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The predictions of Fatima

The predictions of Fatima
In the spring of 1981 he was captured and hijacked France airliner local British Airways. The capture was not made on political grounds, as is usual, but had to force the Vatican to reveal the third prophecy made by the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal. This prophecy, which very few people know, talking about the end of the world and the Holy See was kept secret for decades. The terrorist, religious fanatic, clearly suffering from emotional disorders have not been successful in his theological blackmail.

October 13, 1917 in a small Portuguese village of Fatima and seventy thousand people witnessed one of the most amazing miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary. The sun became almost white-yellow emitting colored light beams, cranked three times around the axis, and then, to the dismay of all those present, was zigzagging to fall to the ground. "This is the end of the world!" - Exclaimed one woman. "Lord God, do not let die in sin" - begged the other.

"Holy Virgin, protect us" - said the quiet man, kneeling.

American journalist the next day sent a report from Lisbon. But in his country were interested in very different sensations, so long article was reduced to a small note placed on the twenty-fourth page, under the description of boxing battles: KO, successful attacks and defeats. It was only in the early forties Fatima miracle beginning to haunt the minds.

Fatima suddenly became an object of general interest. People began to think about the Second World War as a penalty of God, and the "peace plan", which is itself the Mother of God has brought us from heaven and which was rejected by the people. Other prophecies also came true: the spread of atheism and communism, beating small nations behind the Iron Curtain, the offering of the sacrifice of all the freedoms and many human lives.

What news brought a Virgin? And what really happened? Was it a miracle?

April 6, 1917 the United States entered the First World War. Pope Benedict XV pleaded with the great powers to "stop this brutal war, the suicide of Europe", but his words were addressed to the deaf. Finally, in a bitter letter to all the flock, he urged his followers to ask the Blessed Virgin to stop the senseless slaughter, "We more than ever was in this terrible hour of need to send a petition to the Great Mother of God of its most devoted children. To Mary, Mother of mercy, almighty in his favor, let him cry loving and faithful from all corners of the earth - from stately churches and small chapels, from royal palaces and mansions of the rich, as well as of the huts of the poor - everywhere where only finds refuge believing soul , saturated with the blood of the plains and of distant seas. Let donesut to her hearing terrible screams of the wives and mothers of innocent babies moans, the sighs of every generous heart. Maybe it gently and blissfully caring descend upon us and there will be peace in our world, anxiously, for which we pray. "

Children who was the Blessed Virgin, Francisco and Jacinta and Lucia Abobora Margot were born in the families of shepherds Anzhustel provincial village in the heart of Portugal. In the spring of 1916 herds from neighboring villages gathered into one and sent to graze on a piece of land Abobora known as Cuza Vella, at the foot of the cliff Cabezo. This chain

ordinary events leads us to two interesting questions about the appearance of the Virgin.

Over the period, which is called the Age of Mary, approximately from 1820 to 1933. The Blessed Virgin was quite often. Almost always "visits" happened at a time when religion was forgotten and became the subject of ridicule, if not direct attacks; and second, most often seen Our Lady in mountainous areas, small villages where people were mostly poor and illiterate.

And almost always met her children. People who opened it, were simple and innocent, mostly uneducated. If we turn to the deeper meaning of the theosophical and philosophical complexity of all its messages, and to remember that almost always Virgin wanted her news spread everywhere, one can only wonder why

she chose a god-forgotten village and was not a scientist and powerful people.

Maybe because minds contemplate it has not been contaminated skeptical philosophies of the past two centuries, and so they could transmit its message exactly as she uttered them, without any intellectual interpretation. All our knowledge, even our successes in the study of the universe - only a partial and often vague statements about the nature of the world; the only complete knowledge - the knowledge of God who created this world, and whose secrets we are only beginning to perceive.

Probably another reason correctly caught John J.. Delaney. Here is what he wrote in his article "Phenomena of the Mother of God": "If we compare the effects of Our Lady of the circumstances of her earthly life, along with her blessed Son, Jesus, the selection of places and people it was much later, it becomes clear and meaningful. Do I need to remind the reader that our Lord was born in a stable in Bethlehem and that he was raised as the son of a poor carpenter, and that most of his sermons was addressed to ordinary people? One need only look at who were the Twelve chosen by them to impose his church to understand how exactly was in his footsteps Our Lady. "

Whatever the true reason, one knows that summer day in 1916 godaLusiya and her little friends, as usual, went to the sheep. While the herd grazing on the sparse grass, children playing tag and hide and seek. Light rain began, bringing in the breeze from the ocean to the far north-west. Children raised sheep in the undergrowth, and threw themselves to the cave, where there is always concealed in bad weather. After the rain, they continued to play.

