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Devils triangle

Devils triangle
In the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, off the south-eastern coast of the United States of America, there is an area of ​​approximately resembling the triangle. Parties of its stretch from a point north of Bermuda to the south of Florida, the Bahamas and then along to the island of Puerto Rico, where he again turned to the north and back to Bermuda about 40 degrees west longitude.

This is - one of the most amazing and mysterious places on Earth. In this area, usually referred to as the Bermuda Triangle, disappeared without a trace (since 1945) of more than 100 aircraft and vessels (including submarines), and more than a thousand people.

Chronicle of Disappearance:

In 1909, he disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle Captain Joshua Spock, the most famous and skillful mariner of his time. He was the first on the planet was sailing around the globe. November 14, 1909, he sailed from the island of Martha's Vineyard and headed for South America; from that day there was no information from him.

Versions that explain the ongoing disappearances of ships and planes were asked to set.

Among them: a sudden wave of a tsunami from the earthquake; race cars, blowing up planes; attack the sea monsters; curvature of space-time, exciting in a different dimension; funnel electromagnetic waves and gravitational forces, forcing the court to wander, and plane crashes; sampling of living creatures of the Earth, carried by air or underwater UFO, run the survivors of the ancient civilization, or space creatures or people from the future, and so on. d.

Of course, every year over the triangle flies set of aircraft, it is crossed by a plurality of vessels, and they remain intact and not vredimymi.

In addition, in all the seas and the world's oceans for various reasons suffer disaster ships and aircraft (here I would like to clarify that the "disaster" and the "disappearance" of different concepts in the first case in the water are the debris and corpses. Second - there is nothing left ). However, there is no other place where under extremely unusual circumstances would have occurred much unexplained, sudden disappearances.

A librarian from Arizona Lawrence D. Kusche in his book "The Bermuda Triangle: Myth and Reality" "reveals" the secret of this area. He believes that it is a sensation that has acquired legends. However, he only selectively reject some cases, leaving behind most mysterious disappearances to which he had not managed to pick up the keys.

And it did not fit into the framework of the concept of Kush, explains all cases of the disappearance of ships and aircraft "usual" reasons, strange ghost ships, to leave the team. After all, from 1940 to 1955 such courts here it was met with about fifty! The French ship "Rose" near the Bahamas (1840). Schooner "Carroll A. Dirinr with their sails, with cooked food in the galley, with two live cats (1921). The vessel "Rubicon" with a dog (1949).

But such an event in 1948 LA Kush refuses to interpret.

Early in the morning of January 30 Captain MacMillan, "Star Tiger" the commander of the aircraft type "Tudor-IV», owned by the company "British South American Airways" (BDAAA), controllers requested in Bermuda and reported information about their whereabouts. He confirmed that on board all right and that he should be right on schedule. That was the last we heard of the "Star Tiger". We start the search. Ten ships and about thirty aircraft combed the entire area of ​​the ocean along the route. Could not find anything: no oil stains on the surface of the water, no debris or bodies. In conclusion, the Commission stated that the investigation had not yet stood before the decision more difficult task.

"It's really unsolved mystery of the sky" - forced to acknowledge D. Kush.

Among the pilots and sailors many of those who believe that "in the area with heavy traffic can be quite natural to imagine an aircraft, ship or boat, which lost as a result of conjunctures - the sudden squall, darkness, destruction."

They claim that the triangle does not exist, that the very name of the error or leisurely fiction to fiction too enthusiastic readers. Their opinion is supported by airlines servicing the area. Regarding the existence of the Bermuda Triangle and its borders disputes do not cease. What is its real form, were born among the flight crews, ships, yachts, submarines legends about the disappearances? Maybe because of the popularity of these legends any unexplained accident immediately interpreted as the disappearance? Not a reason to this?

Radio and television bombarded with questions to witnesses who flew into the area, bringing them to nervousness and psychosis. Typically, in such an intense exchange of question and answer in the end he had to "fly through the triangle many times, and nothing happened. There is no danger. "

People who organize the trip, passengers traveling to the side of the triangle, frequently asked question, "flying through the Bermuda Triangle?" And since there is no precise boundaries, the answer to this should be negative. Sometimes, in order to justify the delay of the aircraft passengers arriving is the following argument: "But you have to fly around the Bermuda Triangle."

Despite this, strange accidents and disasters in the Triangle and surrounding areas continues. In the 1970s, in close proximity to the Miami airport, over the land, the plane crashed a few who did not find an explanation. One of them - flight 401 on Easton ( "Lockheed" L-102) on board which was more than 100 people, disappeared December 29, 1972. The investigation into the disappearance of Flight 401, may shed some light on the many previous sudden disappearance over the ocean.

It is known that the plane for the last 7-8 seconds of flight was reduced at a rate such that he was able to not follow any controllers in Miami or pilots. Since all altimeters worked during normal decrease pilots would have enough time to level the plane. But the decline happened so quickly that managers in Miami were able to capture only one reflection of the rotation of the radar (40 seconds). By the next turn the plane with 300 meters already dropped below 100, and may have crashed into the water.

