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Nmadi-devil dogs

Nmadi-devil dogs
More recently, humanity has learned about nmadi tribe, living apart ethnic group, lost in the golden sands of Mauritania, on the edge of the Sahara Desert. Without a doubt, the place in which he lives a tribe, the most frightening and mysterious in the Sahara. Here there is an endless "performance": the huge sand dunes orange are constantly in motion, changing the landscape. Desert, as in a vise, is compressed into this tiny oasis - stony plateau tichit.

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Al Jumhuriyah al-Islamiya al-Muritaniya), a state in north-west Africa 1,030,700 square kilometers. Population - 2.6 million:. Moors (about 70 percent), Wolof, tukuler, Soninke, Zenaga ... Official language - Arabic
State religion - Islam. Capital - Nouakchott. -President Of the Head of State. Legislative - bicameral parliament (National Assembly and Senate) in Mauritania - rocky and sandy desert of Western Sahara, height up to 915 meters The climate is tropical-desert. The average January temperature - 16-20 degrees Celsius, in July - 30-32 degrees ... Rivers with permanent watercourse not. Desert and semi-desert vegetation.

About tichit plateau had to tell himself. Standing under the hot wind gusts very old stone houses reminiscent of matchboxes. On a rocky plateau called in those places Gamada, that here and there one can see the rare "frames" dried-up trees. There is also protrude from the sand and stones of thorny bushes. According to legend, it is in these places were "devil dogs" that the mountain spirits were ordered to follow Zbeda and Dgagi. These were the first two nmadi, who did not want to obey the spirits and were to die in the desert of hunger and thirst. They lay face down on the sand, as it should do in the desert people who have lost the way, waiting for death. It was then, and there were "devil dog", a symbol of death. Nowhere. But it is they who instilled hope in nmadi. People have made friends with the dogs, who from that moment became the most expensive of what proficient nomads!

For the first time these nomads met at a place called Ulate. With the local language the word "nmadi" is translated as "hunter" that Mauritanians means "savage." The fact that so many centuries ago Moorish family, as they say here, moved from Nouadhibou region to other areas only for one reason: they can not stand the endless quarrels with the tribe nmadi because forever separated from them, but harbored a grudge. However, themselves nmadi ancestors left the former places of residence in the east joined them part of other ethnic groups. Thus was formed the caste nmadi that by barely fit for life tichit plateau, became involved in the hunt. They despised since other, "more noble" tribes and still preserve the feudal way of life. Approximately spoken in Mauritania. But it was all really, and why nmadi went almost certain death, settling on the rocky plateau tichit? It seems that the full answer to these questions is no.

Residence - huge tents, inside covered with a veil, made of multi-colored patches, and the outside - from a single piece of fabric, which blew up the sail in the gusts of strong wind. Before each tent - a canopy of fabric mats are located directly on the sand. Despite the prevailing gloom in this home, you will notice that the entire tent is held on the frame of woven twigs, which is attached to the two central wooden posts. The women of the tribe are free both in words and in action, take decisions on an equal basis with men. They are the custodians of the traditions nmadi. Matriarchy is, however, no, but there is equality between the sexes.

Each tent live from several families. Standing to his full height in flimsy shelters is impossible because of the low ceiling, so everything here, or sit, or lie. The meager belongings of families kept in the back of the tents in special chests made of wood. Chest for the family - the main wealth, not counting the ornaments worn by women and girls. And, of course, their dogs, and sheep, which separates the tribe.

Special hunting equipment in nmadi does not exist. Hunters wear gown sleeveless, hoisting the turban on his head and a wound dressing with light traces of animal blood, killed before. This bandage hunters never erased, afraid to scare the beast a human odor. The only weapon among hunters - an ordinary stick. Assistant - dog.

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