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Art of ancient Etruscans

Art of ancient Etruscans
Many people are surprised inexplicable animation of their sculptures and paintings. Lion carved in stone seems more alive and furious than the one who sits in the bushes. Face changing, smiling eyes and lips revealed. The point here is a deep understanding of the ancient masters of the formation mechanism of the visual image in the eye. So what happens? First of all, when the inspection of any object of the eye focuses on a first control point, then on the other, third, and so on. Next, on the basis of the brain and carries out the synthesis target image information received. How, then, ancient painters and sculptors could do. In his works, he took into account the time factor.

That is, until the eye is in motion, any moving object changes its position. For example, when the eye touches the upper part of the hand, it is in a position where the bottom - that already in the other, and when the fingers - the ones in the third. It is this dynamic and could take into account the ancient masters. Their portraits and sculptures were not photographically accurate, and consisted of separate parts, each of which was in its individual (subsequent) time point. As a result of running on these control points eye sends information to the brain, allowing the latter form is not static, and dynamic image that gives the works of the Etruscans incredible liveliness and originality. In fact, all these works are is animated.

Etruscan civilization reached its heyday in the early 17th century BC. e., and that she later had the greatest influence on the principles of creation of works of art of painting and sculpture of the great Roman Empire. The structure of an aristocratic Etruscan power was transformed from primitive society to a society where for generations the central place occupied by family. In addition, a special place is occupied by objects that give an idea of ​​the role of women in society, the economic way of Etruscan civilization, a military craft, trade development. Fascinating look cult objects, used during funeral rites.

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