This rate of decline can not be explained by any failure of the automatic control system, no loss of speed or inexperience of pilots or arising at half power flutter. To do this, of course, it had to be a reason connected with the atmosphere. Perhaps - any magnetic field anomaly.

First of all known witnesses, record their observations of luminescence in the area, was Columbus. October 11, 1492, two "hours before sunset, on board the" Santa Maria, "he observed, as in the western part of the Sargasso Sea surface of the water in the Bahamas glowing white light. The same luminescence bands in the water (or current) observed half a millennium later, the American astronauts.

This strange phenomenon is attributed to various reasons, such as: raising peat flour shoal of fish; by the shoal of fish; other organisms. Whatever the reason, so far unconfirmed, this amazing light continues to be observed from the sea surface, and it is especially beautiful in the sky.

Another strange phenomenon in the triangle, too, noticed the first time by Columbus during the first expedition, it is still a subject of controversy and surprising. September 5, 1492 in the western part of the Sargasso Sea Columbus with concerned members of the team watched as a huge fiery arrow flashed across the sky and then there fell into the sea, or simply disappeared.

A few days later I noticed that the compass shows something strange, and it's all scared. Perhaps in the Triangle - in the sky and the sea - electromagnetic anomalies affect the movement of ships.

Another theory suggests the existence of links between the disappearances of ships and aircraft with other phenomena. Call them differently - "ambient air anomaly", "hole in space", "splitting unknown forces", "heavenly trap", "gravitational pit", "seizure of aircraft and vessels of living creatures" and so on. But while this is only an attempt to explain the inexplicable incomprehensible.

In most cases, the disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle there was not one living person and found no body. But in recent years, some pilots and sailors broke stored still silent and began to tell us how they managed to escape from some forces in this and other areas. The study of their experience, even the manner in which managed to escape might help to find an explanation at least something in this puzzle.

Often in disputes about the nature of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon lead such an argument: Ships and aircraft are dying all over the world, and if sufficiently large triangle to impose on the map of any area of ​​heavy traffic of ships and aircraft, it turns out that in this area there have been many accidents and disasters. So, there is no mystery?

And another added: Ocean large ship or aircraft in it - a speck on the surface and deep currents are moving different, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the search did not produce results. In the northern Gulf of Mexico, the rate of flow of 4 knots per hour. Aircraft or vessel in distress between the Bahamas and Florida, with the last messages can be a totally different place that looks like it is disappearing.

However, we must not forget that these currents are known, and the Coast Guard, and the organization is required to search for and accounted for, and the wind in the missing area. The search for large vessels are maintained in a radius of 5 miles, airplanes - in a radius of 10 miles, small vessels - within a radius of 15 miles. Searches are conducted in the "move-track" lane that is taken into account the direction of motion of the object, the speed of currents and winds.

Moreover, sunken ships and aircraft parts is easily sucked into mud, they can hide the storm and the subsequent throw again, they can detect submarines and swimmers.

Mel Fisher, a diver, who worked in the SABA (organization dedicated to the rescue of vessels and cargo), in his time spent searching underwater on the continental shelf of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the triangle area. At a time when "neoavantyuristy" developed frenzied activity to search for Spanish galleons of gold, which sank here quite a lot, he found at the bottom of the other amazing trophies. Once they are obviously intensely sought, but then forgot about them. Such clusters of metal is usually detected by magnetometer, a thousand times more sensitive than a compass that reacts to the accumulation of metals in the water. It is through these devices Fischer often found other items - instead of the coveted Spanish treasure divers descended to the ocean floor by magnetometer readings, often found an old fighters, private jets, a variety of vessels.

Once at the bottom of a few miles from the steam engine was discovered offshore. Fischer left it untouched for historians and oceanographers.

According to him, the reason for the disappearance of some of the vessels in the area of ​​Florida, Bahamas - unexploded bombs dropped during the Air Force exercises in the last war, as well as torpedoes and floating mines, used in today's exercise.

Fisher found a lot of debris, membership of which has not been established. He concluded that hundreds of ships during storms fell on the reefs, many of them are absorbed by the mud. Indeed, over the Gulf of Mexico near the tip of the Florida peninsula it carries a lot of sludge, which can absorb even large vessels, lying at the bottom.

Perhaps the ocean currents and are to blame for failed searches for dead ships and aircraft. But the Bermuda Triangle there is one more feature. This so-called "blue" caves scattered across the shallow waters of the Bahamas, bottomless chasm in the limestone cliffs. Several thousand years ago, these caves were stalactite caves on land, but after the next ice age about 12-15 thousand years ago, the sea level "rose and" blue caves "were dwelling fish.

These limestone caves are up to the edge of the continental shelf, permeate the entire layer of limestone, some of which reach a depth of 450 meters, others are drawn to the underground caves in the Bahamas and are associated with lakes and marshes.

"Blue Caves" are located at different distances from the surface of the sea. Scuba divers, dive into the underwater cave, drew attention to the fact that their rooms and corridors are as complex as the halls and corridors of the caves of the earth. In addition, some of the "Blue Cave" currents so strong that pose a threat to divers. Because of the tide a large mass of water at the same time begins to be absorbed, forming eddies on the surface. It is possible that these whirlpools suck small vessels with the team.

