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The mysterious past of Egypt

The mysterious past of Egypt
The name Egypt came thanks to the Greeks, who are so called northern part (up to the first waterfall) Nile Valley and the nearby oasis of the Libyan desert. The Egyptians called their country the same Qemt, which means "black earth"; desert area they called Chezer, ie, "red earth." Some scholars are inclined to believe that the name Egypt comes from the sacred name of the capital of the ancient state of Memphis - a city called Gakapt earlier ( "God's sanctuary of Ptah").

According to recent publications and data encyclopedias, it became known that in general all mankind originated in Africa, it is where the remains of the ancient man were found. According to ancient historical documents it is known that in Ethiopia (Nubia - where, according to legend, came Egyptians) kingdom existed for 300 years before the first pharaoh in Egypt. "They also say that the Egyptians are the colonists sent by the Ethiopians, and Osiris was the head of the colony ..." - so testified Diodorus of Sicily, the Greek historian.

And the Egyptian High Priest Manetho (III century BC...) Wrote that "there are two great Ethiopian people, one - Sind (Indians), and the other - the Egyptians." Also, the Egyptian sacred scriptures say: "Our nation was born at the foot of Moon Mountain at the source of the Nile." It is difficult to determine the age of the people and to establish exactly when the Egyptians settled on their land. It is also difficult to determine the exact date of construction of the pyramids of Egypt, though old documents testify to their antiquity.

Interesting evidence of the existence of a highly developed civilization in the territory of the Sahara desert. The French expedition led by geographers M. Griaule and G. Deterlena found the Dogon tribe. The Dogon live in the bend of the Niger River (in what is now the Republic of Mali - somewhat far from Egypt, but still in North Africa and especially in the desert, which captures the edge and the land of Egypt). Few in the tribe in its development lagged behind a bit of modern civilization, but they have unique knowledge that were transmitted orally from generation to generation or in the form of drawings. It is these skills and led the world in amazement. "The dark people" knew about the structure of the universe, with these data largely coincided with modern scientific data.

Dogon knew that the earth rotates "on the great circle", in addition to our planet in the solar system, there are other planets, and among them - Jupiter and Saturn. And Saturn is in the Dogon figures depicted with two concentric rings, and Jupiter - in the form of a large ring around which were placed four small. The scientists were able to detect the four moons of Jupiter, and close the rings around Saturn only through powerful telescopes. It should be remembered that Saturn - the only planet in the solar system, around which revolve the ring. The Dogon also knew about the existence of Sirius, only in their language, it was called Sigitolo. Surprisingly, even the little children of the tribe knew that it was the brightest star in our sky, and that it is located in the constellation Canis Major. We learned about it only in the 70-ies of XX century. So how did the Dogon got much correct information about the structure of the universe?

According to British scientist Robert Temple, in what is now the Sahara desert once existed a highly developed civilization Garamantes. Herodotus in his writings, also mentioned this tribe. Great Garamantes kingdom stretched from the Atlas mountains to the borders of Egypt. In the mountains of Tassili preserved unique drawings, perhaps, they were sealed by representatives of this extinct tribe. Today it is difficult to say what happened to these people and civilization disappeared for whatever reason, because reliable information is not preserved. But scientists believe that part Garamantes mixed with the peoples of North and West Africa. But the direct descendants Garamantes likely to Tuareg.

The high bloom of culture Garamantes show many kilometers of tunnels under the Sahara desert from Sebha in Libya to the oasis of Ghat from the Algerian border. These tunnels are an enormous underground water system. Scientists have estimated that the total length of tunnel is about 1,600 km. These tunnels were cut into the rock for more than five millennia ago, which coincides approximately with the date of occurrence of the united states of Egypt.

Unclear remains how the ancient people managed to create such a structure without technology, without lighting, ventilation, special tools, etc., Because during the work on the surface of the earth was laid out nearly 20 mln. Cubic meters of rock. A similar surprise is enormous pyramid, the construction of which left many tons of building material.

You can guess who left the Dogon legends and myths about the structure of the universe - probably Garamantes, but who could teach complex construction craftsmanship Garamantes themselves and who have given them serious scientific information? Perhaps the Egyptians borrowed a lot of culture and scientific knowledge in garmantov. There is a third option - cooperation between the two tribes and the exchange of knowledge on a friendly basis. Unfortunately, these questions, scientists can not yet give an affirmative answer. Today, we can only surmise and conjecture.

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