"We just started to play - Lucia wrote many years later - when a strong gust of wind suddenly shook the trees and above them there was light, whiter than the first snow. Approaching, he acquired a kind of young man, clear and radiant. He said: "Do not be afraid, I - Angel of Peace. Pray with me. " He knelt on the ground, bent low and said three times: "Lord God, I believe, adore, hope and love you. I ask you to apologize for all those who do not believe, does not bow, do not hope and do not love you. " Then he stood up and said, "Pray. Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to your supplication. "

Then the angel disappeared. For a long time the children were like petrified, not knowing what is happening around. Then they began to say the words of the prayer, which the angel had taught them.

Although they used to be friends, but after this incident even more closer. "We felt a divine presence so clearly - written Lucia - so close that not even dare to talk to each other. The next day, we still feel the same way. It was only gradually that feeling disappeared. None of us talked about this phenomenon and did not agree to keep it confidential. It is in itself impose the print on our lips. This experience was so personally, just to say the word even though it was hard. "

Their life was spent in the usual manner. Each day they got up at dawn, went to Mass, and then, after a meager breakfast, were sheep in the pasture. One day while playing in the shade of a fig tree, they were struck by a voice uttered: "What are you doing?" It was the Angel of Peace. "Pray more - he said. - In the hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs on your account. Continuously applying to them their most earnest prayer and sacrifice. "

Lucia asked, "But how can we make sacrifices?" "Offers everything that you have to sacrifice to Our Lord, as reparation for the sins by which He is offended so much, and how prayer for the conversion of sinners. It will bring peace to your country. I - Guardian Angel of Portugal. And more than that - and accept humbly carry all the suffering which the Lord be upon you. "

In his third and last visit to the angel appeared to the children implicated in a bowl and guests. Of the guests in a bowl dripping blood. Leaving both hanging in the air, the Angel prostrated on the ground and repeated three times the prayer of redemption:

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I deeply bow before you and offer you valuable Flesh, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, now suschuyu in all the churches of the world, as a compensation for blasphemy, desecration and indifference with which He is offended . And infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg you on the treatment of poor sinners. "

The angel then said Mass, stood up, took the guests, gave it to Lucia, and the cup of communion - Francisco and Jacinta, saying, "Take, eat the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ insulted ungrateful people. Atone for their crimes and console Our Lord. "

Once again, he prostrated on the ground, then repeated the prayer for the children "Holy Trinity" and disappeared.

A few days later, Francisco asked Lucia: "The Angel gave you Holy Communion, but he gave Jacinta and me?"

Before we could answer Lucia, Jacinta said; "It was the holy communion. Did not you see the blood dripping from a guest? "

Francisco said: "I felt that God was within me, but I do not know how this could happen." Then he prostrated himself on the ground and lay there for a long time, repeating over and over again the prayer Angel of the Blessed Trinity.

May 13, 1917, almost at the same place where the angel appeared to them, through a clear blue sky shining light flash passed. Thinking that the storm begins, the children gathered the sheep, when suddenly more bright flash nailed them to the place. Above the small stone oak under which they played, materialized a certain image, and then they saw "the most beautiful woman who ever saw." Lucia later wrote: "It was a lady, dressed in white, brighter than the sun, which is shed rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal bowl filled with sparkling water, pierced through the scorching rays of the sun."

The children were terrified, but the Lady beckoned them with his hand and said: "Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you."

The lady appeared in the image of a girl of sixteen, dressed in a long white dress with a gold star on the very fringe. Her gentle slender hands folded at his chest, holding white beads with pearl beads, cross and chain. Children were blinded by the light that came from Ladies. They stood like petrified before Lucia has not broken the silence: "How do you come" - she said.

"I came down from heaven", - said the Lady.

"And why did you come down?" - Asked Lucia with an innocent simplicity of a child.

"Because I want you, the children, came here the thirteenth day of each month. In October, I will tell you who I am and what I want from you. "

Lucia continued to insist: "Do you really came down out of heaven? And I can also go to heaven? "

"You'll be there."

"And Jacinta? It will be there, too? "

"And Jacinta will go to heaven," - said the Lady.

"And Francisco?"

The lady looked at Francisco with maternal reproach. - "Yes - she said - Francisco also go to heaven, but he will have to first say a lot of prayers."

