Sword of St. Maurice and carefully wrapped in glass wool and then having covered in the case of pure copper, is taken out of it. A spear of Longinus left besprizor but lie among tertiary artifacts left "to plunder American barbarians".

The winners Nuremberg shattered Americans really emerged as ignorant barbarians. 19451 on April 30, they stumbled upon the entrance to the cave and found there, among other things, the Spear of Longinus. But it is not given absolutely no value to this nondescript "piece of iron". Not interested in the Spear or senators or congressmen or generals, inquire here, in order to see the reclaimed imperial treasures. And who knows what would have been his fate if a metal tip accidentally heard being away from Nuremberg General Patgon. Unlike their "krupnozvezdnyh" colleagues, he is real hard fond of history, mythology, ancient mysteries, and was a true expert in these matters. So when he heard vaguely about the tip of the spear, he immediately rushed to Nuremberg. After that, "an incomprehensible piece of iron" has been restored to its highest status, and several months later, according to the order of Dwight Eisenhower, General Clark solemnly handed it to the mayor liberated Vienna. Spear of Longinus and still kept under the shops with window glass at the Hofburg Palace. Hitler committed suicide shortly after it lost power over the magical spear.

However, the story does not end Spears authorities. For the past ten years did not subside persistent rumors that the Yankees gave pragmatic Austrians skillfully executed copy of the Lance, and he decided not to produce the original of their own hands.

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