This hypothesis is confirmed the discovery in a cave at a depth of 25 meters of the fishing vessel. He found oceanographer Jim Dream during underwater research. the boat was found and small boats in the other caves at a depth of 20 meters.

But the reason for the disappearance of large ships in the area, apparently, should be considered sudden tornadoes and tsunamis. Speeding grand tornadoes originate in a certain season of the year and raise huge amounts of water in the form of a funnel. Numerous tornadoes, like speeding by tornadoes over land, rise into the air roofs, fences, cars, people, completely destroying small vessels and low-flying aircraft.

Day tornado visible, and it is possible to avoid them, but at night and in poor visibility, the aircraft is very difficult to avoid them.

But the main suspect in the sudden sinking of ships at sea - a tsunami is generated in the conventional submarine earthquakes. Often a tsunami reaching a height of 60 meters. They appear suddenly, and when you meet them in the blink of an eye court sink or turn over.

Like a huge destructive force have so-called "landslide" of the wave. They are the result of the displacement of the masses at the bottom of the pound, what is happening due to the detachment of deposits. Landslide waves do not reach this height, like a tsunami, but have a lot of energy and cause strong tidal currents. They are especially dangerous for the sailors because bad eye vary. If a wave comes unexpectedly, the vessel can be suddenly broken, and debris scattered over a very large distance.

Or if something similar happened with the airplane in the air?

In general, in the air, too, originate deformation like a tsunami. Most often they occur, when the aircraft is moving at high speed. At the height of the wind is changing, and it often happens that planes taking off or declining faced with the wind blowing in a completely different direction, which indicates the airport. If the wind is extremely strong, it has an adverse effect on the aircraft.

The phenomenon of "modified wind" - an important factor in air disasters, and increased this phenomenon - "clean air turbulence" (ZVCH) - can be compared with the landslide waves arising in a calm sea. In rapid succession of ascending and descending at high speed collision with an aircraft streams them almost tantamount to a collision with a stone wall.

Usually, this phenomenon is unpredictable. Many aircraft in distress on the edge of the air flow, which has a speed of about 200 knots (100 m / s) above the ground. This phenomenon is, apparently, can to some extent explain the disappearance of the light aircraft in the triangle. In this case, a light aircraft or torn unusual pressure, or in connection with suddenly arising underpressure it pushes to the surface and throws it into the sea.

Another hypothesis links the disappearance of the aircraft with the failure of electrical equipment under the influence of electromagnetic phenomena. For example, an electrical engineer Hugh Brown takes the following opinion: "The relationship between these events and the field of terrestrial magnetism is very likely. Earth has undergone many times threatening changes in the magnetic field. Now, apparently it approaches the next change in the magnetic "earthquake" occur as its precursors.

It comes to mind an explanation of the disappearance of the aircraft and their fall due to anomalies in the magnetic forces. Although the explanation of the disappearance of ships using this hypothesis fails.

In 1950 Uilbert B. Smith, who participated in the program of studies of the magnetic and gravitational forces, organized on the instructions of the Canadian government, found specific, relatively small areas (about 300 meters in diameter), which extend up to a great height. He called them areas of concentrated ties. "In these areas, the magnetic and gravitational forces are so broken that can easily break the plane. Therefore, when released into the unseen and unmapped regions of magnetic anomalies of gravitational forces, without knowing it, the planes come to a fatal outcome. " And further: "... move if these areas are concentrated links or simply disappear - is unknown. After 3-4 months we have once again tried to find some of them, but no trace ... "

The most detailed study of a triangle, and other suspicious areas Ivan T. Sanderson. As a result, he put forward the hypothesis of a "diabolical twelve graves in the world." By mapping places the most frequent disappearances of aircraft and ships, he and his team first drew attention to the fact that most of them concentrated in six regions of the world.

All of them had approximately diamond shape and were located between parallels 30 and 40 to the north and south of the equator.

According to Sanderson, "areas of the country" are located at 72 degrees longitude, their centers are located at a distance of 66 degrees latitude from each other - the five north and five south of the equator. Includes both poles, they form a network covering the entire Earth where the most intensive traffic, in other areas it is less, but the facts confirming the magnetic field anomalies, and possibly space-time anomalies, definitely there.

Most of these "areas of the country" is located in the East! Parts of the continental plates in the ground collision of warm and cold northern southern currents. These areas coincide with the places, where the direction of deep and surface tidal currents are different. Volatile powerful undercurrents under the influence of different temperatures violates radio magnetic, and possibly gravitational forces - "magnetic funnel", which under certain ueloviyah sea can carry objects that are in the air or the space, in points located in another time.

As an indirect confirmation of such processes in these areas Sanderson leads an amazing phenomenon of "delayed the arrival of the aircraft." As is known, the aircraft arriving much earlier than the scheduled time, under normal circumstances, if there is no strong wind, impossible. Such cases, although they can be explained unlocked by a strong wind, for some reason most often occur in the Triangle and other "sinks", as if the aircraft met with the "funnel" and passed it successfully passed the "heavenly hole" to absorb so much lives.

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