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Odysseus killed the Cyclops

Odysseus killed the Cyclops
Sticking sharp beam in one eye ferocious Cyclops Polyphemus, the legendary Odysseus destroyed a unique view of dwarf elephants that lived on the island of Sicily. The ancient myth of the one-eyed giant anthropoid dispelled Italian paleontologists at the scientific exhibition "Polyphemus in Modena."

As ITAR-TASS, the exhibition presents the skull, discovered by researchers at the Sicily, from which only one - the front - eye socket. At first glance, it is very similar to the eye in the forehead. Scientists believe that the skulls found near the bones actually belonged to a large mammal, which had a size of, for example, a large bear. However, these remains belonged not Cyclops, and dwarf elephants. "Eye" in the forehead - a hole for the respiratory tract, ie the trunk. Sami organs of sight were on the sides of the head. The whole skull with a surprisingly similar to the famous statues of the Cyclopes - antiquity and the Renaissance.

Similar remains have been found on many islands in the Mediterranean: Sardinia, Malta, Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus. Most likely, dwarf elephants became extinct shortly before the famous travel intrepid explorer and the emergence of the "Odyssey" of Homer. In ancient times, too, dug a massive skull with a frontal "eye socket".

2000 years ago, these findings must have been greater than today. Such tangible evidence only reinforced the legend of the ferocious beasts. But, as evidenced by scientific calculations at the show in Modena, they belonged to a peaceful pachydermia - thick-skinned fat men who were several times lower than those of elephants, that we used to see in zoos.

As the "dwarfs" settled on the Mediterranean islands, it remains a mystery. Once upon a time, these patches of land might be connected with the African continent. In the end, all the elephants know how to swim, and the owners of the skulls of the Cyclops could get to Sicily, Rhodes and the sea to swim.

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