Francisco was eight, six Jacinta. Lucia thought of the other two children who died in the past year. She asked about them, and the lady said: "One is already in heaven, and the other in purgatory."

These were little boys, and Lucia asked about Amelia.

"Amelia will be in purgatory until the end of the world." (She was eighteen when she died, and therefore, Amelia was no longer a child, but for a single sin of the soul can be forever in hell.)

"Do you want to give yourself to the Lord and to accept all the sufferings that He will send, to atone for sins and for the conversion of sinners?"

"Yes, we want that."

Then the lady said: "You will suffer a lot, but the grace of God will strengthen you. My children, read prayers as you have done so far. "

Then the lovely lady went to the east, gently gliding, and merged with sunlight.

The children decided not to tell anyone about this lady, because people would just laugh at them and say that they invent.

But the youngest, Jacinta, broke his word and let slip the mother. The next day, rumors of the appearance of Our Lady bypassed the village. Children laughed at in the street, accused by their own parents, Lucia and even beaten. Despite all this, they have not given up any of a word from the story of Jacinta.

The local priest, Father Manuel Ferreira, entirely rejected the story, and his mother conspired to send the children out of the village on the day of St. Anthony, the thirteenth day of the following month, at the fair. But children are not tempted by the thought of the fair. They went instead to the Cova de Iriyu. They gathered about sixty onlookers, including ottsaLusii. Children began to recite rosaries in the shade of holm oak. While they were on their knees, Lucia said, "You told me to come today. What do you want me to do? "And then a mysterious fire broke out in the sky.

"I want you to come back here next month. And now bear his prayer and after every ten adds: "Oh, Lord, forgive us sinners. Save us from the fire of hell and bring dushinashi to heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy. "

Then the Beautiful Lady told Lucia that she must learn to read and write, and promised that would later say that she wants from her. Lucia involuntarily blurted out that she personally wants the Blessed Virgin took them with me in paradise. Our Lady of the answer was very clear:

"I will come and take Francisco to Jacinta. But you'll have to stay here for a long time. The Lord wants you to make me known and loved, and established the worldwide worship of my Immaculate Heart. All those who accept it, I promise salvation, and their souls will be pleasing to the Lord, as the flowers in front of His throne. "

Saddened at the thought of the imminent parting with his friends, Lucia said through tears:

"Dear lady, what I'll stay here alone?"

"No, my child, I never leave you. If the thought you are saddened, remember, my Immaculate Heart will always be your refuge and the way that will lead you to the Lord. "

With these words the lady held out her right hand, Hosea light, and on the palm of her children saw heart pierced by thorns. They realized that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Saddened by the sins of the world begging for their redemption.

The crowd saw only as Lucia got to his feet, he reached out to the east and shouted: "Here it is. Here she is". When people look back, they saw a white cloud and noticed faint stirring of oak branches. At this point, branches bent to the east.

Father Manuel Ferreira continued to deny the revelation: "It is hardly possible that the Blessed Virgin descended from Heaven only tell you that you need every day to say rosaries. They are already talking about everyone in our parish. Usually when this happens, the Lord chooses the souls, which opens utters a special word for the transmission of the pastor or confessor, and these children are, on the contrary, secretive and abut as they can. This, apparently, demons obsession. Time will tell how to treat it. "

After these words the priest's children had almost decided not to return to the specified location, but at the last moment and decided not to come to their senses. And this time, the Blessed Virgin showed them an image of hell. In addition, she said those ominous words: "To save them, God wishes to establish in the world the worship of the new Immaculate Heart. If people do as I ask, many will turn and be in the world. This war will end, but if people do not end up offending the Lord will take some time and in the time of Pius XI another war will start, awful. When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light to you, then know that it is a sign of the Lord ... To prevent this, I shall come to ask consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart sacrament of Communion and to atone for the first Saturday. If my request is heard, Russia will turn. If not, she will spread her sins all over the world, causing wars and beating of the church. "

August 13 nearly eighteen thousand faithful gathered in this place, attracted by articles in the newspapers, but the children have not appeared. Village headman locked them in his own house. When this became known, the crowd ferment angry whisper. Many people have decided that they should go and liberate the children, but so far everything is discussed, something happened to console and convince them. In the clear sky suddenly came the thunder and the flash of lightning. There was a light cloud and hung on an oak tree.

The mayor kept the children locked up for three more days, interrogating them together and apart, threatening and trying to catch them on the contradictions. Finally, realizing that all his attempts are futile and that the whole thing came out of his control, he threatened: "Either you tell the truth, or I fry you alive on a red-hot frying pan."

