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In search of "The Flying Dutchman"

In search of
Popular among sailors legend of "Flying Dutchman" - a ship doomed to eternal wandering at sea space for the sins of his captain - Dutchman van der Straaten, arose at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries. Even in complete calm, say experts maritime folklore, "The Flying Dutchman" sailing races at breakneck speed. The meeting with the ghost ship crew composed entirely of skeletons, life-threatening.

According to one theory, van der Straaten was so wild drunk and terrible blasphemer that their behavior is often resented even accustomed to all sailors. On one of the drunken orgies he swore to his friends, Captain Bernard Fok and Count Von Falkenberg that to spite God and the devil will round the Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of Africa), even if he will need time to do so until the Last Judgment.

According to another version, the captain of "The Flying Dutchman" a bet with the devil, that come on his ship from Europe to the West Indies for just three months, for the devil has turned his ship sails in unmanaged iron sheets.

Any vessel met on his way "Flying Dutchman" is doomed - the old-timers say the sea. At best, it runs aground, the crew will cover the mass insanity. In the worst ...

This is how the effects of meeting with sea ghost French writer A. Savini: "Rounding Cape Horn, Clipper" Texada "met" the Flying Dutchman ", and all aboard, was seized with terror. A few days later, five sailors were washed away by a wave, the sixth has fallen from the mast and crashed, the captain committed suicide, and when the ship arrived at the port of Hobart, Tasmania on that yellow fever claimed the remaining three-quarters of the crew. "

From the perspective of a reasonable person, described Savigny marine episode is not worth a damn. Indeed, when we look at the tragic case of a clipper "Texada" all the deaths on board and can be explained without invoking supernatural forces. You can ... But is it necessary?

Even the most ardent supporters of the legend of the "Flying Dutchman" is not doubt that this is just a legend .... Believe they to another, in that in the vast expanses of the ocean there is something beyond the control of, and hostile to the human mind, the ability to "read" the thoughts and transformed into the form that it is given at the time witnesses. For example, in "The Flying Dutchman"!

In October 1913 the west coast of Tierra del Fuego in the ocean were seen marching under full sail an English ship. On board, you can hardly make out the name - "Marlborough". Employees of local administration, digging in the archives, found that the sailing ship "Marlborough" disappeared while sailing from New Zealand to England ... 23 years ago!

Witnesses, first to climb aboard the "Marlborough", were shocked by what they saw. The crew was in place, but that it was for the crew ?! All around there were skeletons in ragged sea form - at the helm, in the main cabin, the cabin. How overtook their death that they had seen? Logbook could not shed light on the cause of the tragedy: he was so spoiled by mold, that no one record in it to read and failed.

Thirty-five years later, the tragedy repeated itself off the coast of New Zealand. February 8, 1948 the Dutch ship "Uranus Medan" was submitted distress signals. Radioman begged for help: "... killed all the officers and the captain ... alive I was left alone ..." The last sentence was:

"I'm dying ..." Rescuers have risen a few hours on board the ship, the captain found dead on the bridge officers - the steering and navigation cabin, sailors - in the wardroom. Despite the absence of the corpses of any wounds, dead united by a common expression of unspeakable horror on their faces. The subsequent autopsy revealed that all members of the crew died of sudden cardiac arrest.

The fear caused by the vision of the ghost ship? Rather, another manifestation of the mysterious SOMETHING, fueled by human energy. Meet with them as possible. Back live - never.

That is quite a recent report on the subject that interests us. In August 1997 King Coal Donald Dukes of New Mexico with his wife Susan and 19-year-old daughter, Margaret traveled on his own yacht "Paul rem" in the Caribbean and Sargasso seas. The yacht was built on an individual project. In addition to strong armored hull and powerful turbine plant, it has been equipped with a powerful radar devices and cutting-edge transmitter. The team consisted of 9 persons, including the captain. August 28 yacht was in 110 kilometers to the north of the island of San Salvador, included in the archipelago of the Bahamas. The weather was beautiful.

As usually happens in the tropics, night fell quickly. The morning also was clear and cloudless. Suddenly lightning flashed bright and immediately rocked terrible thunder against a blue sky. And instantly the weather changed dramatically. Storm blew north-west wind, which, in essence, made the boat unmanageable. With incredible speed it drove through the waves, despite the fact that "Paul rem" has a powerful engine.

Suddenly a strong wind quickly died down. Motor earned in the previous regime, and the boat back on course. The sea was calm again, the sky is cloudless. This neither passengers nor crew have not yet seen. It was like some kind of grotesque farce.

Here watchman cried in negotiating the tube: "Captain, quite suddenly on the course south-west there was a ship that is moving right at us!"

A few minutes later all were on deck saw the sailboat. He moved to intercept the boat.

"It is strange, - said the captain - do not build such ships have at least 400 years! Where did he come from the Maritime Museum you? "That

Meanwhile sailing at full speed and raced straight to the boat. Already you could see people huddled on its deck and dressed in strange clothes. Those people, too, seemed to be bewildered, looking at the yacht Americans.

Suddenly, between the ships swirling delicate water column, and a strange alien disappeared, just disappeared into thin air.

Everyone was shocked. Then one of the sailors, Henry Hor, who was interested in all sorts of paranormal and have sufficient knowledge in this area has suggested that, most likely an unknown ship came from a different time dimension. There also he came back, he had disappeared.

The same view shared later a famous American physicist Francis Osborne. He believes that this case clearly confirms the well-known theory of relativity of Einstein. There are other worlds different from our time According to this theory. It is there, and occasionally get people and various objects.

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