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The death squad of the Ural polytechnic university

The death squad of the Ural polytechnic university
Almost half a century ago (13 January 1948), in Minsk was murdered Solomon Mikhoels - director of the State Jewish Theater, People's Artist of the USSR. The circumstances of his death are now known, though no official investigation has not yet been, and the names of the killers are not named. Because, perhaps, around the story of passion continue to simmer. Not long ago, it held a noisy process under the claim of the KGB General Yevgeny Pitovranov to TV journalist Vladimir Molchanov on protection of honor and dignity of the general, whose name Molchanov linked to the murder of Mikhoels.

Mystery death of Mikhoels opened Lavrenty Beria, appointed after the death of Stalin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR. The circumstances of the murder fit in his little note to the presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU 1 April 2, 1953 for the number 20 / r.

Beria found it advantageous for themselves to stop the most noisy and the odious business of the Ministry of State Security in the last years of Stalin's life. In addition, in the case of "the Jewish Antifascist Committee" he was arrested and sentenced to exile Molotov's wife, Polina Zhemchuzhina, so that Beria had a chance to do a service to Molotov rehabilitation of his wife.

During the test, "the Doctors' Plot, Beria wrote in that note, find out details of the murder of Mikhoels. Stalin, is, considered the head of Mikhoels "Jewish anti-Soviet nationalist organization," but the MGB did not have specific data about its "anti-Soviet" and "espionage" activities, although many years Mikhoels was under the supervision of our agents. Beria reported that in the case of the murder has been questioned by the former Minister of State Security Abaka-atoms, was arrested back in 1951, requested an explanation from Ogoltsov Islands, Tsanava and other participants in the operation. According to Abakumov, Stalin in 1948 gave him the orders to organize the urgent elimination of Mikhoels forces MGB, when it became known that Mikhoels located in Minsk, Stalin decided to liquidate it under the guise of an accident. In conversation, as told Abakumov, move the names of executives MGB, which could be entrusted with this mission. We stopped at Ogoltsove Sergey, Deputy GB Laurentia Tsanava, GB Minister of Belarus, and Fedor Shubnyakove, head of the 2nd Main MGB.

As explained Ogoltsov, considered several options for the elimination of Mikhoels. From a car accident abandoned because they could suffer involved employees of the MGB. We decided to stage a car hit a back street, although in this case with a view to a deep conspiracy had to sacrifice agent GB Golubov, accompanied Mikhoels in Minsk,

Here is what the implementation of the action Tsanava: "Around 10 pm with Mikhoels Golubov brought into the courtyard garden (we are talking about giving Tsanava on the outskirts of Minsk). They immediately were removed from the machine and crushed by trucks. At about 12 o'clock at night, when in Minsk public movement is reduced, the corpses of Mikhoels and Blue Islands were loaded onto a truck, driven back and thrown into one of the back streets of the city. In the morning they were found by workers who it was reported to the police. "

According to Abakumov, Stalin ordered to award the Order of murderers. All this Beria stated in his note, however, made a mess in the dates:

Kill not dated in January and February 1948. The finale of this document is not devoid of pathos: "Taking into account that the killing of Mikhoels was a flagrant violation of the rights of Soviet citizens, protected by the Constitution of the USSR, as well as to increase the responsibility of the Interior Ministry opersostava" Beria proposed to prosecute Ogoltsova and Tsanava and cancel the decree on awarding orders and medals of participants of the murder.

The killers were indeed awarded orders (but not medals). April 30, 1948 Abakumov sent Stalin Chekists list with a request to award:

Order of the Red Banner: Lieutenant General Ogoltsova SI and Lieutenant General Tsanava L. F .;

Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st degree: First Lieutenant Kruglov BA, Colonel Lebedev VE, Colonel ShubnyakovaF. G .;

Order of the Red Star: Major KosyrevaA. H., Major NF Povzun

Stalin decided not immediately, but in the end signed the paper, and "heroes" were the names of two of the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on rewardings - on 28 and 29 October 1948.

CPSU Central Committee Presidium, Beria considered a note dated April 2, 1953, he stated: Tsanava and Ogoltsova arrest and orders have to select the recipients, and that was done. However, after Beria's arrest in June 1953, the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee decided (Aug. 6) to release Ogoltsova. Tsanava also remained in prison as a member of "Beria's gang." August 5, he wrote a tearful letter Voroshilov for an exemption. In a letter Tsanava denied any involvement in the murder of Mikhoels "For the murder of these people I do not have a relationship. The entire operation was carried out and Abakumov Ogoltsov. Abakumov headed from Moscow Ogoltsov in place, in Minsk, a large group of colonels and lieutenant colonels who came from Moscow, MGB, conducted the entire operation. I'm not to blame, that in view of coincidence operation was carried out in Minsk, where I was then, unfortunately, the Minister of State Security. " Reactions to the letter Tsanava not followed, and he died in prison in 1955. Ogoltsov and ordinary performers escaped custodial orders.

