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The ghost train

The ghost train
In 1988, writer-seascape Nikolai Cherkashin gathered in Sevastopol information about the death of the battleship "Novorossiysk". The press has already talked about this terrible catastrophe of the Soviet Navy, which claimed 608 lives. Unfortunately, the cause of the explosion, Burst on the night of October 29, 1955 under the floor of the former "Julius Caesar," the Italian ship, which became Soviet trophy after the Second World War, has not yet been determined.

The great ship rolled over and sank in the North of Sevastopol bay - in front of thousands of citizens, so Cherkashin asked all those who somehow was involved in the crash: the surviving sailors, and those they saved, and those who watched the tragedy with shore. Among the hundreds of stories, remained in his notebooks, there is.

"That night I was on duty at the railway crossing, which before the Balaklava - Balaklava told veteran Peter G. Volodya. - Suddenly I see: from the branch to the former quarry (rails removed, the mound was left) is a train. Eyes rubbed, thought, imagined - because they can not train on the canvas without rails to go, and he goes: a locomotive and three passenger trailer. And the locomotive, and the whole composition is not nashenskie, kind of like a pre-war, or perhaps even earlier. Steam locomotive something on the old "sheep" like, you probably do not remember - a series of "Os" was so - but not a "lamb." "Lamb" - that I know well. Before the war, it began on the stoker. And this - well, never seen such - small, like shunting ... In general, there is no lights, comes from Gasfort mountains, where the rail-and had never been, but our main way in and out. There - with the former branches - and the turnout has long shot, but here clearly hear the arrows clanged. I only had time to lower the barrier. The train proceeded past me and went to Sevastopol. Well, my business is small. I am responsible for the move, I have everything in order, and then let the manager dealt with. But he was without rails ?! I even ran the old fabric - no trace, no-tussock grass trampled. Devilry some. Even then I thought - not good, there will be trouble. And, indeed, the whole morning rustled Balakleya Islands - "Novorossiysk" blew ...

"But you reported to the authorities about this case?"

"What do you mean? I used to just slapped on the neck, saying, drank on duty, with drunken eyes and imagined. "

"Or maybe, it was a sin ... - Nikolai Andreyevich tried to translate everything into a joke."

"Insult old man - Volodya shook his head. - We were a family of Molokans. As for alcohol strictly. I am now on the spirit of vodka can not stand. And it told the story, because it was a sign. Pe- 'ed any trouble different miracles do happen. That old told - before the earthquake Balaklava "Black Prince" in the sea have seen ... "

About evil omens "Novorossiysk" tragedy long ago were different stories. Even senior navigator of the battleship (now Captain 1st rank Retired) Michael R. Nikitenko unsmiling reported that on the eve of the explosion (by the way, Nikitenko was on duty on the ship in the fateful night), his wife saw an unusual dream: a lot of people up the broad beautiful ladder in the sky. the clouds ... But the facts were needed ... The case of the Balaklava move Cherkashin recalled four years later, when I read in the newspaper "Glory of Sevastopol" on August 12, 1992 article "Ghost Train on the roads of Ukraine."

"July 14, 1911 with the Roman train station in" cruise ", arranged by" Sanetti "for wealthy Italians, came walking train. 106 passengers went sightseeing surrounding the new section of the road. The train was approaching the super-long tunnel. And suddenly began to happen something terrible. According to the two passengers, who managed to jump out on the run, all of a sudden covered with a milky-white fog that as you approach the tunnel was thick, turning into a viscous liquid. The train entered the tunnel and ... disappeared.

After this incident, the tunnel laid stones, and during the war bomb hit it.

Perhaps this case, and would have forgotten if trehvagonny ghost has not appeared ... near the village Zavalichi Poltava region at the crossing attendant Ellen Spiridonovna Chebrets. Train with tightly closed curtains, doors open and empty cab driver moved absolutely silently, squashing wandering on the canvas chickens.

To investigate this phenomenon come chairman of the commission for the study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine VP Leschaty. In his writings, dated September 1991, expressed version of the train somehow passed through time. Leschaty remembers and records the famous Mexican psychiatrist 40-ies of the XIX century, the Sino-Sac Jose about once in Mexico City there were 104 Italian, for a week trapped in a psychiatric hospital, as claimed, they arrived in Mexico City from Rome by train.

