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Mystery Nazism

Mystery Nazism
Now it is generally accepted that the foundation of the ideology of fascism was laid secret societies long before the rise of the Nazi state, but an active force this outlook became after Germany's defeat in the First World War. However, we will start from the end of the 19th century. That's when Theodore Hagen, Rector benedektianskogo monastery in the Austrian city of Lamb, made a long journey to the Middle East and the Caucasus. The aim was to search for esoteric knowledge, which were used when creating the order itself, but gradually lost.

Hagen has brought a huge amount of some ancient manuscripts. The content of the scrolls remained a mystery even for the brethren. We only know that the abbot gave the order to the local craftsmen to make bas-reliefs in the new Abbey. Their basis was the swastika - an ancient pagan sign of the circular rotation of the world. Interesting coincidence, around the time of the appearance of swastikas on the walls of the monastery lambahskogo in his church choir sang a skinny boy. His name was Adolf Schicklgruber.

After the death of Theodor Hagen in 1898, granted to the Abbey Cistercian monk Lance Jorg von Liebenfels. Somehow, the mysterious manuscripts East brethren gave him without the slightest provocation. Eyewitnesses recalled that Liebenfels spent several months in the monastery library, only occasionally leaving to receive meager food. This tsisterianets, a follower of St. Bernard, no one spoke. He looked very excited, like a man in the power of amazing discoveries. Submissions received Liebenfels, allowed him to found a spiritual secret society. It was called "The Order of the new temple."

In 1947 Liebenfels would write that he brought Hitler to power. But it will be then. And yet, at the turn of the century. Order of the new temple has become one of the centers of a little-known in our occult currents. It was called "vienay". Translated from the old German - "dedication". This concept in esoteric circles, is treated as a mystical comprehension of the fact that for the profane is the object of blind faith. By this current attitude and the Order of Guido von List. It was founded in Vienna in 1908. Armanenorden - In a society Liszt's inner circle was created. His Liszt considered the successor to a chain of organizations, centuries passed each other the baton to the mystery of priest-kings.

In "mystery language of Indo-Germans" Liszt wrote about the German tradition, as the sole bearer of spirituality and wisdom of ancestors who lived in the ancient continent Arctogaia. In the book, a map of this legendary land was placed with capital Thule. In Vienna, Liszt met the young Hitler. Another interesting fact is that one of the activists of his order was Mathilde Ludendorff, the wife of the Chief of the German General Staff during the First World War. Among the extant documents Armanenorden have very significant resolution on the dissemination of ideas "vienay" in the German generals.

In 1912 was created Germanenorden, absorbed structure, preaching the idea of ​​"vienay", including the Order of Guido von List. One member Germanenorden, Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, founded in 1918, the Munich branch of the Thule Order -obschestvo (named after the capital of the legendary Arctic country - cradles of mankind). Its official purpose - studying Germanic culture, but the real problem was much deeper.

In October 1918 Sebottendorf instructed lodge brothers Karl Harrer (sports journalist) and Anton Drexler (mechanic) to establish a circle of workers. Later, he became a WCT (Deutsche Arbeiterparrei = German Workers' Party). Newspaper Thule Society was the "Volkischer Beobachter", which later was inherited directly NSDAP, developed from the WCT.

The war veteran (former corporal) Adolf Hitler came in at number seven NDSAP (lucky number - sign of fate - he thought ...). The lists of members of the Thule Society is marked with a "visitor" in front of him. And soon ideas of theorists "Tula" is reflected in his book "Mein Kampf." As you know its program book Hitler wrote in Landsberg prison, where he sat with Rudolf Hess after the failed "Beer Hall Putsch". It is important to note that before the coup Hess worked as an assistant at the University of Munich Professor Haushofer, a very remarkable person.

