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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper
In 1888, London's East End has seen a series of brutal murders of prostitutes attributed maniac nicknamed Jack the Ripper. To this day, these crimes remain unsolved. Was Jack the Ripper maniac surgeon? Or a supporter of ritual murder? And maybe insane member of the royal family?

At the end of the XIX century the British Empire was the time of greatest prosperity. Possession of it were scattered across the globe, they are inhabited by people of different races and religions. But in the center of this vast empire it was a place where, as journalists wrote, never dropped in the sun. London's East End was a shame Britain and the entire civilized world. People live here in poverty and squalor. The infant mortality rate in the area of ​​the British capital twice the national average. Prostitution and drunkenness, sexual child molestation, murder and fraud have become familiar features of the local lifestyle. All of it was well-manured breeding ground for the killer, whose black fame reached our days. The streets and alleys of the East End became the scene of his bloody deeds. Crimes of Jack the Ripper incomparable, of course, with the horrors of the mass, which gave humanity the twentieth century. He killed, but with savage cruelty, only five women. But in this case the question is, who was the culprit. There are serious suspicions that Jack the Ripper was a representative of the upper classes of British society. These suspicions aroused to the "Beast of the East End" of such great public interest.

The first victim.

Although Jack the Ripper and remained in the history of crime as abominable murderer, his gloomy authority over the East End was short-lived. The first blow he struck August 31, 1888. On that day, he was brutally murdered Mary Ann Nichols, a prostitute, in the Whitechapel area hunted. Her body was found in a maze of dark alleys. Forty-two "Pretty Polly" was known as drunken drunkard and frequenter of all the local eateries. With high probability the police suggested this scenario crime. "Pretty Polly" addressed to high passer with the usual in such cases, the question: "Looking for a fun, mister?" Most likely, it is requested for the services of four pence. This paltry sum enough for you to pay for a place in a rooming house and get a few sips of cheap gin. As soon as the man pulled her into a dark place, the fate of prostitutes has been solved.

To her throat stretched out arm, and a few seconds later it was cut from ear to ear. "This could be done only crazy! - Said a police doctor. - I've never seen anything like it. Slaughter it is only a man could so who knows how to handle a knife. " Since the killing in the impoverished and dangerous area of ​​the East End were the usual phenomenon, the police did not attach particular importance to this case. But only for one week. September 8, "Darkie Annie" Chapman, sorokasemiletnyaya prostitute, seriously ill with tuberculosis, was found beheaded far from Spaytelfiod market. Although there were no signs of rape, character assassination, as in the first case, he pointed out that the culprit was cutting and gutting the victim under the influence of the strongest sexual arousal. In addition, the dismemberment of the body, "Darkie Annie" (All her insides were lying next to the corpse) spoke about knowing the anatomy of a murderer, or surgery. So it was clearly not a common criminal.

Monster amused.

The second murder was an unexpected continuation. On September 28, the news agency in Fleet Street it's humiliating letter. It said: "From all sides I've heard rumors that the police caught me. And they still have not figured me. I hunt on women of a certain type, and will not stop killing them as long as I did not povyazhut. The last case was a magnificent performance. The lady did not even have time to scream. I love this work and ready to repeat it. Soon you'll learn about me again for a fun prank. After finishing the last thing, I picked up a bottle of ink out of the ginger lemonade, to write a letter, but they soon thickened glue, and I could not take advantage of them. So I decided that instead of suitable red ink. Ha! Ha! Next time, I'll cut off your ears and send them to the police, just like that, for fun. " The letter was signed "Jack the Ripper".

By the following letter sent to the commission on policing in Whitechapel, half of the kidney was applied. The sender claimed that the kidney is cut from the victim and killed them that the second half of it, he ate it. Of course, the investigators were not sure that the second letter sent by the same person who sent the first. But it was already known that the Ripper cuts some organs of their victims. Cleverly slitting their throats, he dissects the body, cuts the person opens the abdomen, removes the viscera. Something he leaves next to the corpse, something takes with him. The third victim of the Ripper became Elizabeth Stride, because of its growth nicknamed "Long Liz". September 30 junk dealer, passing with his cart on Berner Street in Whitechapel, noticed a suspicious node and reported him to the police. Since the body was found forty-four Liz. As in previous cases, the victim's throat was raspolosovat. Killer at the same time was behind her. But no trace of injury or sexual excesses were not on the body. The police decided that the offender was ashamed of their vile acts. However, on the same day, they found the victim number four.

A wave of fear.

Edous Katherine, who was in his forties, found dismembered, her face turned jagged learned entrails lying on the right shoulder, both ears disappeared. By the time London was already engulfed in a wave of fear. Many women began to carry knives and whistles to call the police. Newspaper "Illustrated London News" jokingly suggested noble lady to get guns with handles, decorated with pearls, in case you want to extend the Ripper murders social sphere. One of the stores began advertise even steel corsets. And in the Whitechapel women police began to dress and makeup for prostitutes in the hope that the offender will peck at the bait and get. It reached farce. So, to an undercover police officer approached the journalist, dressed as a woman of easy virtue, and asked: "Are you one of us?" He replied: "That's really not!" - And arrested nimble reporter. Murder Iddoues alarmed the police to the extreme. Her body was mutilated much stronger than in previous cases. Bloody path went from corpse to shreds tattered apron, is lying in the entrance. And next to the door on the wall in chalk it was written: "The Jews - are not people who can be blamed for anything." Sir Charles Warren, the police chief personally erased inscription, and thus may destroy a very important piece of evidence. But he feared that the inscription could trigger a wave of hostility to him under then influx in the East End of Jews from Eastern Europe.

Rumors and suspicions.

