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Puzzle of Guanche

Puzzle of Guanche
Near the equator, 115 kilometers from the coast of North Africa, the Canary Islands are located. Until now, no one knows where three thousand years ago, there were the first inhabitants settlers, Guanche - high white-skinned, blue-eyed men with fiery red hair. Archeologists who conducted excavations on the island, found no evidence that the general population was familiar with navigation. Guanches - the only people in the world who did not have even a primitive navy. However, they were excellent swimmers and can swim from one island of the archipelago to the other, as amphibians. The word "Guanches" means - "the children of the volcano," and in ancient legends can be found mention of the fact that the people of the tribe emerged from the bowels of fire-breathing mountains of Tenerife - the highest volcano of the Canary Islands.

Guanches lived in caves, which are themselves hollowed out in the rocks, and went to the small capes of goat skins or completely naked, because the climate of the islands has always been comfortable for people. But in spite of such a simple life Guanche care about the education of their children. However, the education of the younger generation understood the indigenous inhabitants of the islands in a very peculiar. All young girls are sent to a special institution - Monet, in order to prepare them for marriage. Training is consisted only in the fact that the girls were fed to a 100-pound weight. More shapely bride in the Canary Islands have not been used successfully suitors.

The first sailors who find themselves in the Canary Islands were struck by the language with which the Guanches communicated with each other. Being close to people just silently moved his lips and at the same time understood each other, and communicate at a distance with the help of ... the whistle! Conqueror Islands Norman Jean de Betancourt wrote in one of his diaries: "Homer (one of the islands of the Canary archipelago) - the birthplace of tall people, who own the most remarkable of all languages. They say his lips, as if they had no language.

In these people there is a legend that in punishment for some fault leader ordered to cut off their tongues. Judging by the way they speak, in this legend can be believed. " Incredibly, however, the inhabitants of the Canaries could talk via whistle at a distance exceeding 15 kilometers! Guanches have long since disappeared from the face of the earth, but their language is still alive, and modern people are using them, if necessary, amazing many tourists.

In addition to its amazing "whistle" language Guanche famously bred dogs Kabardino huge. In dogs were big bulging eyes and a wicked temper. They are well protected livestock for their owners from infringements malevolent neighbors. By the way, in contrast to the Guanches, the dogs still thrive on the islands, without losing the possibility to set a good beating unwary tourist.

Guanches - one of the nations - to do from their dead mummy. Elliott Smith in his book "The migration of early cultures," writes: "When a person dies, the Guanches attributed it to the cave, lay on a flat rock and reveal, and then take out the insides, and the body was washed inside with salt water, smeared with a mixture of sheep's fat, pine resin and crushed pumice. Prepared in this way the body is dried in the sun for 15 days, and when it becomes almost weightless, wrapped in sheepskins, pulls leather straps, and then placed in a cave located next to the living quarters.

Guanches did not know the iron, but its wood and stone weapons could repel any enemy. However, these people has an extraordinary peacefulness and tried not to use weapons, and quarreled with the neighbors, just to dissociate themselves from their stone wall. On Fuerteventura, for example, such a wall divided the island in half.

It seemed a comfortable life Guanche will last forever. But in 1360, in the Bay of Gando on one of the islands of the archipelago includes two Spanish ships. The local population, struck a hitherto unprecedented spectacle, taking the throw at the aliens stones. Puzzled as unfriendly reception, the ships left the bay, but not for long. For 134 years the Spaniards fought with the indigenous population of the Canary Islands. Armed only with spears, bows and arrows yes stone knives and axes, the Guanche provided stubborn resistance to the invaders, but the forces were unequal. The last was conquered Tenerife. Surviving in the carnage Guanche rushed into the abyss, but would not be captured.

From Guanches left cave paintings with inscriptions not deciphered until now. Some of them are like letters resemble other geometric shapes. At the time when the Canary Islands to the Europeans landed on the court, the Guanches were at the Neolithic stage of development. The presence of the people writing at the time of the Neolithic - a phenomenon unheard of! Modern scientists believe that the age of the rock paintings in the Canary Islands - two thousand years!

Guanches have long since disappeared from the face of the earth. Their language is gradually disappearing into oblivion, the inscriptions have not been deciphered, much of their history remains unclear. But the modern inhabitants of the Canary Islands believe that the blood of the ancient Guanches still flowing in their veins. "These kanartsy - those whose ancestors lived here for at least five hundred years, - they say scientists. - And if you meet on the islands of the high red-haired man with blue eyes, there is no doubt - before you the true Guanches ".

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