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"Heavenly ships": the ufo phenomenon

It would not have interpreted "rosuellsky incident", one fact remains: since the late 1940s, mankind has entered the "era of the UFO."

The amazing flying objects people watched over the centuries. Many early historical sources recorded phenomenal descriptions of celestial phenomena. Thus, in 215 BC. e. something "similar to the ships" were observed in the sky over Rome. Such certificates are many, but in most cases we are talking about comets, meteors, fireballs, and other celestial bodies. And only a small part of the facts listed in the Chronicle is really inexplicable. Although, it should be noted that many of these facts, passed through the worldview of the ancient or medieval man, impossible somehow identified with reality. As a rule, "heavenly boats", which occasionally mention historical chronicles, indeed appear as celestial ships, and not as a spacecraft. Reasonable to assume that the "heavenly boats" are part of the ancient tradition of sightings in the sky of unusual phenomena, including odd-shaped clouds.

Certificate of strange objects, and obviously non-mechanical origin, were recorded throughout the XIX century. For example, in September 1814 and October 1815 in the skies over France were marked by small round clouds move against the wind and shed a stone rain. In 1872, sailors from the barque "Lady of the Lake" in the Atlantic Ocean observed "cloud curious form" - a round, clearly delineated, light gray. Barca captain noted in the logbook that the rear part of the cloud was divided into four segments, and dragged him hooked tail, much like a comet's tail. Strange "phantom aircraft," observed over the entire territory of Europe in 1908-1937, respectively.

Recorded and the appearance of the mysterious "celestial serpent". For 4 and 5 September over the city of Crawfordsville, Indiana, appeared glowing white "snake", about six meters in length, with "fins". Red "celestial serpent" seen in 1878 at Oklahoma, and January 4, 1991 in Japan "floating Medusoid white object" shattered leg cow.

More UFO phenomenon began to be interested only in the second half of the 1940s. Moreover - and this is very important - at the earliest stages of the study, it was noted that about 80 percent of reported UFO or unreliable, or explained by natural phenomena. Thus, the Swedish Defence Staff at the end of the 1940s conducted an investigation more than a hundred of the appearance of UFOs and concluded that about 20 percent of cases are indeed a mystery.

Another very important fact in the history of the study of UFOs is one that almost immediately the military experts of many countries, not saying a word, came to the conclusion that UFOs are man-made objects and military sources originate in the secret laboratories of the Third Reich. Two-thirds of the UFO seen in the late 1940s over Scandinavia, according to witnesses, came from the east - from the Soviet Union. In Sweden, the Soviet UFO considered a secret weapon developed using captured German scientists. And other German scientists at the time were in the US, UK, France, ...

Gordon-Michael Scallion, well-known American expert on geophysics of the Earth for many years dealing with the UFO phenomenon, I am convinced that more than half of UFOs recorded today has a terrestrial origin. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that the UFO phenomenon has captured the imagination of the public is not in 1896, not in 1934, and in 1947 - at a time when the world was split into two halves, and began the "cold war", vot-vot threatens to become a "hot" That's when the two opposing sides in an atmosphere of secrecy launched a frenzied military-technical activities.

Since the beginning of the 1950s has become a stronger theory that UFOs are alien aircraft. But back to the late 1950s, intensive exploration of outer space has caused, along with the effervescence of the scientific and technological fiction, downright collapse of new encounters with UFOs. The view that UFOs are spaceships, prevailed in the public mind have appeared so-called "contactees", says that he met and talked with beings from outer space. All were more likely to appear more convincing evidence of the real existence of "flying saucers" - photographs, fragments of filming. Many of the photos have caused serious doubts, as it turned out, they are easy to forge with the most common objects such as automotive wheel caps and pots, but some of the images recorded are really interesting objects. For example, May 11, 1950 in Oregon photographer Paul Trent photographed a large UFO flying near his home. According to Trent, he looked like a "big parachute canopy without a sling." By the way, the photographer was convinced that it was some kind of secret weapon.

Today, computer graphics allows you to get excellent results, photo UFO evidence actually lost value. Expose forgery becomes more difficult, and the very existence of the new technology is already enough to deny any value such photos. But there are plenty of other evidence to support the existence of UFOs: radar surveillance, for example. However, their number has considerably decreased in the last 25 years, which gives reason to believe that the "surveillance radar" UFO in 1950-1960 were mostly errors due to technical imperfections of the then radar.

Be that as it may, to deny the existence of UFOs nobody is going: they exist, and it is an objective reality - no matter whether you believe in UFOs or not. But what is the nature of UFOs? It was then, alas, and start speculating. Not for nothing, Colonel Philip Corso, author of "The day after Roswell" to the question of discrediting ufology US government replied: "That's not necessary, because the belief in UFOs has long and firmly undermine their delusional tales numerous fanatics."

Studying the history of the issue, it is easy to note that the interpretation of the UFO phenomenon is directly related to the processes taking place in the public consciousness. The induced "cold war" atmosphere of paranoid spy mania of the late 1940s - early 1950s, the UFO was considered "secret weapon." Ten years later, on the rise of space dreams of mankind, declared unanimously UFO alien ship. Today, in the wake of the craze mysticism and parapsychology, UFO declare entities from the "parallel worlds", messengers from the beyond ...

Incidentally, we note the existence of yet another interpretation of the phenomenon UFO and the so-called "humanoid" is nothing but the materialization of demons - demons who appeared in a new guise, more enticing for the modern man. After all, what-what, and the facts of phenomena devils medieval chronicles just swarming!

It justified the opinion that the UFO phenomenon is a kind of propaganda trick to dupe society, replacing religion and traditional moral values ​​on faith in the "green men" allegedly are the most "cosmic gods", from time to time taught mankind " good-mind. " Through the efforts of leaders such as Daniken Hypothesis about aliens turned into a world that is within popular culture is able to replace the millions of people both scientific and religious world view. The idea of ​​the "gods from outer space" today with particular urgency imposed on the public consciousness, which for the most part, we know - atheistic. There is a kind of paradox: rejecting one of God's people desperately trying to replace it, thinking "green men". Apparently, still quite impossible to live without God ...

Whatever it was, but there is no clarity in the UFO phenomenon is not, and probably will not for a long time. The trouble is that from the very beginning of the military investigation of the problem conducted in secrecy, displeases UFO "asset." This secrecy was based on the belief that UFOs might pose a threat to national security. Subsequently, when the initiative passed to the study of the phenomenon of enthusiasm minded and overly credulous members' clubs flying saucers ", the print pages spilled a sea of ​​hoaxes that it drowned nuggets of serious, competent investigations. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that a truly impartial investigation of the phenomenon of UFOs is not carried out, although attempts do not cease to understand it from a scientific point. In his publications in the journal "USA: economics, politics, ideology," Vasiliev suggested that US astrophysicists probably already closer to understanding the essence of UFO interaction with the physical fields of the Earth. It is possible that these objects move in a kind of magnetic "tracks" or "tunnels", sometimes jumping up with them, especially over the magnetic anomalies.

It is impossible to communicate clearly and the UFO phenomenon from space aliens. All the facts alleged indicate the existence of other life in the universe, in addition to the Earth, today may be another explanation. No definitive evidence that we are not alone in the universe, no, though strange and unexplained in terms of contemporary science facts there is more than enough.

But the biggest mystery associated with the appearance in the Earth's sky unidentified flying objects, is an event that took place ninety years ago ...

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