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The mystery of the "batman"

The mystery of the
Together with a friend habarovchanin Dmitriy Nikonov traveled the Bikin River, a tributary of the Ussuri. And one night they heard cries of lingering, like the weeping woman. And the sound source is not standing still and moving: the screams and howling is heard from one, then from another place. Travelers who confessed Dmitry experienced chilling fear.

Later, in Vladivostok, they heard the story of the "flying man" supposedly dwells in the wilds of the Ussuri taiga in the south of Primorye.

What is this mysterious creature living in the coastal taiga? This question, among other things, asked another famous explorer Vladimir Arsenyev Ussuri region. Here is what he wrote in one of his books:

"My dog ‚Äč‚Äčtrailed behind. On the trail, I saw a bear track, rather resembling a human. Alma bristled and growled. And after that someone darted to the side, breaking the bushes. Alma tightly clung to my legs ... At this time, something happened that I did not expect. I heard the beating of wings. Out of the mist floated some weight, large and dark, and flew over the river. Dog EXPRESSLY fear all the time huddled at my feet. At this time, I heard screams, screams like a woman ... Udege evening began animatedly discuss the version that in these places there is a man who can fly through the air. "

Do not believe the testimony of Vladimir Klavdievich can unless inveterate skeptic. Arsenyev was very proud of his scientific reputation, and that what is not certain, would not write.

Incidentally, in the dossier of the Maritime Association President Alexander Rempel ufologists have similar facts concerning the "flying man" and have related to our days. Interestingly, for example, the well-known story of the Far Ranger Wang Yong Shang. Once he was within a few minutes of chasing "women's" cries. Himself being taiga men did not see, but fled in panic along the trail more | kilometers and since then never came back to the place. Maybe he was frightened cries of some bird? Such questions Yong Wang Shang offense: having lived all his life in the forest, he would have recognized his voice any bird. It was something else - being unknown to him.

Hunters talk about this being allegedly seen near the mountains and Pidan Cloud. It is not often heard in the 1930s - 1940s in this region. It is known and such a fact. In 1944, the farm near Ekaterinovka (Southern Primorye) worked six soldiers, led by old | bus. One night, two of them coming back on a cart with products from the village. Before reaching three kilometers from the farm, the soldiers saw a huge down to earth glowing ball. At the time of the landing of the ball could be heard heartbreaking "female" cries. Throwing the cart, the boys rushed to the farm. Then they panic fear of the dark, we talked about the "flying man".

Recorded by Alexander Rempel and the story of the hunter AI Kurentsova. At night, the hunter suddenly woke up feeling that watching him. Corner of his eye saw the gliding flight with a steep decline in fire plummeted something huge and dark. Overturned on his back to avoid a collision, the hunter saw over him, almost touching the ground, flying ... man. Kurentsov remember membranous wings, like the wings of a bat. Quickly I jumped up, hiding behind the trunk of a nearby tree, where they did not go out until dawn. In the morning I explored all around, but found no trace.

Even more terrible fear experienced Ivanitskaya family. Late at night she was awakened in his hut unusually loud chirping, similar in timbre to the cricket song. "Cricket", however, quickly fell silent. Head of the family discovered that the sound was coming from under the bed, and saw under her unusual zabivsheesya the wall being not a dog, not something else. He tried to entice - did not work. Ivanitskaya started throwing slippers under the bed. "Dog" and jerked forward suddenly threw a very long proboscis, which tried to embrace the feet of the hosts. Here too terrified family was forced to defend themselves and being hit with anything, while children splashed in it dichlorvos. Being squeezed, it rolled to the far corner and quiet. When he pulled out from under the bed and a good look, they saw something that is not known to anyone, and reminding largest small dog, which had but a short bluish coat, two three-toed feet and rigid wings about a half meters long, shaped like the wings of a bat. Muzzle creature looked like a human face mask cast in plaster is almost flat, with a large forehead, not covered with hair, very large eyes and a tiny lipless mouth. Instead of being nose was a triangular hole. It is, apparently, was already dead. He was thrown into the pit left by the builders. Later, a hole filled.

What the heck was that? What's in this story is true, and that perhaps fiction? - Can not be determined today, as the story is a long and direct evidence of what happened is not a researcher. But the real sensation can be considered evidence of a group of tourists Alexander Lazarev, make a stop at Mount Pidan. Tourists seen flying from the mountain on a hang glider man. We drew attention to the "winged" design of the glider, and (seemingly) the child, managing the aircraft. Camcorder brought the flying man and the operator suddenly saw that it was not a hang glider. On the tape, the camcorder remains the image of unusual "face" of the winged creatures - perhaps unknown to science huge bat with an almost human face.

In the winter of the same year, four hunters from the village Tiger resting at the fire. They heard a terrible noise near a small lake. Concerned, took his gun and lights, dogs clicked and went to the lake. When a dog howled reaching the shore, tail between his legs and clung to the people (remember that almost exactly describes the dog's reaction when they met with a flying creature Vladimir Arsenyev). Around the tree people discerned a human figure rising about six meters. In light of flashlights they saw a creature with huge red-orange eyes and krylopodobnymi hands. "Flying Man" flapped its wings and flew low between the trees. But further evidence, already the most recent.

Habarovchanka Inessa Grigorieva at the end of January 1997 came to the village to rest Anisevku. Walking along the edge of the village, she saw a large bird flying in her direction. I looked closely, trying to determine what it is - and was dumbfounded. "I saw two legs dangling down, human-like - she tells. - Being dropped, making a circle and flew away. The wings were stationary, being moved silently. He had a human face, I could see at least the mouth and big eyes. "

Who is it that has lived for hundreds of years, and maybe more, in the coastal taiga. Relic has been preserved to the present day? Mutant? The alien creature, from time to time to visit Ussuri jungle? Perhaps someday we still know ...

