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Feat of Gastello

Feat of Gastello
Without a doubt, everyone in the school were the story of the fiery ram enemy tank column, on the unanimous decision of the heroic crew direct burning plane on the enemy column. In the name Gastello called collective and Pioneer squads, factories and ships. For the Soviet Union - a legendary name.


Father Nicholas Gastello Franz Gast moved to Moscow at the beginning of the last century, from Belarus. I got a job at the foundry of the Moscow-Kazan Railway. To give a view of the nobility of origin, he changed the name of Gast nezvuchnye more expressive - Gastello. April 26 (May 6), in 1907 a boy was born, named him Nicholas. From 1914 to 1918 he studied at the School of Sokolniki city men. Because of the famine in 1918, the family moved to Bashkiria, but in 1919 returned to Moscow, where the following year he finished 5 classes. His professional life began in 1923. He worked as an apprentice carpenter in Moscow, then a mechanic at Murom locomotive repair works. In 1928 he became a member of the CPSU (b). In 1930 Gastello family returned to Moscow and Nicholas went to work in the first State Mechanical Plant construction vehicles named on May 1. In 1932, on a special set of the Moscow Committee of the party directs Nicholas Gastello in the 11th Lugansk flight school. Eighteen months later he - Pilot TB-3 aircraft. In 1939 he became commander of the detachment of heavy bombers. Baptism of fire was in the battles of the Halkin-Gol, a member of the Soviet-Finnish war. Autumn of 1940, the aviation part relocated to the western borders, the city of Great Luke, and then - in Aviagorodok Borovskoe near Smolensk.


The events of the first days of the war in the Soviet press coverage fanfare quick victory over the foe. And another confirmation of this speed would become feats of heroes, among whom was the captain and crew Gastello. The beginning of the glorification of "Soviet bombers" was an article correspondents Pavlenko P. Krylov and in the newspaper "Pravda":

"At dawn on July 6 on the different parts of the front pilots gathered at the loudspeakers. Told Moscow radio, the announcer's voice was an old acquaintance - just blew the house, Moscow. Transmit reports News. The announcer read a brief message about the heroic feat of Captain Gastello. Hundreds of people - in different parts of the front - have repeated that name ... Long before the war, when he and his father worked at a Moscow factory, said about him: "Wherever you put everywhere - an example." This was a man who worked to educate yourself on the difficulties people kopivshy forces on a big deal. It was felt, Nikolai Gastello worthwhile person.

When he became a military pilot, it is immediately confirmed. He was not famous, but quickly came to fame. In 1939, he bombed belofinskie military factories, bridges and bunkers, in Bessarabia threw our paratroopers to hold Romanian boyars from the plunder of the country. From the first day of the Great Patriotic War, Captain Gastello led his squadron of fascist thugs tank columns, resounded to the nines military installations, bridges broke into chips.

About Captain Gastello was already in the glory of flight parts. Air People quickly get to know each other. Last Captain Gastello heroism will never be forgotten. On June 26, at the head of his squadron captain Gastello fought in the air. Far below, on the ground, the battle was too. Motorized units of the enemy broke through on Soviet soil. The fire of our artillery and aircraft held back and stopped their movement. By keeping your battle Gastello not lose sight of the battle ground. Black spots tank clusters huddled petrol tank talked about hitch in fighting the enemy. And fearless Gastello continued his work in the air. But the enemy's anti-aircraft shell splits the gasoline tank of his plane. The car is on fire. No exit.

Well, and to finish this my way? Slip until late in the parachute and, once on the territory occupied by the enemy, surrender to shameful captivity? No, this is not an option. And Captain Gastello not unfasten the shoulder strap, leaves no flaming machine. Down to earth, to the crowded tanks of the enemy fire, he rushes lump of his plane. Fire is already near the pilot. But the ground is close. Gastello eyes, tormented by the fire, still see scorched hands hard. Dying aircraft still obeys the hand of a dying pilot. So it ends now lives - not by accident, captivity - a feat! The car crashed into the Gastello "crowd" of tanks and machines - and the deafening explosion long rumble shakes the air battles: blow up the enemy tank.

We remember the name of the hero - Captain Nikolai Gastello. His family lost her son and husband, Homeland has acquired hero. The human memory feat will forever remain, calculate your death as a fearless attack on the enemy. "

"Pravda", July 10, 1941.

In the same patriotic spirit broadcast and other official press: "In the early days of World War II squadron commander of long-range bombers Captain Gastello began to carry out combat missions. Squadron aircraft made several sorties a day. June 25 Nazi bombers suddenly appeared in the low-level flight over our airfield and fired his machine gun. At this time his plane was Gastello. He quickly jumped into the car to the place of the arrow and accurate fire brought down the enemy. The crew of a downed bomber was captured.

