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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc
No one knows the girl shepherdess-spirit appeared in a dream and said that she should save their homeland. Gather a group, Joan of Arc led him to the enemy. In May 1429 it liberated the city of Orleans, for what it dubbed the Virgin of Orleans. 1429 .... In France '82 was the Hundred Years War with England. It seemed that nothing could stop the British invaders. But here was a rumor that the wizard Merlin among people predicted, "will be virgin (virgin) with an ax in his hand and save everyone." The prophecy was fulfilled exactly. This virgin was 17-year-old Joan of Arc. She was born in 1412 in the village of Domremy in the family of the village chief. How peasant girl she was able to gather under its banner best knights and where she came from the military talent? There are many versions about the origin of Joan of Arc. French scientist and explorer Robert Ambelain in his book "Drama and the secrets of history" claims that Joan was an illegitimate daughter of the Queen of France Isabella of Bavaria. As evidence, the researcher cites the following arguments and facts.

Jeanne was showered with honors even before it made its exploits. Firstly, it was a battle flag, which at that time was no small privilege. Secondly, she had golden spurs that allowed only knights, thirdly, she had her entourage and his staff of the chief nobles, who under no circumstances would not have gone into submission commoner - another thing to serve, though illegitimate, but the princess of royal blood.

And no political tricks are not forced to be the king of France to give a sword Jeanne Bertrand du Guesclin, who has requested it, appearing to the court. Guesclin was a famous knight, known for numerous feats. And his sword was kept in the royal palace, was considered a genuine relic. But as the sword was bequeathed to the late Duke of Orleans (which, according to Ambelain, was the father of Joan), the weapon was given maiden without objection - after all, legitimate heir.

When the royal physician had a virginity test procedure (to confirm compliance with the prophecy of Merlin), Jeanne demanded another weapon of predictions - a battle ax. It was made especially for her by the best masters. And, notably, on the blade was engraved letter «J» with a small crown at the top. The Abbey of Saint-Denis has a plate with the image of Arc in armor with the ax, which can be seen this very letter «J» with the crown.

How can you believe Ambelain historical research? It is difficult to judge. There are other explanations for the strange things that are really visible in the history of Jeanne. American parapsychologist George. Walker argues that all the mysteries of Arc fate is understandable if we assume that Jeanne from birth possessed paranormal abilities.

Ambelain, by the way, explaining the success of Joan vysokorodstvom it also does not deny her clairvoyant gift. According to him, this extraordinary property is transferred to the girl from her father - Louis of Orleans, which is known to possess the ability to see through the future - it is a precision "saw" a picture of his death long before the murder and described in detail to her friends. However, the Duke of Orleans, this gift was cut already in adulthood. And Jeanne's "contacts" began in childhood.

As chroniclers show the strangeness of the girl began after she got ... a visit to the fairies. Near the village, where she lived, the forest stretches Chenu, where on the banks of the stream currant, according to local legend, fairies grown tree. Jeanne loved to walk in these places. And one day, after returning home, she told her parents that near the old beech in front of her opened the door to the magical land. Little girl takes herself queen of the fairies, and she predicted a great future. Since then, Joan began to regularly visit the strange visions and voices ...

In the memoirs of contemporaries of Joan of Arc and then slip allusions to sverhvozmozhnosti girl. Eyewitnesses described how a rider with a virgin in armor swore to him that Jeanne had predicted a quick death. It soon happened. During one of the battles of Arc ally warned that he walked away, otherwise it will hit a cannonball. Knight stepped in his place stood the other, and was immediately killed.