Now, fast forward to the other regions.

Unique snapshot sent from Kiev to one edition of Nikolai Buchko. He sent as he writes, "just in case, because I believe in these things is difficult. I would not believe it myself if I had not seen with my own database ... "

It happened last summer, in August. First, 32-year-old Nick "barking noticed mysterious" bird "in the campaign for mushrooms, nemnozho, as mentioned above, stunned, and then decided to watch for it with a camera. What and succeeded. According to observations of the author of the picture, "bird", more like a "crocodile with wings and rat tail 'lives (perhaps her nest there?)" In the direction of Chernobyl ", somewhere at the bottom of a fairly deep ravine. Residence Buchko monster did not dare to look, as glimpsed in the jaws of the beast rather sharp teeth, and the size of it is impressive: on estimates Nicholas, wingspan - meter and a half. In general, he says, "no feathers he stinks from him as from garbage, and, as I understand it, it looked so prehistoric pterodactyls. That's why I thought so long and to send you a photo or not, because it looks unreal: we're not "lost world" and "Jurassic Park" - from here in the Ukrainian forest, take pterodactyl? "

And now - in England.

... He was not seen for 20 years. And reports of man-owl again flooded the British press ...

The famous hunter outlandish monsters Briton Tony Schiele in his books carefully passed off as truth all the nonsense that they told him all sorts of half-crazy eyewitnesses meetings with werewolves and prehistoric monsters. Schiele satisfy the eternal human craving for anything mysterious and did not take offense when academic experts called him a charlatan.

But the rainy London evening when he called a Don Melling from Preston, Tony the first time in his life he felt that faced with something other than the fruit of someone's inflamed imagination.

"I know what you're hunting for monsters, so I decided to tell 'you what happened to my daughters June and Vicky. They saw a human-owl "- just stunned Shils stranger.

Don Melling chose Maunen village in Cornwall near the coast to spend a vacation in a beautiful nature. But he had to flee for three days before the holiday.

On Easter weekend in the twilight of his daughter, 9-year-old Vicky and 12-year-old June, in fear watched over the church bell tower was flying a huge, from head to toe covered creature with feathers. It was like a terrible human-bird. Disgusting creature waved its wings and hung in the air, frozen in one place. Then she began to move silently in the woods. The girls watched in horror behind him as long as the monster disappeared from the eyes

"I can talk to June and Vicky" - he asked his father Schiele girls.

"I'm sorry, but they are so traumatized by what had happened, the new memories will be unbearably painful for them. I'm afraid for their babies, but drawing the human-owls. He drew a June "- suggested Don Melling, who was, it seems, no less frightened little girls.

Schiele did not know what to think. Who could fly on Easter night over the church godforsaken village? Gliders there was nowhere to take. However, as a relic creatures.

A little later, from Cornwall began to receive strange messages at least happening like craze. This may have been caused by extreme weather events - unprecedented period of frost is suddenly replaced by heavy rains that caused flooding, and to replace them came true African heat ...

One poor woman was imprisoned in his own house, which throughout the day, as in the novels of Dean Kuntsae violently precipitated hundreds of crazed birds. They crashed at breakneck speed into the wall and died. After the attack, the whole house was filled with blood of birds.

Another resident of Cornwall, laid siege to a flock of feral cats. Animals completely crazy. Domestic dogs threw themselves on their hosts, and dolphins at sea, usually to save people, they have become, on the contrary, to sink

Local farmers reported satanic power, I will dwell in their herds. Apparently, some animals showed a talent for teleportation. Mystical extravaganza, when herds of cows and sheep for one moment moved over distances of tens of kilometers, accompanied by numerous visits of unidentified flying objects.

Meanwhile, the owl-man appeared "brother." From the sea at night in the Cornish coast got into the habit to come out prehistoric snakes Morgaur. On his next coming he informed trumpet blaring. In the morning on the beach were the prints of his huge paws. Morgaura even nicknamed "monster Falmutskoy Bay" and even published a booklet on the study had still not unravel the phenomenon.

Schiele decided to personally go to a mysterious village where he was able to talk to other witnesses the emergence of a terrible bird.

14 Summer Sally Chapman and Barbara Perry lived in a forest camp in the vicinity of the village. They did not believe in any spirits and devils. Their rest went perfectly well as long as they do not meet a monster in feathers

"Are you Dr. Schiele? We have seen him - Sally turned to him and began to describe his nightmare without delay. - Bird Monster looked like a big owl, but with a human size, with pointed ears. Her eyes were red and glowing in the dark. At first I thought it was someone dressed in costume and decided to play a trick on us, to scare. After all, everyone knew about the local man-owl. We first with Barbara laughed when stumbled upon a "stuffed"; it seemed to us ridiculous. And then it became scary. It rose into the air. We cried. When it flew, we drew attention to the foot of man-owl. They were, as ticks ... "

Barbara interrupted Sally and added to the description of his observations.

"He's disgusting, creepy owl face with large ears and huge enormous eyes. And black claws on their feet. "

Tony was not gullible simpleton. He thought at first that the girl had agreed. Apparently, they wanted him to play. But he has seen a lot in his lifetime skilled liars and inventor, so he could distinguish truth from fiction.

"Whatever it was, but Sally and Barbara really faced with something extraordinary. The clue to this is no. "

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