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Death of Princess Diana

Death of Princess Diana
The tragedy occurred on August 31, 1997, when the car in which Princess Diana was driving, crashed under mysterious circumstances in the 13th column of the tunnel under the Pont de l'Alma. Then everything was blamed on drunk driver and unfortunate situation. So was it really? A few years later there is a list of facts capable of a different look at the "accident" on that fateful day.

A surprise for many was the letter itself Princess Diana, she wrote 10 months before his own death, which in 2003 published the British newspaper «Daily Mirror». Even then, in 1996, the Princess was concerned that her life is in the "most dangerous phase", and someone (name concealed newspaper) wants to eliminate Diana by adjusting a car accident. This turn of events would open its former husband Prince Charles the way for re-marriage. According to Diana, for 15 years it "pounded, terrorized and tortured morally British system." "I was crying all the time as long as no one in the world was crying, but my inner strength would not let me give up." Princess felt something was wrong as anticipating the approach of many troubles, but if she really knew about the planned attempt? Had there been a conspiracy against the Lady Di really?

One of the first such developments suggested billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of the deceased, along with Diana, Dodi Al Fayed. However, the French secret service investigating the circumstances of the car accident, concluded that "Mercedes" Princess with driver Henri Paul encountered in the tunnel with the "Fiat" of one of the paparazzi when you try to overtake. Wanting to dodge the collision, Paul sent the car to the side and ran into the ill-fated 13th column. From that moment and began to raise questions to which there is still no clear answers.

According to Mohammed Al-Fayed, an accident really involved driver Henri Paul, but not quite, as the official version. Billionaire argues that the presence of large amounts of alcohol in the blood chauffeur - medical fraud, also implicated in the case. In addition, if you believe the words of Mohammed, Paul was an informant of the British secret service M6. Strange looks and the fact that the paparazzi James Andanson driver "Fiat Uno", which faced "Mercedes" Diana, died in 2000 under very strange circumstances, his body was found in a forest in a burnt-out car. Police considered it a suicide, however, Al Fayed believes differently.

Interesting is the fact that a few weeks after the death of the photographer for the agency, where he worked, was attacked. Armed men seized the workers hostage and escaped only after brought out all the photographic equipment. Later it became known that the day after the accident in the tunnel remained without equipment and materials of the same agency photographer Lionel Cherrolt. The police tried all means to cover up the case, that it is, in principle, and succeeded.

Strange looks and the fact that the camera clock controlling the route of the "Ritz" hotel, where they lived Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, to exit from the tunnel, at the time of travel of "Mercedes" were somehow switched off. Richard Tomlinson, a British secret service officer M6 affidavit shared interesting information with regards to this case. For example, that just before the death of the princess arrived in Paris two special agent M6 and in the hotel, "Ritz" M6 was his informant. Tomlinson sure that this informant was none other than the driver Henri Paul. Maybe that's why there were two thousand pounds in his pocket at the time of the accident chauffeur sterling in cash and a hundred thousand in the bank account at a salary of 23 thousand a year.

The official version of the drunk driver more than shaky, largely based on circumstantial evidence and inaccurate. For example, after the disaster chauffeur for a long time the body was lying in the sun in very hot weather, instead of being placed in the refrigerator. Blood in the heat pretty quickly "ferment", and then to distinguish drunk from alcohol generated as a result of changes in the body has not been possible. The second "irrefutable evidence" of alcoholism driver - that he was taking the drug tiaprid, which is often prescribed to alcoholics. However tiaprid also used as a sleep aid and sedative. It was a soothing effect after a break with the family could seek Henri Paul!

With the opening of the chauffeur in his liver did not reveal any signs of alcoholism, but just before the accident, Paul passed a full medical examination for updating his pilot's license. However, the sources of Mohammed Al-Fayed claimed that before the accident in the blood of Henri Paul discovered carbon monoxide that can lead a person from the life balance. How did he get into the body of the driver and, most importantly, to whom it was profitable? Surely something on this issue know the French secret services, but do not hurry to share information.

The tragedy could help and a bright flashing light, as described by several witnesses. It has long asserted Brenda Wills and Françoise Levistr, speaking of bright stroboscope in a tunnel under the Pont de l'Alma. The words of two women no one seriously took (or did not want to take), despite mentioning these facts in reputable periodicals. On the contrary, the witnesses, especially Frenchwoman Levistr advised to hide in a psychiatric hospital.

Mentions flashing light during the accident struck British spy Richard Tomlinson, because he had access to secret documents M6 service related to the "case of Milosevic." In one such document sets out a plan to assassinate Yugoslav leader: a dramatization of an accident in a car accident with a bright flashing light.

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