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The death of the battleship Novorossiysk

The death of the battleship Novorossiysk
After the victory in the Second World War, the Allies divided the Italian fleet to address the Tripartite Commission in 1948. As a result, the Soviet Union got a light cruiser, 9 destroyers, 4 submarines and the battleship "Julius Caesar", built before the First World War. February 6, 1949 the Soviet Navy flag was raised over the ship, and later, in March, was renamed the battleship "Novorossiysk".

The state of "Julius Caesar" in the transmission was unimportant: for five years, almost handed the scrap, ship rusted with a small, clearly insufficient for such a vessel, crew on board without proper maintenance. Not saved the day and small repairs conducted by immediately before the transfer of the battleship Union.

However, in July "Novorossiysk" '49 took part in maneuvers as the flagship of the squadron. Subsequently, the battleship spent in repair docks a lot of time, it repaired as much as eight times and have achieved some success: replace combat and technical equipment, upgraded turbine, even with awkward layout clear. We planned to fully re-equip the ship, but decided not to hurry and leave the Italian guns. In the future, it intended to equip the battleship shells with tactical nuclear warheads - and then he would, in spite of the venerable age of 35 years, has become a real threat to the enemy.

October 28, 1955 "Novorossiysk" came back from the next campaign, moored near the Naval Hospital. on board, in addition to full-time sailors, soldiers were, translated from the army to the navy and totally unprepared for what happened later: in the second half of the night under the ship's hull there was a powerful explosion (~ 1100-1800 kg of TNT). Seeing that the water supply can not be stopped, the acting commander of the captain of the second rank G. Horshudov turned to the fleet commander Vice Admiral Parkhomenko, a proposal to evacuate part of the team, which is due to the flooding of the bow began to gather on the poop, and there are several hundred people, but was renouncement. 4.15 The ship capsized after roll, dragged under the water hundreds of people on the deck and in the compartments. At ten o'clock in the evening the battleship sank completely.

Despite the fact that since the explosion until the tipping had plenty of time (not to mention the complete flooding of the time, which occurred 20 hours after the accident) of the compartments were rescued only 9 people: two pulled divers, seven got through sliced ​​the bottom of the ship rescue with "Karabakh".

As a result of the disaster killed more than 600 people: got not only the crew of the battleship, but also to those who came to the rescue. The fact of the tragedy no one at that time knew she was destined to be a state secret. In view of this situation from the position of Commander of the Navy Admiral Kuznetsov was removed: he was removed from office, stripped of the title and sent into retirement. In the first place on this decision influenced by the fact that so many people were killed, and not all at once, and after poorly organized rescue ship procedures, because from the moment of the explosion to the flooding time has passed only a little less than a day! One is struck by the fact that frankly outdated battleship continued to work on an equal basis with younger vessels and even served as the flagship. Despite the great time spent in repairing them, "Novorossiysk" could not compete with the modern combat ships and did not meet certain technical requirements. And, nevertheless, I went to sea trips, rather than standing as a museum in the port. Perhaps due to the fact that its big ships from the USSR was not there, and the need for powerful ocean-going vessels felt.

Causes of "Novorossiysk" catastrophe by different people at different times and were considered negligence Fleet Command, and sabotage conducted either Italian, or British, and exploded a mine, or even a couple of minutes during the Second World War.

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