Rumors about who could be the killer, spread like wildfire. Some frightened residents of the district people even say that it is engaged in some sort of police during street patrols. Among the suspects was also a Russian physician named Michael Ostrog. Somewhere born version that he was allegedly sent by the tsarist secret police, to incite hatred toward Jews-emigrants. There were those that claimed that the perpetrator - some kooky surgeon. Suspicion has touched even the Sir Charles Warren - known Freemason. It has been suggested that he erased the writing on the wall to save them from retaliation Mason-killer. The last murder took place on 9 November. The only difference was the fact that the victim belonged to a higher category of prostitutes - she had a private room. Mary Kelly, twenty-five years old, was killed and severely mutilated in the room that she rented. This time, the Ripper had ample time to enjoy oneself plenty of his vile work.

On the morning of November 10 the owner of the house, Henry Bowers, bypassing the tenants and collecting rents, knocked on the door of Mary. The previous evening, attractive blonde spent at his usual occupation - pestered passers-by, begging for money. Last man with whom she was seen - tall, dark, with a mustache and a felt hat hunting, perhaps, was her killer. At autopsy, by the way, it turned out that the woman was three months pregnant. This string of brutal murders broke. But now, more than a century, the mystery short but bloody orgy of the Ripper remains unsolved. In 1959, seventy-one years after a series of murders, an old man recalled as a child once I rolled a cart down the Hanburi Street and heard the cries of "Murder!" The old man said: "I was a kid, so do not hesitate to run up and He pushed his way through the crowd ... and there she lay, but from its innards still steaming. She wore a white and red stockings ". The then boy saw the second victim of the Ripper - Annie Chapman. One of the suspects has caused particular excitement in the community, as it was the grandson of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence. Suspicion fell on him just because there was a lot of talk about his madness. Immediately after a series of murders Prince, according to rumors, he was sent to a mental hospital in order to avoid scandal. Duke was the eldest son of the future King Edward VII. They said he was bisexual and damaged mind after infected with syphilis. But the first place in a number of suspects, most likely served Montague John Druitt, whose body was found in the Thames a few weeks after the murder of Mary Kelly.


Another author, William Stewart speculated that Jack the Ripper did not exist, and in fact was, Jill Potroshitelnitsa - midwife hunted clandestine abortions. At one time she had been in prison for prostitution. Upon his release, Jill allegedly launched a brutal revenge society. A senior police officer John Stalker, who resigned from the post of the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, studying the Ripper case, said: "Until now, there is not the slightest real evidence against someone, that could be present in court. The truth is that Jack the Ripper never feared being caught. I am sure that the police have repeatedly turned out with him, but ... Police in 1888, faced with a fairly new phenomenon for her - a series of sexually motivated murders committed by someone who was not familiar with his victims. Even now, after a hundred years, to disclose such crimes is very difficult. "

And yet there is a man thoroughly familiar with the case of the Ripper, who is convinced that the perpetrator of the gruesome murders could be called. John Ross, a former policeman, now in charge of the so-called "Black Museum" police. It is not prone to hasty conclusions, he tells visitors to its unusual exhibition that Jack the Ripper - actually emigrant Kosminskiy names. Incidentally, this man is not known almost nothing but names. Nevertheless, Mr. Ross argues that the data collected by the police at the time when viewed from the scene indicate it on Kosminskii. By the way, this is not only Ross. In February 1894 the predecessor of Mr. Ross, a keen analyst of Sir Melville D. Makknoton wrote a seven-page reference and pinned her to the documents in the case of Jack the Ripper. In this help, he tried to refute some of the most common version of the time. The note says: "Kosminskiy - a Polish Jew. This man has gone mad as a result of many years of life in solitude and vice. He hated women, especially prostitutes, and was inclined to murder ... It is associated with a number of crimes, which allows to suspect him. "

Famous artist?

More recently, an American writer, author of detective bestseller Patricia Cornwell announced to the whole world that she finally managed to tear the mask, behind which lurk in Psycho Killer: Jack the Ripper, says the writer, was none other than Walter Sikkert, the famous English artist, founder English impressionism. "I literally put at stake his reputation, because if someone would be able to disprove my evidence and I feel like an idiot, and look like an absolute ignoramus," - says an eminent writer.

On the answer to the mystery of the old Cornwall has put not only a reputation, but also a significant part of his (it should be noted, considerable) state. The mystery of Jack the Ripper would not let her rest for a few years, becoming "ideeyfiks". In search of evidence she bought more than 30 paintings by Walter Sikkerta, several letters and even his desk. But this queen of American detective has not stopped: in the hope of finding traces of DNA of the killer she gutted one of the artist's paintings, which caused anger on both sides of the ocean.

Cornwall is not the first links the name Walter Sikkerta with Jack the Ripper. The artist was known for his decadent lifestyle, dark scenes and active interest in the murders committed by a mysterious serial killer. This topic is the subject of many studies, but they are denied the possibility of a link between the great artist and notorious case of Jack the Ripper.

"As far as I can tell, its arguments are very, very weak and are not based on concrete facts and evidence, and fanatical conviction of Patricia Cornwell, that that went in those days, rumors have under the soil, - says the British art historian and specialist in Sikkertu Richard Shawn. - I think it was her obsession, and it is like a bulldog that can not disengage his jaw. But even if she had irrefutable evidence to support this hypothesis, still what she did with the great masters of painting - it is a criminal offense. At the same time, Patricia Cornwell still calls us to stop to admire the art Sikkerta! This is sheer nonsense. Yes, if he were a murderer, we will, of course, in a different way to see some of his work, began to interpret them differently, but cross all his work is only a man completely devoid of the ability to perceive art".

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