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"In this part of the Pembroke today unclean spirits closely interacted with people ... They used to express themselves, throwing trash everywhere in the desire to annoy rather than to cause any serious harm. They brought trouble and the owner and guests, breaking their linen and woolen clothes and even cutting holes in it. Despite all precautions, it was not, it seemed, no way to keep clothes even when closed and locked the door. "

This entry medieval monk pertaining to 1190, is one of the earliest evidence of poltergeist - the phenomenon of so-called "noisy ghost." Facts meeting with poltergeist marked today in more than thirty countries around the world.

Probably the first known evidence of poltergeist refers to 856 BC. e. Over two thousand years have elapsed "character" of this phenomenon has not changed: "Poltergeist" - is the sudden invasion of human habitation of unknown origin forces, causing, as a rule, considerable material damage and causing a lot of anxiety.

About the poltergeist - primarily because of the sheer damage that it causes - at different times in different countries have repeatedly excited lawsuits and investigations, so that a phenomenon like no other, confirmed factual material and documented in numerous official documents, deeds , protocols and so on. d.

Lawsuits over poltergeist often took a very peculiar turn. For example, the Russian peasant Chekanova, in whose house at the end of September 1888 outbreak began poltergeist, stirred up the whole neighborhood, prosecuted for "spreading false rumors and agitation of minds." However, the investigation concluded his complete innocence, "false rumors", turned out to be untrue! At the end of 1888 a criminal case was dismissed, and the defendant acquitted.

But it is not always. Believe that poltergeists are able to unleash sorcerers or witches, has survived to the present day. It must be said, not without some grounds for doing so: in some cases, according to the phenomenon of victims of a poltergeist outbreak triggered the action who is considered a wizard or witch. The last of it, as a rule, do not even know - for their "works" of their reputation. In the era of witch hunt to live with such a reputation it was deadly. People involved in poltergeist - its media, the victims, the whole family is suspected of "damage" or "puffing" poltergeist through witchcraft, - | sometimes subjected to the most severe tests. They were sentenced to | death, starved in prison, they were considered Satan marked stamp. But sometimes, the court did not see in their actions constitute a crime - it became clear that the actions themselves were not! However, in ancient times this has happened rarely. Over time, the acquittal in respect of sentences of the phenomenon of the media began to prevail over the indictments: even the most biased judges have been unable to see in human acts of crime. There is a paradoxical situation: there is a crime, and the perpetrator is not! It is not a "noisy ghosts" to blame? As it turned out, they ...

Well-known in the literature in the case of poltergeist Anfield in 1977 was distinguished not only by what he izgazhival whole house of feces, but also constant efforts to communicate with people. He "expressed himself" through one of the children who lived in the house, often saying obscenities and left messages everywhere, scribbles written on scraps of paper or on the walls. His voice asserted that belong to different people, some of whom died in this house, and reported, that were with the local cemetery. Once the voice demanded, "I want to listen to jazz music. Put it, or I'll go mad! "

Conducted by renowned specialist poltergeist Alan Goal-house analysis of 500 cases of poltergeist activity shows that most of their typical trait - it is the movement of small objects, recorded in 64 percent of cases. Followed by rapping ( "Barabashka") - 48 percent. It is noted that these two types of phenomena much easier to falsify than others. Quite often and talking poltergeists in every six cases recorded their interaction with people. Torn clothes found in 6 percent of cases.

Gold notes that in a time when the belief in demons is gone, very few incidences of overt obsession poltergeists, and adds that "about a hundred years after the Reformation, there is a significant relative decrease in the number of reported cases of connections of these phenomena with the dead" . Today, most "favorite" spot for the poltergeist became post-perestroika Russia, where all sorts of hell firmly taken hold of the minds of the public.

Very often, poltergeist phenomena appeared only draws. For example, a mysterious fire, is repeated in the same house in Alabama in 1959, initially attributed poltergeist, as were the antics of a nine-year boy, who was trying to force a way their parents return to the city, from which the family shortly before the left.

Poltergeist phenomena pose a significant problem researchers: where does a huge amount of energy expended in this case? The majority sees such phenomena examples of "repeated spontaneous psychokinesis" (PSPK) exhibited by adolescents as an external embodiment of the inherent stresses of puberty. This theory has the advantage that to some extent explains the phenomenon of poltergeist, and the fact that the majority of these cases occur with teenage girls in which puberty is the most noticeable changes. On the other hand, one must admit that in many cases - about one in five - do not appear either boys or girls; that more than ten percent of the cases of poltergeist associated with houses, not the people, and that has not been given any plausible scientific explanation PSPK manifestations.

One of the proofs of the existence of the poltergeist phenomenon is its historical continuity. If hoaxers were adults, one would assume that they are acquainted with the essence of the poltergeist and accordingly modeled his own stunts. But even in this case, it seems surprisingly similar phenomena, distant from each other for centuries and taking place on different continents. In most reported cases of poltergeist no direct evidence of fraud. Therefore, it seems that a poltergeist - a physically real phenomenon with properties which are reported consistently enough throughout its history. The question of what it is -Customization psychic phenomenon or demons - remains unanswered.

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