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Electric people

Electric people
One of the first cases of the study of the phenomenon of so-called "power people" relates to 1846 January 15 young French Angelica koten which, experienced a strange state just turned fourteen, which lasted ten days Once she come close to any subject, they immediately began to rebound from it the lightest touch of her hands and dress were enough to make even the most heavy furniture began to spin and jump around the room

The French Academy of Sciences set up a special research fuppu, which included the famous physicist François Arago "Journal des Debats" in the February issue published its report of the investigation for the year 1846 According to Arago, the force, which has the girl, similar to electromagnetism So, in her presence arrow compass "going crazy" and started spinning in all directions "Electromagnetic force" acting on Angelica with such force that the girl often writhing in convulsions, and heart rate thus reached 120 beats per minute Angelica so frightened of what was happening to her that often ran away from home

This "high-voltage" syndrome was first recorded in 1786. Subsequently, many times there have been cases when people literally began to "spark" to attract or repel objects In the 1890s, doctors have studied an American Jennie Morgan, which had a "high electric potential." From her in all directions flying sparks. Neighbors were afraid to meet her, and he who through forgetfulness or not knowing about the phenomenon touched her or shook hands, happened even fainted from the shock.

Often increased electromagnetism leads to the phenomenon of "man magnet". For example, an American-Kinstri F. Mack, who studied physicians in 1889, he said, once "felt a certain charged". As a result, he could only move very fast pace, without stopping - otherwise his feet "stuck" to the floor or ground, and he had to ask passers-by to help him, "come off" and thus "released from his charge." And in 1890 in the field of view of doctors from Maryland college he was "man magnet" Luis Hamburger: to him "stuck" all metal objects. Using your fingertips, he could raise a glass jar filled with metal filings weighing about two kilograms.

This and a number of other cases described in many scientific papers. This phenomenon, when in the presence of "people power" start spinning compasses, light bulbs go off, turned on or, on the contrary, turn off electrical appliances or deteriorate, noise occurs in phone lines.

There is considerable evidence, and that people suddenly begin to glow. sensational event occurred in May 1934, which was called the "shining woman of Pirano." Notifications about it migrated from the pages of medical publications in newspapers around the world. The Italian Anna Monaro had suffered from asthma, and for a few weeks during the sleep out of her chest came the blue light. Many clinicians have observed a phenomenon which intermittently each time lasted for a few seconds. A psychiatrist has suggested that this phenomenon is called "electric and magnetic organisms that got quite a strong development in the body of the woman and therefore emit a glow." Another doctor suggested the theory of "electromagnetic radiation", linking it with certain chemical components that are in the skin of the patient. Essentially, it was an attempt to explain the phenomenon of bioluminescence usual.

In the case of the human body glow medical literature is usually associated with pathology. For example, a known case of a woman glow with breast cancer. In this case coming from the chest area of ​​the patient it had sufficient light to see the watch dial at a distance of about one meter.

The only case of light emission healthy person described in 1869 in the journal "English mechanic": "One American, going to bed, found the glow of the upper part of the fourth finger of her right leg. When she rubbed her leg, the glow increased, and some unknown force moved apart fingers on it. From the feet came the stench, and how svetoiz-radiation, which smell and did not stop when the foot was submerged in a basin of water. Even the soap could not extinguish or reduce emission. It lasted three quarters of an hour phenomenon, and watched his husband of this woman. "

Science knows the phenomenon of luminescence - "cold" glow. Usually it is caused by a biochemical reactions in tissues and organs, as well as living organisms -.. Bacteria, beetles, fireflies, etc. In principle, the ultra-weak luminescence characteristic, apparently, all living organisms - humans, animals and plants. However, not always the glow of living organisms can be explained by known causes of science.

As electromagnetism, it is also inherent in any living organism and is related to the presence therein of a plurality of charged particles having weak magnetic properties. However, arising from this magnetic field have a very low voltage and is completely unable to cause mechanical movement of even the smallest metal objects. What causes a sudden increase in the electromagnetic field of the person in the hundreds and thousands of times, turning it into a walking magnet or a walking light bulb? The question is, alas, remains unanswered.

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