June 26, 1941 at 4 o'clock in the morning a squadron of 207th Long-Range Aviation Regiment of the 42nd Air Division of the Western Front under the command of Captain NF Gastello bombed enemy mechanized column on the road Molodechno - Radoshkovichi. Dropping bombs on accumulated for refueling enemy tanks, Gastello the plane was returning back. In a way, his plane was hit by anti-aircraft shell. Lighted up the gas tank. car in flames could not reach his airfield. Captain Gastello sent a burning plane in the cluster benzotsistern and enemy vehicles. The plane exploded, but the enemy great damage has been done. NF Gastello and his crew were killed. Communist feat Gastello in heavy initial period of war has become a symbol of courage and heroism. "Either way we were taught about in school. And we will not hesitate to take all on trust. After all, teachers can not lie. But they lied, without knowing it ...

First, the small inaccuracies (so to speak). Why do virtually all the sources say - "Captain Gastello and his crew." Let's really talk specifically: Captain NF Gastello, Lieutenant AA Burdenyuk, Lieutenant G. Skorobogatov, senior sergeant AA Kalinin. In the history books, and in the print media are very often cited different numbering Aviation Regiment: the 27th Regiment, the regiment 20, in fact - 207 Long-Range Bomber Regiment. You tell me - an annoying trifle? On the little things very often pierced. Confused aircraft type: instead of DB-3 (long-range bomber) indicate TB-3 (heavy bomber). And in appearance and design are two completely different aircraft. DB-3F, later renamed the IL-4, produced from 1938. until mid-1944. Complete Series - 5256 cars. But back to the date of June 26, 1941.


The person who actually committed the deed, if it can be called a feat, called Alexander Maslov. In the place where now stands the 70-pood Gastellovskoe bust, once the remains of Maslov and his crew. And he Gastello, forgotten by all, rests in a very different tomb - with the inscription "unknown to the pilots." The remains of two more who were then with him, has not yet been found, smoldering in the Belarusian land.

... It was the fifth day of the war. After a day of fall Minsk, Army break from the environment, it is necessary to remove them at any cost. Setting long-range 207-th regiment - bomb the enemy's manpower and equipment. Of course, they were doomed. "DB-3F", on which they flew, - heavy machinery for the bombing of cities and factories in the rear. And they throw in the column of tanks, without fighter cover. Twisted 15 crews per day. Two weeks later, there was nothing left on the shelf.

In the morning flew unit under the command of Captain Maslov. Over the aim commander has lined anti-aircraft gun, the plane caught fire. Maslov gave the command to "parachute" and turned a burning car on a column, wanted to ram. I do not hit - burning plane crashed into a field. Escape none of the crew could not - height was small. Locals got pilots from the wreckage, buried hastily.

A few hours later to bomb flew link Gastello. Command vehicle with jobs are not returned. And soon there is a report led Gastello - Vorobyov and Rybas. They allegedly saw the blazing aircraft commander ran into the midst of the German tanks. What Vorobyov arrived in the regiment, only 10 of July, no one is bothered. The country has had a difficult time. Country feat was needed. The country needed role models. And Maslow considered missing.

In 1951, to commemorate the heroic date is almost deified Gastello, the BSSR Council of Ministers decided the remains of the heroes were reburied, and the wreckage of the crashed plane put in a museum. We left the place of feat (that the plane crashed "in the fascist column" 200 meters from the road, no one did not bother). They opened the grave. And froze, as if struck by thunder. The tomb of national hero Gastello "cheeky" lay Maslov and his crew. And a hero, apparently, he went out, not Gastello.

But to change anything in the history it was too late. The remains of Maslov from the grave in the park removed and reburied once again - at the general cemetery. And there, where he used to lay, it puts a huge Gastellovskoe bust. In place of the failed Moscow ram we put another monument, too, Gastello. The wreckage of the aircraft Maslov taken to Minsk, Belarusian State Museum of the History of the war and there they exhibit the aircraft Gastello.

Relatives Maslov told to keep quiet. A case of Maslov in the archive destroyed. And all the while, until for him singing songs of pioneers, Gastello Nicholas himself lying in an unknown grave marked "unknown to the pilots." Three hours after ramming his Maslov shot down over the village Matzke, which is 20 kilometers from the crash site of the aircraft Maslov. On a blazing car Gastello went again and again over the road, wool Germans with machine guns. This is a heavy long-range bombers! Bombs were gone.

The finale of this story is still quite optimistic. In 1996, the authorities finally recognized Maslova. Presidential Decree № 636 "For courage and heroism in the struggle against the Nazi invaders," the whole crew was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. Again, a common language, a ram - a word ... and get a reward Gastellovskoe crew members. It decided to somehow manage the Order of the Patriotic War.

But until now, on the spot feat Maslov is Gastello monument. And still Nikolai Gastello, committed to the chagrin of historians is not the feat that was needed, lies in a modest unmarked grave.

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