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The predictions of Nostradamus

The predictions of Nostradamus
Interestingly, could anyone suggest a gloomy winter day in the morning December 14, 1503, that starting from that moment dispassionate history metronome will begin counting the hours and the days spent in the land the most remarkable prophet of all that ever existed? It is unlikely that this thought and the parents of the newborn Michel de Notre Dame - Jews from the small town of Saint-Remy in Provence, kutaya child in diapers and lulling him lullabies. However, even if the parents and could even for a second to see what to expect in the future of their newly born baby is most likely the first thought was to be regretted that they are generally made it into the world - so many ordeals destined to fall on his share.

Has managed to be born in a family of Jews, recently christened - at the behest of the soul, and obeying the cruel decree of French King Louis the XII, - Michel de Notre Dame grew up in an atmosphere of mystery and double life, left a mark on all childhood. His parents secretly continued to practice Judaism, and precocious boy could not understand how recklessly enters the state unceremoniously pointing to his subjects, what to believe and what to pray to God.

In general, however, the policy, as such, did not attract a future prophet, on the other hand, he eagerly sought to specific knowledge, learning with an inconceivable rapidity everything that seemed useful and interesting. And teachers Nostradamus was lucky - almost from the cradle of his education come to grips with both his grandfather, doctor, Pierre and Jean, people comprehensively developed and sensible. It was under their guidance the boy mastered medicine and traditional healing with herbs, started brilliantly speak several languages ​​- Greek, Latin and Hebrew. He became acquainted, through grandparents, and with the forbidden arts as alchemy and cabbalism. But most young Nostradamus excelled in mathematics and astrology, then called "celestial science."

As a result of home schooling education of Nostradamus has been so complete that when in 1529 he enrolled at Montpellier University, wanting to get a medical degree, after a while, not without surprise discovered - his knowledge, if not superior, or at least not inferior knowledge of famous professors. Furthermore, intuition, coupled with common sense tells young doctor, that many techniques common at the time, like bloodletting or abuse of laxatives, are not only useless, but in most cases are simply harmful. However, he also knew that the time and no one can prove anything. After studying in the glorious institution for three years, Nostradamus passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor, received the coveted licensed physician, because of which, in fact, lost valuable time at the University, and then went out of the city in the province to meet the raging bubonic plague across the country.

Studying bright and full of events biography of Michel de Notre Dame, do not get tired to be surprised that a man of his extraordinary learning, which would have done credit to many present-day academics, and his exceptional spiritual qualities, combined with a sober and extremely sharp mind. It really is much ahead of his time, and it is possible to confidently say, whether we are talking about his prophecies about the particular philosophy or his achievements in the field of medicine. The young doctor, a Jew, a recent university graduate, which at every step had to deal with the condescending attitude of senior and only because - "smartest" of doctors, he paid little attention to the way it was decided to treat in those days, and was considered only to the fact that prompted him to logic, common sense and practice. That's why he plunged into the midst of the plague epidemic and, quickly disillusioned with marginally useful methods of their colleagues, patients began to heal on its own, to invent ways on the go, getting downright stunning results. Thus, he was able to stop the epidemic in several major cities in France, including Carcassonne, Toulouse, Narbonne and Bordeaux. Instead debilitating for the patient and the latest power-consuming bloodletting he "subscribed to" spring water, fresh air and the drug made him on the basis of medicinal herbs.

These drugs - pink pills implicated on the basis of rose petals and rich in vitamin C, a doctor handing out handfuls on infected streets, passing vtolkovyvaya people basic hygiene rules.

After four years of this practice, having gained invaluable experience, Michel Nostradamus again appeared before the teachers of Montpellier, this time in order to get a doctorate, and he did it without much difficulty. Dedicating the next three years teaching at the university, he responded to the invitation of the famous scientist and philosopher Jules Cesar Scaliger, whose name at the time thundered around the world, and moved to the city of Agen, where he began to close the practice of medicine. There he made a last, his personal fortune, having acquired his beloved beautiful wife and two charming kids whose birth of life has made it infinitely happy. However, so cruel this world is arranged that for all eventually have to pay a price. Such fees charged within a few years of serene happiness, and possession of the gift of prophecy, Nostradamus was for the loss of absolutely everything, from the family, in which he saw the meaning of their existence, and ending the practice of medicine.

Black stripe in his life came when in Agen outbreak of plague. Calmly and confidently doctor came into the bout with his old enemy, and only when the faces of his wife and children seemed sinister spot, Nostradamus realized that he was late, and who saved thousands of people, was not to protect those closest. But this blow was not the last. Funeral of family and heartbroken Nostradamus expect more surprises from the "grateful" Agen residents, many of whom were forced him to life. As often happens, a person weakened by adversity numerous envious competitors and enemies simply hastened to trample in the mud, declared a charlatan. The authority of Nostradamus as a physician, was blown up. In addition, quickly found well-wishers, to convict the doctor of heresy, and although the accusation was not worth a damn, Nostradamus was nevertheless ordered to appear before the court of the Inquisition in Toulouse.

Under cover of night, he fled from his native country Italy, a few years of hiding from the Inquisition, again rethinking his entire life. It is in these wanderings awakened his prophetic gift, which opened as a result of the humiliation and misery, which he had experienced and which he survived with dignity. The whole past life collapsed, and the new opened with a clean slate, and that dazzling white sheet someone careless handwriting wrote the word "prophet." However, for most of Nostradamus this gift was not only somehow inauguration as a source of new forces and the infinite joy of the newborn, freed from diapers and get the opportunity to explore a new and hitherto unknown world.