Leschaty did an analysis of the top layer on the walls and windows of one of the carriages of a mysterious train. This proved to be a substance similar to the properties of gunpowder ... "

But not this train saw the Balaklava move Volodya? Much like: Locomotive foreign sample, three cars ... If the train ghost was discovered in 1991 at Poltava, for some reason he could not appear in the 1855 m at Balaclava?

Writer seascape further strengthened in this thought once visited Mount Gasfort with local historian Eugene Venikeevym Sevastopol. They went there to inspect the remains of the Italian cemetery, arranged on the mountain in 1855 (the soldiers buried here - the Sardinians, who died during the storming of Sevastopol in the Crimean War) and erased from the face of the earth one hundred years later by order of the Soviet authorities. No one has been able to explain why a beautiful chapel was bombed on the Italian cemetery in May 1955. Regular vandalism in order "to combat accursed past." But who fires a gun in the past, in the future in order blurt out a gun. And stick of dynamite planted under the old chapel turned into a monstrous explosion under the bottom of "Novorossiysk" ... They wandered through the flat top of the mountain Gasfort among the wreckage of marble slabs, overgrown flower beds on the ground of the former cactus Opuntia-E. German shells were spared the ancient tomb ... Venikeev also talked about the first defense:

"Here, the Italian camp on Mount Gasfort, the British carried out Balaclava railway ... Then it took off. But the mound was left. Branch of Balaklava in Sevastopol held just for the target even the British track. "

Here's how ?!

Hence, a ghost train was taken in the wake of the sleepers? He walked along the path of the former railway ... But if it was the same ill-fated train, why he came here, in this remote corner of the Crimea? Pick up the soul of Italian soldiers, the desperate explosion last May their refuge - the dome of the chapel? Or someone from the relatives of the 104 passengers and they came to pay their last respects were buried here?

Maybe they, the perished passengers could somehow avenge the desecrated graveyard from his temporary exile, intervened in earthly causal link - and "Julius Caesar" - "Novorossiysk" blew up?

Plenty of room for speculation is huge.

Who does not know that the time - it's a special kind of chronal field closely connected with the electromagnetic energy of space? And if we assume that in addition to the law of conservation of matter and energy exist and the law of conservation of time, however, no one has not yet proven? And 'lived' time does not disappear. Eternity is the abyss of the future. The past is real, and not in anyone's memory, even if the memory - the collective experience of all mankind. Behind each of our own - a kind of topographical pattern. Each body has its own trajectory of movement, growth, flying. The combination of these trajectories fit into the mainstream of the general flow of time.

Present there is no such. Any future moment immediately becomes a moment of the past. What we call the present time, only a flash of consciousness, burn through the future into the past. This - this is how the song goes, "there is only a moment between the past and the future one, it is called" life. " So that "the past" and "will | present "is equal to the concept of" time "at all.

In theory - so far - can be called up on an old mirror screen all that it ever reflected. Especially if it is a mirror for a long time it did not change the location. That is why the "ghosts" often come out of the antique mirrors, tightly set into the walls of palaces, castles, old houses. The same ability to have other space-time constant - the Egyptian pyramids, ancient aqueducts, railway bridges and tunnels, old trees that can accumulate, accumulate the time and space coordinates unchanged.

Bulgakov Voland - being of four-dimensional space. He could see both the past and the future. Looking at the unfortunate Berlioz, he could watch his head out of his mother's womb, and as the rolling out of the tram wheels. It's kind of stereoscopy or Geometry time.

If the time in our three-dimensional space - a vector irreversibly directed from the past to the future, the two-dimensional space of time is a point characteristic: a frozen moment. And in the four? It is not just a tape, and the volume flow ...

And who convinced us once and for all that time flows in a straight line? Not logical to assume that time, saying, very simply, is wound coils, as a thread on the spool so that the past exists alongside the future. Time and layered concentrically as annual tree rings. But sometimes between "revolutions" occur "breakdown" ( "interturn fault"), and then there are "black holes" in chronal field, they, like the funnel of tornadoes forming an air tunnel between heaven and earth (water), wandering, moving on how -So its own laws, drawing a people disappear from our lives, objects, animals ... Maybe that's with the help of "wandering black holes" of time and can be explained by the emergence and yetis and the Loch Ness monster, drawn into a whirlwind of time and thrown out of their prehistoric epochs in our day? The "black hole" "interturn breakdowns" fail and our contemporaries who do not always die in the wrong century, and have adapted to life Tarabya become oracles and soothsayers. Do not have if Nostradamus?