Apparently, Joan and possessed the ability to hypnosis. Her voice, like his contemporaries recalled, literally bewitched soldiers before battle so that they threw themselves even in the notoriously unequal battle, fearlessly, and some of it does not even experienced the pain of his wounds, while continuing to fight, when he was mortally wounded. Warriors attributed it to divine favor. A gift of clairvoyance was also a secret weapon of Joan of Arc - said J. Worker.. - And, apparently, its ability in this were truly enormous. Comparing their actions to the inner voice, she never made a mistake in the forecasts, brilliantly winning one battle after another. Battle of Potet that held the young chief, went down in history as one of the most brilliant victories of the French arms by the British it was attended by about five thousand men, by the French - almost one and a half thousand. But, in spite of the numerical superiority, the British suffered a crushing defeat - they counted dead two and a half thousand people, and the rest fled or were captured. In the French army the loss amounted to only ten people .... "It was like a miracle! - Admired contemporaries Jeanne. - Virgo know in advance if the tide of battle, accurately sending troops to the most dangerous in terms ... "The mysterious voice warned Jeanne literally everything. Even the fact that she will fall into the hands of enemies she knew in advance what and warned his friends. Events unfolded so.

The army was preparing to Jeanne combat sortie. Before that, in the parish church of Saint-Jacques took office. When she was on her knees, she was rolled on a wave of hopeless longing. Friends of Joan froze, as she rocked with her eyes closed - it always did when it occurred vision. When he awoke, the maiden said: "I was sold and betrayed ... I know people who have done it. I have nothing more I can not help you, because I will soon be given into the hand of death! "

Commanders asked Jeanne to postpone the attack. But she refused. And soon, during the fight it captured the Burgundian archer. Foresee the betrayal also happened - Captain William Flavy ordered the closure of the gates and raise the drawbridge of the fortress, from which came a detachment of Jeanne. And the knights who were still in it, could not come to the aid of Arc.

Rumors about the mysterious gift of Jeanne, of course, came up to her enemies. And it is not surprising that those primarily accused her of witchcraft. The Holy Fathers and the representatives of the Inquisition tortured for a long time of Arc, all to inquire what kind of voice helped her in difficult times? The painful interrogation lasted more than one month. There was a time when the exhausted girl fell seriously ill. Doctor urgently given to her prison bed, just threw up his hands, they say, the medicine is powerless. But a miracle happened. Again Jeanne flooded was silenced voices, and after two or three days, she completely recovered from the fever - an incurable disease at that time.

When the "witch" was erected on the fire and executed, again it was incredible. In the pile of coal and ash was found completely untouched heart of the girl. With all the precautions he was carried to the bank of the Seine, and thrown into the cold water. It was May 30, 1431. This is the official version of the life and death of Joan of Arc. However, within this version can not be explained further chain of mysterious events. Within a few months after the bloody executions in Rouen died one after the other all the prosecution witnesses and judges: Bishop Philibert de Satin, Luazaler Pierre, Nicolas de Roux - from heart attacks, Jacques d'Estive - drowned in the swamp, Ledonteyn investigator and chief inquisitor Jacques les Meyer - generally disappeared.

Does Joan spontaneous gift or consciously used it? Evidence of this has survived. But we can assume that she was a teacher, not her extraordinary abilities. One marshal of France Gilles de Rais, a former associate of Arc in its many campaigns. In some paintings, depicting the coronation of Charles VII of, Jeanne is on the right hand, and Gilles de Rais - on the left. So, this marshal was also famous alchemist, an expert on ancient esoteric knowledge, it could turn into a wonderful gift Jeanne real and formidable weapon. Not for this not long after Joan's death was captured by the Inquisition, and Gilles de Rais? He too was accused of witchcraft and sent to the stake.

Whether Jeanne was a princess of France? Maybe ... But more important is the fact that researchers now recognize paranormal capabilities of this legendary woman. It truly is, perhaps, the only reliably known case of a gift of clairvoyance used the scale of military operations and at the same time with the same success. As for the ability to see clearly if the future belongs to the magical forces, as some believe - in fact called the Inquisition Joan Orleans witch! - Then we would remind you that the church fully rehabilitated Arc, identifying it in 1920 as a saint.

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