Interesting details about the murder of Mikhoels reports in his book Paul Sudoplatov. Contractor he calls Colonel Lebedev. Mikhoels and Golubov first injected with poison, and then they moved the car. Details of the operation, writes Sudoplatov, he learned after the death of Stalin. This brutal action, according Sudoplatova, was not the work of professionals. This is a strange statement, since Colonel Lebedev worked in the department, which was headed at the time he Sudoplatov. In addition, in a similar manner were committed other murders under the guidance of the same Sudoplatova - for example, an engineer Samet in June 1946 in Ulyanovsk. He was taken out of the city, they made him an injection of poison, moved by truck and left lying on the road. In this case involved Colonel Lebedev and First Lieutenant Kruglov - the same people who later killed Mikhoels.

Murder Mikhoels was the signal for the defeat of the Jewish Antifascist Committee (JAC). Its activists did not believe the official version of the accident with the artist. But his Polina Pearl funeral, referring to the new head of the Jewish Theater Zuskin, asked: "Do you think that there was - an accident or a crime?" He heard from his statement to the official version, remarked: "No, this is not the case, everything is far away not as smooth as it seems. " After this conversation, the rumors about the violent death of Mikhoels quickly spread. This was reported to Stalin, and in January 1949, Pearl, was arrested. The anti-Semitic campaign gathered momentum. The basic rate in the case against the JAC Stalin made on 2nd Main MGB control, which was then headed by Major-General Yevgeny Pitovranov - the winner in the process against Molchanov.

Pitovranov, as you can see, too, did not escape prison. Stalin decided that the MGB little fighting "Jewish nationalists", and in October 1951, some leaders of the state security were arrested, including Pitovranov. Realizing their mistake, the latter turned 23 April 1952 from the conclusion of a letter to the leader. The letter was a series of proposals on how to restructure the work MGB, in particular, to the patient and the interests of Stalin's question: "Everything that has been done against the Jewish nationalists, who now represent no less, if not more dangerous than the German colony in the Soviet Union before the war with Germany was reduced to sporadic efforts against individuals and local groups. In order for this struggle to make a success, it would be the MGB easily apply the method, which you mentioned, taking us MGB workers in the summer of 1951, namely: to create in Moscow, Leningrad, the Ukraine (especially in Odessa, Lvov, Chernivtsi), Belarus, Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Tashkent), Moldova, the Khabarovsk Territory (including Birobidzhan), Lithuania and Latvia, the nationalist group of KGB agents, legendiruya in some cases the relationship of these groups with international Zionist circles. If you do not allow the template and do not rush to the arrests, the terms of these groups can thoroughly identify Jewish nationalists and at the right time to inflict on him a blow. "

Pitovranov hit the "top ten", showing that only Stalin and the KGB can teach good sense, besides, he has demonstrated his loyalty to the party and zeal. At the end of 1952, on the orders of Stalin Pitovranov was released from prison, he has been appointed to a senior position in the Ministry of State Security and adopted "by".

Unlike many of his colleagues Pitovranov was injured in the Khrushchev thaw because of long-standing friendship with Khrushchev's aide Vladimir Lebedev, as Pitovranov told the "Arguments and Facts". In Khrushchev's time, it was decided to put an end allotment of the murder of Mikhoels and none of the perpetrators not to punish ordinary. He continued his service in the KGB and Shubnyakov.

Pitovranov promoted by the KGB to lieutenant general. Fate has always been kind to him, even in 1995, when he won the Vladimir Molchanov. Yes, it seems to be directly in the murder of Mikhoels was not involved, although this dirty work performed including his subordinates. But he is unlikely to disown his own words addressed to Stalin, which suggested a more effective, long-term and large-scale action against the Jews instead of less efficient | tion of dealing with individual representatives of this people. Ny bluff paranoid about the "Jewish nationalists" and "Zionists" today kommentin Rowan funny.

I'd love to understand why there is still documents in the case "murder Mikhoels retain the neck of the state secret. No Homo? Is he still alive people who can present a bill and when someone | or a particular part in this murder does not prove without these documents! But if so, then let Pitovranov and win in court except A definitive.

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