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The mystery of the Olympic jump

The mystery of the Olympic jump
The ancient peoples left behind a lot of mystery, including in construction, sports, fine arts. Numerous ancient written and graphic sources, architectural and other natural-material construction make it possible to gather information about the multifaceted mysterious life of the ancient peoples of Egypt, Greece, India, China and other countries. With the fullest extant information about the legendary Olympic Games of ancient Greece.

It is known that about four thousand years ago, the Greeks invaded the Balkans and Asia Minor because of the Caspian Sea, where they lived together with the Scythians and Hyperboreans, whose sports are traditionally held. According to tradition, the organization of big sports games in the Balkans carried out the Doctor of Hercules (Heracles). It was he who brought the Hyperborean priests from the area of ​​Western Siberia wild olive wreath for the winners of the branches of this tree. It is in honor of Doctor-designed Hercules and priests are magic items and charms.

Conventionally, it is believed that the Olympics the number 1 place in 776 BC. e., for the reason that in the annals of this year dates back to the first known to us the most ancient mention of the Olympics. The achievements of athletes of these games and today delight and amaze our imagination. The winners of the Olympic Games were celebrated compatriots by various means, passed through the millennia to the present day. They were sealed in the sculptures, drawings in various products (bowls, vases, etc.). Multiple winner of the Pythian Games were Failla, on which the inscription on the marble slabs reports that he jumped into the length of 16 meters, almost twice as far as in this century did Robert Beamon.

It should be noted that such a distance is now overcome only triple jump. The ancient artist in his expressive image shows the process of the jump. In the hands of the athlete two bags are seen with some contents of the cargo, which makes the bottom of the bag is flat. Some researchers believe the bags with a load-'giryami ', which unwinding and fast forward their feed allegedly caused by the centrifugal force, increases the range of the jump athlete. In support of this hypothesis cited mathematical calculations. This hypothesis is in the seventies was discussed in detail in the magazine "Technics - youth". Flat bottom bags made to reflect on their internal structure as bulk materials (gold dust, mercury, etc.) Can not do. The Olympics were encouraged not only strength and agility, but also the mind, knowledge, creativity, the use of devices that allow to achieve high results in competitions.

Studies have yielded in general idea of ​​the content and purpose of meshochkov- "weights" that are in the hands of the jumper. The design was original. Baggies were bilayer. Outer layer - linen, and internal - from the silk material. Inside the pouch is placed layered hemisphere of solid biomass (energy performing the role of "capacitor"), installed on the support of the two rings. The outer ring is multi-faceted. Here are some of the ring and give the plane at the bottom of the bags. Before jumping athlete capacitors saturated static charge by an additional device by the friction of amber, which was then in Greece called the electron. As a result of this increased energy field around the condenser to 1.5 meters. Capacitors quickly inserted into the bags and handed athlete before his jump. The highest efficiency of the condenser was within about 20 seconds. Therefore, there needed speed and skill athletes and assistants. Athletes after receiving meshochkov- "weights", several times the aura and power of levitation, just like yoga.

The competition in long jump then played out a little differently than it is now. Takeoff was small, repelled by jumping with both feet. Competitions in ski bags in those days were carried out except Greece and in the Carpathian region (Ukraine), Ural, Taimyr ... Such "capacitors" priesthood were used for other purposes and designs. We believe that in the course of archaeological excavations individual components of such devices could meet, but they did not pay much attention. They could meet during excavations at the ancient temples and places of burial.

In addition to the use of bags and a thin metal belt at the waist, the athlete-jumper priest had the ability to manage their energy. Before jumping he injected himself into a state comparable to levitation, setting themselves the ultimate goal: to jump on such and such a distance. They were knowledgeable and trained youths were trained under the guidance of the high-level priests. Many of the ancient knowledge of humanity is forgotten, but not completely. Such ancient knowledge still kept humanity in the remote corners of the Earth and are used in practice. For example, many Western scholars and travelers who have visited in the Himalayas and Tibet, talk about llamas messenger, able to manage the weight of his body (body energy) and run for many hours long distances at high speed, barely touching the ground and without feeling tired . The runner at this time is in polugipnoticheskom state. He runs like a lunatic. Mentally, he keeps in mind the field of view (in my mind) the purpose (place) of destination, and his lips are repeated tirelessly special mantra.

The possibilities of the human body we are still far from unknown, especially its energy side and thread communication with the outside world. Research is needed and practical steps in this direction. Information about ancient devices makes us think about it.

We affects some other level of knowledge possessed by our ancestors in many aspects of life that do not come to us. What our civilization will leave to future generations? What wonders of sport and technology come as no surprise that our descendants could respectfully bowed their heads before the talent and genius of our generation? It is known that there have been proposals in the United Nations to create a museum of ingenious creations of our civilization. Does this happen?

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