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Parallel worlds

Parallel worlds
February 1, 1964 the California attorney Thomas P. fur finished his normal working day, and sat down in the car to go home, to the town of Eureka, to which it was a half hour away. But his house no one ever saw, and the true circumstances of his sudden mysterious disappearance forever remain unknown. But traceless disappearance of his name was not ...

... Marisa Kledvans, hospital admissions nurse at Gerber villa. California, looked around without much interest the figure of the young man's eye in a black suit.

- "Thomas P. fur, a lawyer" - introduced the stranger. He asked for medical assistance, as a sudden attack of pain experienced when riding in a car. Pain, according to him, was so strong that at some point, the lawyer felt that he died, and the world around disappeared.

Marisa checked the card number, medical insurance and a lawyer turned to stand behind the cabinet. When a second later she turned to the patient, he was gone. He seemed to melt into the air!

All searches mysterious patient to no avail.

Meanwhile, about ten o'clock in the evening traffic police patrol came across the river to El Mehana car. Traces of tires on asphalt testified desperate and unsuccessful attempts to stop.

On the roof of the car clearly could see the blood stains. Glass right front door has been omitted. The driver disappeared. Blood stains and traces of human footprints in the mud dragged fifty meters and then broken off, as if the person goes away from the car, suddenly | melted in the air ... I

Launched large-scale search of the missing yielded results only after nineteen days. Mehana Thomas' body was found on the river bank 30 kilometers from the accident site. Inspection body and an autopsy revealed that the victim's head was a large deep abrasion, but the cause of death was not her, but the fact that the wounded drowned in the river and drowned. Detailed reconstruction of the incident clearly showed that the fur fell into the river just at the moment | when he appeared in the waiting room of rural hospitals.

... June 25, 1943 US military ships of the squadron, marching along the Aleutian Islands, recorded on their radar screens, seven Japanese ships coming collision course. The commander of the squadron ordered to open fire. During the half-hour cannonade American ships fired 212 tons of shells, however, to the surprise of American sailors, the enemy did not respond to the fire, and when the shooting subsided, all disappeared without a trace. But after the war, on the grounds of the US Naval Intelligence document, it was found that the spinning! in the area did not have the Japanese ships!

... October 25, 1974 Robert Wyoming went hunting. To no avail wandered the whole day in the woods, he was finally about four;

pm literally ran nose-to-nose with a huge bison., Mighty bull standing at a distance of some thirty meters from a hunter. Throwing up his rifle and took aim, fired Wyoming ...

The rest was like a dream. The bullet, if in time-lapse photography, slowly flew fifteen meters and gently fell on the ground, in opavshuyu autumn foliage. Hunter was shocked. But as soon as he came to himself, how was shocked again. Nearby, he saw something that looked like a spaceship ...! Next to the ship were amazing creatures. They approached him, and one of the creatures asked a hunter how he feels ...

Wyoming regained consciousness only in the hospital, where he delivered a forest guard patrol. However, from that moment it has passed four days ...

Archives of all countries of the world provide information about these, and other, even more bizarre cases. However, as a rule, all these mysterious events are outside the purview of science - scientists understand the mind is very difficult, almost impossible. Thesis on this material will not protect, and you can ruin the academic career - hence, take on this should not be. Fortunately, not all scientists are in similar positions, and research of many "unexplained" phenomena are carried out in many countries. And more and more researchers tend to believe that the hypothesis of the existence of parallel worlds has a right to exist ...

In the universe at the same time there are several parallel worlds, most of which we can communicate, - this is the basic position of this hypothesis. The simplest case of communication with parallel worlds is a dream. The reality of what is happening in a dream convinces us that all this is happening in reality. Our subconscious mind draws from the information of dreams. In this case the transmission rate and receiving information in a dream many times the transmission rate and receiving information in the real world: for some eight hours of sleep, we can "experience" the weeks and months of life, and a minute of sleep before our mind's eye can shoot a serial film .

In the dream, we see images of not only the world around us, but also strange, unlike anything that vision in no way connected with everyday life. Where did they come? And if you can not see something like that in reality?

Infinitely large universe is composed of infinitesimal atoms. Possessing great inner energy, the atoms remain invisible to us, and acquire "flesh", only uniting into molecules, and forming the matter around us the material world. But, despite the fact that the atoms are invisible, nobody would never deny the fact of their existence. For us, our body, too, is made of atoms.

Atoms make continuous oscillatory motion. Depending on the structure of atoms and these oscillations are of different frequency and different speed different direction of movement in space. Actually, because of this difference we can exist.

But what would happen if we suddenly started to "oscillate" at the same speed with which dreams are carried in our subconscious? In this case, an observer would not see us - the human eye and the senses are simply unable to capture a similar move. But any man who turned in one with us "rhythm", even if nothing had felt.

Suppose that we have some way managed to give our body the speed of radio waves. In this case we would require some fraction of a second to circumnavigate the globe and be back in the same place. At the same time during the flight, we would have been enough time to consider the flickering beneath us continents, islands and oceans, but the outside observer it would seem that we are just at the moment escaped the evil eye.

Now suppose that next to us there is a world that is "moving" at a rate several orders of magnitude higher than ours. Do you think we would feel his presence? Of course not - because our senses and consciousness are just not able to register. But the subconscious does it almost always. Therefore, there have often strange condition: I was at this place or was not? Where have I seen this man? What reminds me of the smell? But no matter how careful - do not remember: it was somewhere at the intersection of the parallel worlds. It was there, where by virtue of the reasons is incomprehensible happens contact "diversified" worlds, and mysterious events occur that have no real explanation.

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