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The mystery of the crystal skulls

The mystery of the crystal skulls
May 26, 1996 the British broadcaster BBC BBC showed an hour-long program called "Mysteries of the Crystal Skull." The fact that the world-renowned company has devoted a special program for this phenomenon, says the growing interest in this puzzle.

Crystal Skull - accurate model of human skulls made of different types of natural quartz crystal skulls Occurrences - Mexico, Central and South America, the spread area of ​​the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. It is believed that the skull have a millennial age, but to accurately determine the date of their creation is extremely difficult, as the method of determining the age of quartz does not exist, and the radiocarbon dating method in this case does not work.

The first crystal skull, known today as «Michell-Hedges» (by the name of its discoverer), was found in 1924 by a group of archaeologists led by FA Mitchell-Hedges on the ruins of the ancient Mayan city Lubaatun, in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. This skull studied in detail in 1960 the art critic F. Dorland. The dimensions of the skull were 152,4h203,2h152,4 millimeters and weighs -5.13 kg. Inside the back of the skull F. Dorland discovered prisms and canal system. With this system, skull and eye socket began to glow, if you install an external light source behind it, such as a candle. A lower jaw, made separately and connected to the skull by a thread, threaded through a thin opening, could move freely. The skull was clearly intended for ritual purposes.

It turned out that it has been manufactured from a quartz crystal. His face had not the slightest trace of any processing of metal tools and was, apparently, is polished with a special paste, the secret of which has not reached our time, but, according to conservative estimates, in order to make it in such a way, the Indians would be required no less than 300 years'

In 1970, F. Dorland showed skull specialists firms "Hugh Lett-Packard," says an authoritative expert on the quartz and is a well known manufacturer of crystal oscillators. In its report, the firm L. Barre engineer wrote, "We have studied the skull in all three optical axes, and found that it consists of 3-4 splices. Analyzing splices, we found that they grow from a single point and form a single solid crystal. We also found that the skull carved from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. On the Mohs scale rhinestone has high hardness, equal to 7 (second only topaz, corundum and diamond). As for processing, it does besides diamond, it is impossible to cut. But the ancients knew how to handle it somehow. And not only the skull - they are cut from the same piece of the lower jaw and the space for articulation of the jaw on which it was suspended. With such a hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal tensions When you click on the crystal head cutter, thanks to the presence of stress crystal may break into pieces, so it can not be cut - he just split. But someone has made this crystal skull of one piece so carefully, as if he did not touch at all to him in the process of cutting. "

Thus, the experts of "Hewlett-Packard" confirmed the assumption F. Dorland that the skull was not made with the help of the tool, but by long-term treatment with abrasives. What then?

"When you study the surface of the skull we have found evidence of the impact of three different abrasives - writes L. Barre - the final finish polishing it is made. We also found a kind of prism cut in the back of the skull at its base so that any light beam entering the eye socket is reflected in them. " In conclusion, the experts wrote in their hearts: "damn thing should not have been there in the world. Whoever her dig, I had not the slightest notion of crystallography and completely ignored the axis of symmetry. It was bound to fall apart during processing! "

Incidentally, the word that those who made the skull, had not the slightest notion of crystallography and ignored axis stone symmetry, are the best proof that the skull could not make the mythical "alien aliens" After the skull, just like any other puzzle of ancient civilizations, immediately rushed to the tracks classify aliens. So, someone had seen inside the skull «Michell-Hedges» image like a spaceship hologram that appears and disappears. Others have seen appearing inside the skull shape of an unknown substance.

But the skull «Michell -Hedges» - is not the only product of this kind. Even in 1889, Mexico was found by his "brother" - the skull "ET", now kept in London, at the British Museum. It is made of smoky quartz, less skillfully made, and the lower jaw had closed-end. By the way, the skull "ET" like no one race that lives on the earth today - his upper jaw and eye sockets have very unusual shape. However, it is very similar to the styling.

Japan kept the skull, made of solid amethyst. Out of pure quartz made in Guatemala found the skull "Max." Crystal skull stored in the Museum of Man in Paris, made a rather rude and depicts the Aztec god of death and the underworld.

All crystal skulls are different from each other in size, color and appearance. On this occasion, there was even a temper hypothesized that Earth was visited by representatives of a number of extraterrestrial civilizations, each of which has left a crystal model of the skull that contains the knowledge and the genetic code of the race. There is an assumption that «Michell-Hedges» - «major» skull, which brings together the rest and is the "skull of power." At the same time all the skulls of information linked together by some unknown and even skulls that may lie outside the Earth and were used as a means of communication, like a kind of "Internet." This method of communication is obviously entirely borrowed from John. R. R. Tolkien from "Lord of the Rings" (stone-Palantir).

Quartz, which is made of the skull, known as the mineral that has the property of enhancing the natural electrical energy. In all modern electrical devices used quartz. Since our body has an electromagnetic field of constant tension, quartz is able to enhance the energy intensity of our body field, which is believed to increase the ability of the human spirit. A number of unexplained phenomena associated with crystal skulls. Many people feel a surge of energy coming from them. Some of this energy provides an exceptional impact, causing mental vibration.

Today, many scientists are trying to find an answer to the question of the origin of crystal skulls and their method of manufacture. But as long as it remains a mystery.

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