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Grigory Rasputin

Grigory Rasputin
Grigory Rasputin was born July 29, 1871 in the village Pokrovskoe of the Tyumen region. Since the place of his birth was virtually inaccessible for the majority wanting something about the life of Grigori Rasputin at home remained only fragmentary and inaccurate information, the source of which was largely his own. It is likely that he was a monk, but it is possible that Rasputin - a brilliant actor who portrayed his great exclusivity and close communion with God.

In 18 years, Rasputin made the first pilgrimage to the monastery in Verkhoturov, but vows not given. At age 19, he returned to Pokrovskoye, where he married Praskovya Feodorovna. In this marriage were born three children - Dmitry in 1897, Maria in 1898 and Barbara in 1900. Marriage is not cooled the ardor of Grigory Rasputin pilgrimage. He continued to visit various holy places, even went to the monastery of Athos in Greece and to Jerusalem. And all this on foot!

After such trips Rasputin imagines himself the elect of God, he declared that he was a saint, and at every step of talking about his miraculous gift to bring healing. Rumors about the Siberian witch doctor began to spread in Russia, and soon Rasputin not made the pilgrimage, and people wanted to get to him. Many of his patients coming from distant lands. It should be noted here that Rasputin was never studied, did not have even a rough idea about medicine, I was illiterate. However, it is perfectly played its role: helping people really could reassure those who were on the verge of despair

Once during plowing fields Rasputin was a sign - it was the Virgin who told about the illness of Tsarevich Alexei, the one of Emperor Nicholas II's son (he suffered from hemophilia - a hereditary disease, which is transmitted to him by his mother's side), and ordered Rasputin to go to St. Petersburg and to save the heir throne.

In 1905 Rasputin was in the capital of the Russian Empire, and in a very good moment. The fact that the church was in need of "prophets" - the people who have believed in the people. Rasputin was just out of this category - a typical peasant looks, simple speech, temper. However, enemies said that Rasputin used religion only as a cover for his cynicism, lust for money and power.

In 1907 he was invited to the imperial court - just in the midst of one of the attacks of the disease in the Crown Prince. The fact that the imperial family hid hemophilia successor, fearing social unrest. Therefore, they have long refused to Rasputin services. However, when the child's condition became critical, Nicholas surrendered.

All subsequent life of Rasputin in St. Petersburg has been inextricably linked with the prince treatment. However, not limited to this. Rasputin made many friends in the higher strata of Petersburg society. When he was close to the imperial family, metropolitan elite she aspired to be a representation of Siberian healer for which eye was referred to as "Grishka Rasputin." In 1910 he moved to St. Petersburg his daughter Maria to enter the Academy of Theology. When she was joined by Barbara, two daughters Rasputin were identified in the gymnasium.

Nicholas I did not welcome the frequent occurrence of Rasputin in the palace. Especially, that soon in St. Petersburg, there were rumors about a very adult behavior Rasputin. They said that by using its enormous influence on the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Rasputin took bribes (cash and in-kind) for the promotion of specific projects or on the career ladder. His drunken fights and real pogroms horrified the population of St. Petersburg. He also greatly undermined the imperial authority, since there was talk of too close relations Grigory Rasputin and the Empress.

In the end, patience bowl was full. In the environment of the imperial entourage emerged plot against Rasputin. Was initiated by Prince Felix Yusupov (imperial niece's husband), Vladimir Purishkevich (MP IV State Duma, known for his ultra-conservative views) and the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich (a cousin of the Emperor Nicholas). December 30, 1916 they invited Grigori Rasputin at Yusupov Palace for a meeting with the Emperor's niece, the famous Petersburg beauty. The cakes and drinks served to guests, contained cyanide. However, the poison had no effect. Impatient conspirators decided to use a wholly-owned means - Yusupov shot Rasputin. But he managed to escape again. When he ran out of the palace, he was greeted Purishkevich and the Grand Duke, who was shot at point-blank "Siberian old man." He was still trying to get to his feet when he was tied up, stuffed into a bag with cargo and dropped into the hole. Later, an autopsy revealed that the elder, when he was at the bottom of the Neva River, fought desperately for his life, but finally drowned.

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