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Hitler's Death

Hitler's Death
First talk about the "suicide" of Hitler took place between the Fuehrer and Mueller in March 45th in the Reich Chancellery garden that later dug up and down in search of the remains of the winners of the leaders of Nazi Germany. Both knew that the end was near and looked for a way out of a difficult situation. Nobody was going to give up: it was too late, and the effort was sorry. As soon as think about the future. Mueller suggested to hide in Spain, in Barcelona.

This city is considered optimal for this purpose, one of the main ports from which you can easily go almost anywhere in the world; Müller there were his people, and of Franco probably would have helped. In the future, you can escape to South America. Mueller advised to take off from an airfield Gatow and offered as a pilot Werner Baumbach, a man very much devoted to the Führer, as well as a skilled pilot.

To avoid persecution allies, it was necessary to replace Hitler's double. "He was the first thought of his twin, and we both laughed a little," - said Muller about the meeting in the garden. More in 1941, Muller reported that in Breslau on the printing factory employs almost an exact copy of the Fuehrer. Despite the lack of a mustache and the other hairstyle, the resemblance was striking. This man was a distant relative of Hitler, born in Austria in Sillip family, but did not know about his relationship with Adolf. Double smoked, Hitler was better, so I had a little "work": unlearn smoking, lose weight and learn some gestures and habits of the Fuhrer. The work was carried out successfully, and soon no one could distinguish the distant relatives.

Last Mueller saw Hitler on April 22, 1945, in the same garden, the office of the company Rattenhuber, valet Linge and the person holding the beloved dog of the Fuhrer Blondie. Hitler went with Ling and dog back to back only the valet, and said: "The owner left. It's forever". He left and did not die. Rattenhuber added: "The Fuhrer has left us. Now we have a new Führer. " It was about Hitler's twin.

In the last days of the war, Joseph Stalin sent a special team to search for the body of Hitler. They found, according to Muller, you guessed it, a body double. Forgery was seen at once, and the news of the "discovery" quickly flew to Stalin. A detailed study of the remains of some inconsistencies were observed, of which Stalin feared the report. Stalin doubted, I did not believe that the body was found - the body of Hitler, and sent the new experts. The experts also doubted. There were several reasons.

Firstly, on the feet of the dead man were darned socks. Hitler could not wear darned socks! Although ... anything can happen. However, other differences are more significant. At the test facility it had only one testicle, in the present Hitler - two. The differences were in the form of ears. It is known that before the widespread use of fingerprints is a form of the ears is a kind of passport: on the ground there is no person with the same shape of the ears. What to do with the false corpse? Stalin ordered to destroy the body, but soon changed his mind, and poluobgorevshy corpse, pulling out of the oven, was sent to Moscow in the ice chest.

Mueller argues that the double body is buried, so that Russian could easily find him, and the general himself burying the body. Double unsuspecting, hoping to make a false lure for allies, is the real Hitler is hidden somewhere in Spain or South America. But alive "lzhefyurera 'leave was impossible in such a case, the allies would continue to search for double efforts and eventually would have reached the goal. The double was shot from a gun "Walther PPK" caliber 7.65 in the middle of the forehead, until the last moment hoping for a miracle. The miracle did not happen.

Earlier, he was replaced by the Fuehrer when he went to the traditional walk with his dog. These walks were quite common thing and no one paid attention to them, so that no one noticed the forgery, when returned to the bunker is not Hitler, and his counterpart from the look like a shepherd Blondi. Since then, the "Hitler" were shielded from unnecessary contact, so that no one suspected anything.

As Mueller said, "we have created a double, dressed him in his uniform of Hitler, then shot and buried there, where he is sure to be found. So why now the head clog issues Hitler is alive or dead? "In any case, after the events of the spring of the 45th Führer and has not appeared before a large audience that, at least, to talk about his political death.

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