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Life after life

Life after life
The fact that the soul is immortal, mankind knew since time immemorial. However, over the last hundred years, we strongly urge, and almost convinced that it is not. But thousands of years of historical tradition is immeasurably stronger than any of the latest trends.

Suppose for a moment that any part of our personality survives death really. What dalshe9 A probability - that the soul incarnates again, whether immediately or after a certain time interval, and lives in another body, to begin a new life. This is a very ancient belief was central to two major world religions - Hinduism and Buddhism and was taken early Celtic Christian church. It is found in many other cultures of the Australian Aborigines to the Zulu Even in the XX century, some people argue that the recall of past lives.

However, most of these claims does not hold too many insist in its incarnation in the famous historical figures in 1930 Englishwoman Joan Grant famous fictionalized memories of a series of his fascinating life in ancient Egypt (a popular destination for many stories of past lives). Well known two such cases. One woman recalled that in a previous life she was a King James IV of Scotland, and the other insisted that was the famous mistress of Charles II Nell Gwynn

The revival of interest in the West is due to reincarnation conducted in the early 1950s, experiments: hypnotized people can think back to the past even before his birth, even in past lives, from which they extracted an unprecedented amount of information about everyday life in the old days. A recent study of 1088 cases reported in the United States, showed that most of the memories of past lives is very inconsistent. but shabby. This suggests that the problem of reincarnation there is still something more than mere bragging.

The first known case of an eloquent return to previous life occurred in Colorado in 1952, when an amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein-back young woman named Virdzhinets Tai in a past life in which she was supposedly Irish Bridey fi Mayor, who lived in the years 1798-1864. To the delight of Bernstein, Tai immediately lost its typical Midwestern accent by clicking on an Irish accent, and issued a lot of convincing details about life in Belfast Cork i in the first half of the XIX century. Check her story was difficult because little data survived about Ireland at the time. When in 1956, Bernstein published a description of this case, it created a sensation, and the return to the past under hypnosis instantly became fashionable. Many came to the irresistible attraction about conducting their own experiments with the use of new techniques, including a Welsh hypnotherapist Arnall Bloksema. In 1960 and 1970 he was "returned" to the past more than 400 people and taped from memories of past lives.

However, such experiments have a weak point - there is a possibility that the witness (introduced hypnosis in a heightened state of suggestibility is led by a hypnotherapist or simple (fantasizing on the topic known to him the events, for example, a Harry Hurst remembered his life in the Egyptian city of Thebes in. light times she Ramses III (about 150 BC). Among other details, he referred to the Roman coin sestertius. Egyptologist, which asked for advice on this occasion, pointed out that the name "Thebes" was (given to the city by Greek writers in a later period, and the Egyptians the same time of Ramses have called him a "he." in addition, the Egyptians are not numbered their pharaohs, and distinguished rulers with the same name, the names of the sequence, at birth data in the construction of the throne and during reign. the first sestertii appeared to handle only a millennium after the reign of Ramses.

If reincarnation - a reality, then we can not know to what extent ka memory of past lives filtered contemporary experience. It is difficult, for example, to assert with confidence, he says lі "Italian" his memories of a past life in English for the convenience of the hypnotist or just dreams, and speak Italian does not know how more reliable way to assess the reality of the memories of a past life - is to consider only those few cases in which the subject really speaks a different language. For fixed illiterate attempt to speak in ancient Egyptian or a modern German. But psychologist Yenu Stevenson lucky with the client, is fluent in Swedish, with a dash of historic Norwegian.

American researcher Wilson suggested that memories of past lives, obtained under hypnosis are actually examples of such psychological phenomena as cryptomnesia, or "hidden memory" when the brain restores some stuff that he does not recognize the memory. He also believed that calls to mind under the influence of other life hypnosis can be compared with multiple splitting of the psyche, is found in some of the mentally ill, usually as a result of injuries received in childhood. This splitting is known as a kind of schizophrenia, evident in the fact that in one body, as it were cohabiting up to forty different personalities. As a rule, one of them - a real person, and the other - "control", which can be defined as the patient's conscience; others, less developed, symbolize childishness, artistry, and so on. n. And, answering questions, each person maintains his independence and full self-consciousness, although it may be aware of the existence of at least a few individuals, and even interact with them

Treatment of Wilson to the splitting of the individual as a possible explanation of the phenomenon of memories of past lives is debatable, because of multiple personality syndrome (LSU) is poorly understood, there is debate about the reasons for its occurrence, and psychiatrists are increasingly are willing to diagnose it. Like regressive therapy, LSU - a modern phenomenon. Until the 50s of this century, very few recorded cases, but today they number in the thousands. Nevertheless, it should be recognized that evidence obtained under hypnosis, past life is still unconvincing at best, and that lessons should be learned from how the human brain's ability to create stories, snatched from the depths of the unconscious and of the dangers of using regression therapy to explore the unknown.

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