It is safe to say, have rendered a disservice to the rains in Provence in the middle of the XVI century, became ultimately the source of one of the worst epidemics in the history of France. For several years, the death took possession of this country, and when Nostradamus arrived in the capital city of Provence Aix, it seemed to him that he was in hell: the corpses lay in the streets in the set, and the windows could be heard only the moans and cries. Doctors in the city was not - all of them or have died, or has died, others fled and did Aix, calling him "a cursed place." Over the next 270 days Nostradamus labored day and night, fighting a deadly plague. On his orders, the city streets have cleaned all the bodies, and the streets themselves have put in order. All patients and healthy was ordered to follow strict hygiene rules and the famous pink pills the doctor spent all the money, which is located, and then distributing them for free on the streets. Efforts, coupled with the experience were not in vain: the plague receded, and Michel Nostradamus of outcast became a national hero. The city fathers even assigned him a life annuity, and the people literally bombarded him with gifts and other expressions of gratitude. Some time after that the doctor continued his wandering, wandering from town to town after plague, until 45 years have not felt a craving for a sedentary life and settled in the town of Salon, where he married a rich widow Annie Pozar Gemel.

From that moment begins a double life who has seen a doctor views, nice family man and caring father. Rather, life is not so much a double as divided into two so different to each other part. On the one hand, the people of Salon knew the doctor as an excellent professional and good-natured man with a good sense of humor, which is always possible to talk heart to heart. On the other - at night in the windows of the good-natured light was long and closely, you could see the silhouette bent over papers Nostradamus wrote her endless letters to people who are not yet born. His contemporaries said that in the depth of the eyes of the wise and very compassionate person always reads slight sadness. Or tired? Regardless of whether he was laughing, explaining the secrets of the horoscope or shared with neighbors purely worldly experience. But at the same time, the light gray, with a warm shade of his eyes were determined - the habit impacted almost every day to look into the most remote corners of the future, with all its murders, wars, injustices.

One can not help catch myself thinking how well one must have the courage to be able to look at all this? See and do not go crazy. And he's not just looking - judging by his emotional accounts, he was a direct participant in the events of opening it, experiencing them in the same way as the later people will experience them in their own skin. Only a doctor to get rid of the fear of the plague many cities, personally having seen thousands of deaths, including the death of his beloved wife and two children - only he could explore without fear of the future war with their multimillion victims and instruments of unfathomable destructive power. And involuntarily conclusion is that without such a rich experience of life, generous in the tragedy and danger, without the brilliant education and, of course, the main pillars - peace of mind, will overcome all obstacles, Nostradamus would never be who he is. Only the unique combination of all these factors shaped the mind and soul of the prophet, making him a kind of mediator between the past and the future.

"As is usually accepted claim that the knowledge of future events accurate knowledge can not be, that is the case, I initially did not believe in its ability to predict through my natural ability, inherited from ancestors. I always underestimate their abilities, given to me by nature ... "- wrote to the Prophet in the" Epistle to Henry II ». Agree, it is a clear feeling of uncertainty it creates a living portrait of a man, so unlike the harsh and important face, which is often emblazoned on the engravings, but so far Nostradamus has very little to do. Of course, the first time he doubted, not knowing whether to attribute their visions in dreams or hallucinations, and only then, when they have become clearer than reality itself - believe. Moreover, he understood and realized the mechanism of communication with the Divine itself, devoid of any kind was a mystery and is manifested only by His will. But even then, the prophet was in no hurry to publish their insights, believing that appear before the court of the Inquisition is never too late.

Only in 1550 was a first almanac with the prophecies of Michel Nostradamus, consisting of twelve quatrains, quatrains, each of which contained a prediction of one of the months of the coming year. No wonder that the almanac gained immense popularity, while the Inquisition if they wanted nothing to complain about was - streamlined phrases quatrains and a link to the exact science of astrology did not give any reason for this. In the future, these almanacs published regularly every year, until the death of the author. This experience was a kind of "trial stone 'doctor of medicine, and because it was successful, in 1554 the seer began the hard work over the centuries, would be sure to look into the much more distant future.

The idea of ​​Nostradamus was as follows: ten centuries of a hundred quatrains, quatrains each. Thus it turns about a thousand quatrains. If we consider that the word "centurion" means "hundred", "century", it turns out a kind of forecast for the next thousand years (in fact, as you will see in the future, much less). In 1555 in Lyon were published in the first three Centuries later, in the same year - the end of the fourth and volume from the fifth to the seventh, and all these prophecies issued modest circulation, brought the author great popularity in France - probably not been at the time of a person, who at least vaguely heard of the famous prophet. Another thing is, there were many skeptics who call quatrains usual gibberish and envious competitors, directly accusing the author in connection with the evil spirit.

It is hard to imagine what a deadly risk exposing himself to this man, if you remember all the medieval trials of witches and wizards, all the atrocities unbelted Inquisition, which were placed on the altar of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. It is clear that he risked incredible, but in the name of someone or something? Why do was to write a letter to the future, if the code of the letter can not be deciphered, and even the past on it is almost impossible to find - not that look beyond the horizon? But more on that later. In the meantime, stop at one of the facts of the biography of Michel Nostradamus - his relations with persons of the royal family. More precisely, one of the facts, it is very important for our further investigation.

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