And the appearance of UFOs and UFO navtov fit into the framework of this theory - our distant descendants, and it is man-made "flying saucers" visit us through the "black holes" of time, drop deliberately or accidentally, covered by the same temporal vortex.

Now back to our train disappeared, or rather, to the railways, on which he traveled ... Take a look at the railway map of Italy, Europe, Eurasia ... How thick and how intricately braided continents web of rails! But if anyone thought about logging or rather, geohronofizicheskom impact of the global rail network (do not forget - it is switched on and the Roman section of the tunnel with the ill-fated) on chronal field of the planet? And it certainly exists. After every significant transformation of the space entails a temporary anomaly. Extra-long tunnels, super-deep shaft, ultra-high towers - all these neoplasms spatial change, albeit not very significantly, the movement of time, just as dams, catchments, river channels are changing over. The railway network is perhaps the most large-scale creation of mankind. This building is truly planetary scale. Metal network covering a varying density of our continent, no doubt, affect the natural geophysical field of the Earth, and hence its chronal processes, that is, the passage of time.

The railway network - the network is planar and spherical; she repeats the curvature of the globe. And where the plane goes into a sphere, there is a three-dimensional space becomes a two-dimensional, and vice versa (remember the twisted Möbius strip), that is, the rail network is the boundary-mate at least two and at most - a few spaces. But space is not "time container", as time does not fill the space. This single environment, process conditions - whatever you call - their relationship.

Finally, the railways - a time accelerators, a kind of synchrotrons, where instead of atomic particles accelerated particles moving humanity - men. Trains accelerate our biological time. And maybe none of the trip does not go unnoticed to our inner soul-biological system.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the following: rails, path, branches, trunk is quite a lot of time and accurately tied to a particular space, as if forming a coordinate its skeleton.

So, put all of the above circumstances of one another - and you'll see that the railway is dangerous not only to the wheels of their locomotives, and its space-time anomalies, their spontaneous game, completely untouched by the ray of knowledge.

Now remember that shortly before the disappearance of the Roman train in Italy was a strong earthquake with an epicenter in the Messina area. Monstrous cracks and gaps have arisen not only in the rocky soil, but also in the field chronal. Assuming that the "Messina wandering chronal hole" focused on the huge mountain tunnel, then it is precisely this chronal anomaly and could transfer the train from our ordinary three-dimensional space into a four, where time (chronal field), in addition to duration, acquires a new characteristic - depth. So the unfortunate part, dropped from its normal vector of time, become free to move from the present in the past and in the future. But as the movement of his rigidly defined spatial coordinates caught up (a track of the rail), then it could only appear where once lay the rails, or where they ever will pave the future. So at Balaclava train ghost walking along the track in 1855, paved the British troops. And in Mexico, he could arrive at the railway, which is apparently still pave in the XXI century, connecting Asia and America great by rail through Chukotka and Alaska. This project was considered at the beginning of the century, he has not lost relevance today. So, proceed to the XXI century for the Chukotka-Alaska pipeline, the train could "come up" in the XXI century on suburban routes near Mexico City, and the passengers for any reasons - to leave the train. According to their subjective vremyaoschuscheniyu this event could happen as soon as the train entered the tunnel. And then, left without their cars, which sped away in a different age, they really were in lockdown psihlechebnitsy that, in general, saved them from accidental intrusion into the causal connection of historical events. Otherwise they would simply never born. The train moved back to Rome, as up to now it seems the engineer, still frighten their sudden appearance of the station keepers of all time.

Chairman of the Commission for the study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vasily Petrovich Leschaty September 25, 1991 waylaid by a mysterious train at the crossing in the village Zavalichi. He jumped on the bandwagon of a ghost ... more has not been seen ... "The train, the newspaper" Forum ", and continues to run through the crossing Elena Spiridovny Chebrets. Those wishing to explore this phenomenon is not found. "

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