Children continued to be silent. One by one the elder brought them out, leaving one Lucia. When later asked her what she felt then, the girl replied: "Of course, I thought that he would do what he said, and I will die in the pan, but I could not give out the secrets and gave herself into the hands of the Mother of God." (Two "secrets", the need to worship the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the images of hell remained unknown until 1927, and the third, concerning Russia, was discovered only in 1960 by the Bishop of Leiria.)

The civilian authorities have experienced loss and more offered no resistance. September 13 thirty thousand people read rosaries and waited for the arrival of children. At this time, Lucia asked for a miracle to convince unbelievers. Especially she begged for healing the sick.

The lady said: "I will heal some, but not all, because God does not believe in them."

Tension grew throughout Portugal. Blessed Virgin promised a miracle in October. Even atheists and skeptics have been waiting for this day, believing that it would mark the decline throughout the pathetic commotion. The night before the outbreak of one of the fiercest storms in European history. Suddenly, the entire continent from Finland to the Mediterranean Sea pierced the cold. Despite the stinging cold, tens of thousands of people took to the night even on 12 October. In his book "Our Lady of Fatima" William Thomas Walsh described it as: "The peasants were hung willow baskets and clay pots of water on their shoulders or pritorochivali on the backs of their donkeys and performed under the low sky. Fathers and mothers were carrying the sick and the lame child in her arms at incredible distances. Fishermen cast their nets and boats on the beaches of Vieira and embarks on a journey on slippery trails. Hinds of Monte Real, sailors from the ships in the harbor of Porto or Algavre, factory workers from Lisbon, ladies and gentlemen, charwoman, waiters, young and old, rich and poor, citizens of all classes (but most of them were poor, barefoot, workers and their families) walked on fyazi the pouring rain all night, as a great army, scattered before, but converging at Fatima in the hope of finding there the health or treatment of the true faith, forgetting his sins, consolation in sorrow, the beginning of a better life, a blessing Our Lady. "

Although the snow had stopped, the rain continued to pour, and all the roads have become muddy streams. The crowd was in a foul mood. After cold torture, snow and rain, a miracle was about to happen - or would happen is something else. Lady Marteau especially afraid of this and prayed tirelessly. She was surprised strict calm their children. "If they cause us pain - Jacinta said - we get to heaven. But those poor people who have hurt us, go to hell. "

Shortly after noon, when the children were in a state of ecstatic prayer, there was a familiar light. Lady kept her promise to open its name. She said: "I - Lady with the Rosary." She then gave his final message to children. "People need to live differently, better, and ask forgiveness for their sins, and do not offend our Lord, because he had so much offended." And when the Blessed Virgin retired for the last time, there was a miracle of the sun.

Stunned the crowd saw that it was pale, turned into a silver disk on which they could watch without hurt one's eyes. Multi-colored rays, as in the rainbow, proceeded in all directions. The sky itself seemed to be rotated until the sun revolved around the axis. Three times they stopped, and three times resumed his wild dance. Suddenly, when all fell to their knees in terror, the sun floated towards the earth, "like a drunk," according to one witness, moving zigzag across the sky.

With the same suddenness of his movement to the ground stopped, the same "gimlet" it has returned to its normal place in the sky. Silver CD with multicolored rays disappeared, and then the sun could not see, not closing his eyes. Clothes drenched from the rain of people mysteriously dried up. The children have received the vision of the Holy Family. First, Jesus appeared, dressed in red. He blessed the crowd. Then he turned the baby on the hands of the Virgin Mary and Joseph. Finally, the Blessed Virgin appeared in the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The first and last vision was granted only Lucia. Francisco and Jacinta saw only the Holy Family. Lucia later became a Carmelite nun.

Almost one year after the day the Blessed Virgin kept her promise and took Francisco to heaven. The worst flu epidemic then daily gather more harvest, and the provincial village of Fatima is not left out. Francisco ill to April 4, 1919. Ms Cinta lived until 20 February 1920. She had several visions of the Blessed Virgin, who promised to come and save her from suffering. That evening, she called the nurse and asked her to send for a priest. Father Pereira dos Reis came and listened to her last confession, but said it will bring Holy Communion in the morning.

"But, Father, I die tonight" - Jacinta prayed. Good Shepherd, however following advice of doctors, and did not return that day. At ten-thirty Jacinta breathed her last, and walked with a smile on his lips, as though welcoming the Virgin again. Blessed Virgin kept her promise.

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