At the beginning of the century, Karl Haushofer was a military attache of Germany in Japan. According to the researchers, Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, in this country, he was initiated into the secret order of the Green Dragon. Later, in the second decade of this century, he opened the doors of the Buddhist monasteries in Lhasa (yellow cap). During the First World War, Haushofer was promoted to General. His colleagues hit the ability of this person to clairvoyance in the analysis of military operations. It was believed that such a property he developed, dedicated to communicating with the East. In the postwar period Haushofer devoted himself to science. . And now, after the collapse of the Beer Hall Putsch, almost every day, Karl Haushofer, a famous professor and General begins visit to the prison two young men with a dubious reputation. For what purpose?

An important detail: Haushofer was close to the Thule society. As we remember, the Nazi Party became a political branch. Obviously, it was after the coup gray cardinals of the Order finally made their choice. Fuhrer is Hitler. But why is it that Hitler was elected? I inclined to mysticism, and hence - inspire. It has obvious characteristics of the medium and is able to influence the audience. Perfect fit in the well-known triad of all occultists. Magician "pumps up" the medium, and the causes of the collective consciousness of the crowd demons of war and blood, a blind adoration and aggression.

In 1944, Albrecht Haushofer's son was killed after a failed assassination attempt on Hitler. In the pocket of his jacket found a bloody note with cryptic poems. Interlinear translation of something like this: "Everything depended on whether to push the demon in his dungeon. My father broke the seal, he did not feel the breath of the evil one. He let the demon in the world. " Still later, at Nuremberg Hoess, allegedly in a state of amnesia, does not recognize their teacher. March 14, 1946 Professor kill his wife, Martha, and then commit suicide in accordance with the ritual of samurai honor.

quickly turned into a purely application of the mystical plane of ideas. Many of the theoretical principles of racial Act, 1934 as if copied from Germanenorden documents. In the practical part of the law calls for the ousting of non-Aryans, especially Jewish mongrels, of the state apparatus, from the legal profession, with the job of journalists, doctors, from the sphere of culture and art. On the formation of such representations Sebottendorf Baron said in his book "Before Hitler came", published in 1933. But then on the Reich was sent to the order - to destroy the book, and found himself Sebottendorf wherever he was. (Baron managed to escape to Turkey, where he drowned May 8, 1945-the year). Doom for the founder of the Order of Thule was the page of the book lists the members of the Thule and information on Hitler in 1932, he accepted the offer to become the Grand Master Germanenorden.

Some, especially those responsible speeches, Hitler makes a characteristic gesture - arms at a right angle crossed on his chest. That is described in the documents of the Order of the ritual gesture of his Grand Master. It corresponds to the runic signs "varnish", which means "double ax" - a symbol of power. I wonder how this gesture is interpreted in black magic incunabula "Gesture Master - crossed arms, of course, nothing more than a symbol of death and rebirth that is used in the ritual of summoning the dead. But here's the paradox: after Hitler came to power, the ratio of the top Reich mysticism outwardly changed.

The symbol of this change was one caveat, note that allowed "Ahnenerbe" archival documents. Many of them - the rough trail Sash work on characters. And in all the papers swastika is portrayed only right-handed. The swastika, which was soon to raise high the banners of the Reich, would be inverted, left-handed. (Researcher I. Gorshkov believes that a positively charged, right-handed swastika was intended to influence the consciousness of "us", as the left-sided was intended to threaten enemies. However, this is just a guess. Let's go back to the facts). Information Association "sealant Policy". In 1935, the SS members of banned consist Germanenorden. And then he did and ceased to exist. Among the bishops "Millennial Empire" the prevailing view that the activities of such structures is inspired subversive Jewish movement. Soon began the outflow of the SS many theorists who have launched the Reich. Satanic forces do not enjoy. They are. Or just die.

When compared with the Thule Society, the easiest way you can understand yourself the difference between them, if you say that the Thule Society was engaged in the material world and political issues, while the Vril Society was oriented mainly on the underworld. Later, in 1935 - it was founded and most journalists referred to an elite mystical award "Ahnenerbe" (Ahnenerbe - "Ancestral Heritage"), who in 1939 at the initiative of Himmler became the main research structure within the SS. Available in the submission of fifty research institutes. Company "Ahnenerbe" was engaged in search of ancient knowledge, allowing to develop the latest technology, controlled by magic methods human consciousness, to spend genetic manipulations in order to create a "superman".

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